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Here are the near-final designs for Eve's 'Pyramid Flipper' Windows 10 2-in-1

Finland-based Eve Tech posted some new design concepts for its upcoming 'Pyramid Flipper' Windows 10 2-in-1 tablet. It will be available to order via an Indiegogo campaign in late September or early October.

In a now-deleted post on Eve's community page, it showed off the near-final designs, adding:

Now most of the work is done and the final strokes are done such as refining buttons polishing ports, etc. We will also apply a texture behind the kickstand. We are now looking to select 2-3 colours in which Pyramid Flipper will have.

Eve team members also participated in a Reddit Q&A on the 'Pyramid Flipper'. They confirmed the tablet will come with Intel's upcoming seventh generation Core ("Kaby Lake") processors. There will be three different models for the Indiegogo campaign, along with an LTE option that will go on sale after the campaign ends.

RAM will at least 8GB and possibly 16GB. Storage will range from 128-512 GB SSD. Keyboard is included in the device, however Pen will not be - you'll be able to get one for a reasonable price or reuse your Surface Pen if you've got one ;)

Also the name of the actual tablet, when it is released, won't be "Pyramid Flipper" but rather "Eve Computer One". As far as prices, Eve stated:

We'll unveil the price at a later point, as we want everyone to be stunned by it (it's great, I was stunned myself when I heard about it) But for now I can say our base-model will be below 1000€ including taxes (~900$ without tax) and the "ultimate model" will be below 2000€ including taxes (~1800$ without tax)

Shipments for the tablet are expected to begin in January or February of 2017.

