HBO Now app comes to Xbox One in time for Game of Thrones' season 6 premiere [Update: Xbox 360 too]

The HBO Now app for Microsoft's Xbox One has launched, just in time for the season 6 premiere of the cable channel's hit TV show Game of Thrones.

The HBO Now app allows people without a cable TV subscription to access nearly all of HBO's TV shows and movies. It also supports the Xbox One's optional Kinect sensor, which can be used to move through its user interface with a wave of a hand or via voice commands.

Pricing for HBO Now is $14.99 a month, but there is a 30 day trial, which should allow users to catch the first few episodes of the latest Game of Thrones season for free. The channel previously released the HBO Go app for the Xbox One, which allows current cable TV subscribers to access on-demand video from the network.

Update: The Xbox 360 also has its own HBO Now app.

John Callaham