Whether you love, or hate, the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer, there is one thing that should be fairly constant. The background music is a cover of an incredibly famous song by the now departed David Bowie, the epic Space Oddity.

What's more remarkable is that the cover doesn't just avoid trashing a classic. It's actually really good.

I don't care to hate the new Call of Duty like seems to be the thing, I've always been indifferent towards it. I buy it, play the single player, trade it in. This year I'd be lying if I didn't say the Modern Warfare: Remastered inclusion in the Legacy Edition wasn't the main draw to buy this year, but there we go. I'm not alone there.

But since the trailer dropped all I wanted was that song. Thanks to my Windows Central colleague, Matt Brown, being far more attentive than I, the details surfaced on who and where. It's performed by a band called Lady Heroine, and it's on Soundcloud (embedded below.)

It's a little change from the norm, but I figured I couldn't be the only person out there looking for this track. And now we can all enjoy it!