  • If anyone of you guys remember how annoying their promoters are..
  • I do something that I like. And I'm trying to be as friendly as I can. Haters gonna hate. If you have a question, I will still answer it.
  • All the posts you people made in that one article was full of hate towards a product that was not the Eve. Like you said, haters gonna hate.
  • Look, the Piramid Flipper might come out to be the most beautiful and elegant product of all time, but that doesn't give Eve community members any rights to trash and shxt on other products
  • What is so annoying?
  • There was an article a while back and some members from the community got too excited and over zealous about how awesome the tablet is going to be. People got annoyed and the Eve community members apologized profusely but he's holding on to his negative feelings towards them.
  • I'm confused. Some possible customers got excited and the company apologized for it? I don't get it.
  • The company didn't apologize because it wasn't them promoting it. The people talking up the tablet were community members who were excited about the tablet and a little defensive because people here were being their usual selves and talking down the tablet and calling it vaporware. Just a case of emotions getting too high and the appropriate apologies were made and the incident really should be dropped by now.
  • No, those people went into an article about the Huawei Matebook, and started talking down the Matebook and attacking anyone and everyone because we didn't bend over and take it from those people. If the article was about the PF and people wanted to talk about how great it was, sure. It is like if people went into this article and started saying the PF sucks, we need to get a Surface instead because it is so much better, and when you Eve fanatics started complaining about it, we attacked you for hating the Surface.
  • Ahhhh. Yeah. That's not good. Slime-ballish.
  • The article about huawei matebook. All these Eve promoters came boasting about how great Piramid flipper gonna be and how trashed and ugly the matebook is. At that time, the Matebook is on sale while Piramid Flipper is nothing more than just drawings and concepts on their website.
  • Yes, you are right :) And in a month or two, you won't be ;P
  • Here is the other article: It was full or people talking about how the Matebook didn't look good when at the time there were no pictures of the PF. They were talking about how the Matebook was not available yet, when the Matebook was released three days later and we still do not have the PF. They were talking about how expensive the Matebook is, when the PF didn't even have a price. It got to the point where it turned a lot of people off from the PF, and because people were turned off from it they were haters, they were being mean to the spammers, and then attacked for it. It felt like astroturfing because it was not a gradual buildup over many articles, it was a sudden influx of dozens of people with different accounts using the same wording in that one single article.
  • And I apologize for that once again. We were way way too excited... The thing is, as we were making this device, we have learned a lot about the parts prices, machining prices, other production costs... Now we see too much I can say unfortunately... I see that I have overpayed overpriced stuff... I feel robbed. And we wanted to warn you with that matebook that It's a overpriced, cheap parts product. But now we know better and what we know, we will keep to ourselves. Please, except my apology once again :( And greetings from the Eve Community. :)
  • Good that you learned something from the experience, but it is not for you to "warn" me on what I want to purchase. It is none of your damn business what I spend my money on. That episode completely turned me off of the PF, that I would not consider it. At the time I was looking for a new device, but you people were "warning" us to wait until the PF was released with no specs, no price, no anything. Just wait. I ended up getting the XPS13 which is not in the same market for the PF, but why is it for you to "warn" me in getting the device I needed then, not months later whenever the PF ships?
  • I thought I was doing a good deed :(
  • Sometimes violence erupts over best of intentions. What one may presume is a good deed may not received as such by other parties ;).
  • Greetings from the Eve Community :) If anyone has any questions, please fire away :)
  • Ships to India and Singapore? :)
  • World wide. Now, about keyboard letter print I don't know what is supported. But feel free to join Eve Community, there is a thread there about it. I need personalized keyboard too heh Greetings from the Eve Community:)
  • We're fine with English!! ;)
  • Specs? Will the ultimate have anything better than iris gpu?
  • It will have 7th gen KabyLake, lowest spec are 8ram, 128ssd. It will also have gorilla glass 5 with antireflective and easy to clean coating. Keyboard is included in price, pen will be sold separately or you can use like, a pen from surface... Greetings from the Eve Community :)
  • I don't believe you answered my question. What will be the MAX specs? and will it have a different gpu than the integrated intel iris? Thank you.  
  • Oh sorry... Max is KabyLake i7y, 16Gb RAM, 512Gb high speed SSD. Keyboard, pen. GPU is itegrated in the SOC and cannot be changed. It can be added eGPU via TB3 connector. We all had a poll and chose those max spec along with a 0.8mm thicker body for a bigger battery. GPU was also voted to be upgraded via eGPU. I hope I got the answer right this time. I apologize, English isn't my native language so I may have misunderstood something :D
  • That's the answers I was looking for. Thank you. Any recommendations on a good and cost efficient eGPU enclosure?
  • Not really TBH... We persuaded Eve-tech to make us a cheaper one then the one existing... It's heavily discussed in Eve Community :) Join if you like, we have a poll going on
  • Why did they delete the page that had these images? If Eve is so open and takes their orders from the community, what do they have to hide that they took the blog post down? Are those images of actual devices or are they renders? If they are renders then, why at this late in the development cycle, are there no actual devices? Is that a compact flash slot on the side?
  • Orders? We make a suggestion, then a poll and then Eve-tech goes to their engineers, factories, suppliers and comes back with prices of all and if it's possible and such... Uhhh... Hard to describe, so many things are going on... Many problems, many awesome moments too :) Best if you simply pop in Eve Community and see for yourself :) It's free ;)
  • You didn't answer the question. If Eve is so open to their customers, and we should be preparing to buy this device since it may, eventually, ship, why are they hiding what it looks like? Are they actual devices or renders? And is that a CF slot? I have no intention of joining your cult. I am quite happy with my Surface Pro and my XPS13 and too busy doing actual work with those devices today instead of some random time in the future when the PF does ship.
  • I think it has to do with the color selection, since it's really the only thing that's shown in the images. Per the article, it'll come in 3 variants (yet to be voted on by their community). I'm pretty sure they realized that it's a bad idea to have consumers unfamiliar with their community seeing these images and expecting that range (which ultimately isn't final). Not everything has to be a conspiracy.
  • How much do they offer you for astroturfing?
  • I guess Eve 1 or Eve One was taken? Name aside it looks pretty darn sleek and looking forward to see how they have incorporated the keyboard.
  • Razor keyboard and glass trackpad. Awesome :) Greetings from the Eve Community
  • Hmmmm. For $1800 id just get a Surface Book.
  • Lower than that and that's for i7, 16Gb RAM, 512Gb SSD :) Greetings from the Eve Community
  • I know. But with Microsoft devices, I know they back it to the hilt. Any device I have had hardware problems with, I take them to the store and they just hand me new ones.
  • Eve-tech is in a deal with a known shipping company so that you can get it at home if a replacement's needed... Customer service and care is top priority to me and my fellows' important as well... Greetings from the Eve Community :)
  • Where are you guys located?
  • We are at Eve community... guys are in Finland. Nokia land :)
  • Hmmm. Over sees dealing is always scary.
  • They said it will be below $1800 although I agree that if I had that much, I'd get a Surface Book instead. :-)
  • I know. No knock to these developers. Microsoft is just so good at taking stuff back...especially if you have access to an actual store.
  • Me too and they know it ;P They promised a WOW price when It's gonna be revealed...
  • Hrm. Lets be happy Apple didn't make the Surface.  There is no shame in the design here - but it is a softened replica of the Surface.  Apple would have sued like they did Samsung.  As for the device itself, I am very glad to see another 2-1 device.  Curious to see how it performs and is rated. Oh, and priced. Good work.
  • Thanks man :) We were offered many design concepts and then there was a poll at the Eve Community. This design had the most votes and so It's going into production something that we chose... That's awesome to me personally, to be able to vote on what a product should or shouldn't have. Greetings from the Eve Community :)
  • The way this thing has been hyped I have to say I dont see anything exceptional from whats been announced. Maybe there's more and its nicely designed but I wouldnt automatically get this over competing products based on what I've seen so far.
  • The exceptional part is that we, potential buyers, made polls and then voted on this. From design down to speaker... Whole device :) And then, the price that should be low in comparison with similar devices. Greetings from the Eve Community :)
  • So it was designed by committee. Yeah, that always works.
  • @nohone, actually the process is not far over from the traditional design process. Only difference is that there is no prototyping and physical dogfooding of the product.
  • Well, for me personally, I'm looking forward to the part where (according ot them) we can use our existing Surface Pens with it instead of buying new ones.
  • Indiegogo. Kickstarter. The places for people to lose money to scammers and thieves.
  • Damn straight Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • Learned my lesson on the Agent Smartwatch. At least I get comedic value emails now detailing the progress, gonna work so well with WP8.0  /s Now I only back projects for the amount of money I'm willing to put into the idea, typically $10-30 range.
  • First it was with vibrant colors and now, shades. This feels like fabric, like the ones we find in Surface keyboard.
  • I was hoping to be wowed in the sub $500 area.
  • Cool!
  • Excited!! :D
  • I prefer the name "Pyramid Flipper" to "Eve Computer One". 
    Consider keeping that name? :D
  • Nice but I hope this isn't the kick stand this will use. It reminds me too much of the first Surface kick stand. But the design is interesting.
  • The whole Eve computer thing is a scam. I made a mistake by ordering one, changed my mind and tried to get my money back. There is no way. They promis that you can cancel the deal and get refund in two weeks but they tol me it will take 75 days. Don't sign up, you will regret it!