Here are the features from IE that Microsoft Edge won't be using

The new Microsoft Edge web browser that will be included in all versions of Windows 10 will not be using many of the old features and technologies that have been a part of the old Internet Explorer browser for many years.

Overall, over 300 APIs that were a part of Internet Explorer won't be included in Microsoft Edge, and the browser team has also removed 220,000 lines of old IE code from Edge as well. One of the more well known APIs that won't transfer from IE to Edge is ActiveX, which allowed developers to create web browser add-ons in IE. Here's why ActiveX won't be needed for Microsoft Edge:

"The need for ActiveX controls has been significantly reduced by HTML5-era capabilities, which also produces interoperable code across browsers. Microsoft Edge will support native PDF rendering and Adobe Flash as built-in features rather than external add-ons."

Another API that didn't make the cut is Browser Helper Objects, which gave developers a way to release third-party toolbars for IE. There will be no BHO support for Edge in favor of Chrome-like extensions, but a replacement will come after Windows 10 is released. Here's why:

"We recently demonstrated our early work on a modern, HTML/JavaScript-based extension model to provide extensibility beyond what is available with HTML5. We will enable this new model after our initial release of Microsoft Edge this summer and we look forward to sharing more details soon."

While Windows 10 for phone and the version made for tablets will use Microsoft Edge exclusively, notebooks and desktop PCs with Windows 10 will still contain a version of IE11, mainly for businesses who still need it to run legacy technologies on their websites.

Source: Microsoft

  • Meh, I ain't even mad
  • Same, Edge is turning out to be a pretty impressive browser with every new announcement, though I'm none too pleased about the name and icon. However having Adobe Flash installed as default is a bad move, Flash is one of the biggest threats to any mobile device(phone, tablet, laptop) which is why HTML5 has been gaining a lot of traction in the past few years. It's open, fast and efficient. Flash is a battery hog. Though the decision is good because of the fact that many people that end up downloading Flash from the huge number of websites out there get infected with malware. I just hope there are easy options to never allow Flash to run, unless you absolutely want it too.
  • Flash is still out there, it's easy to hate it but it's impossible not to have support for it in one way or another.
  • Just thinking out loud here, but if flash is built into Edge, does that mean Windows 10 for phones will have flash? Edge is a universal app, right?
  • No. Adobe stopped development for Flash Mobile so Windows 10 Phones won't have Flash support in Edge.
  • technically we don't know that. we just assume that because phones are ARM and flash is now x86-64. but we don't know. what if Microsoft built it and it can be turned on? we will have to see in RTM. flash on a phone is not the best idea, but sometimes it's needed for some sites.
  • Flash runs on Win RT which is hosted on ARM....
  • OS X doesn't come with flash and I've yet to feel the need to install it. However Flash on my Windows laptop means I lost battery life because the browser loads flash ads and auto playing video ads that use it without issue. There should at least have been a system preference to disable it system wide. I could live without it, but they don't even make it easy to shut it down and it's impossible to uninstall - at least I can't find a way to do so. 
  • seems fairly easy to shut down for me.. hit the ... in the top right, select settings and scroll to the bottom. adobe flash player on or off.  
  • I wonder if its a battery hog due to how it runs as a plugin. Maybe integrating it addresses that? Seems like you would definitely want to be able to update it separately though. Security updates always coming out for flash.
  • Flash is already built into IE11, and they release regular updates for Flash.  They can update Flash independently of the browser now, so I'd imagine they can do it with Edge as well.
  • just turn it off if you don't want to run it. how cna someone be a battery hog if you won't be running it? it's the same process you can already do on IE anyway, deactive it and notice how many sites and ads use it.
  • I believe it will be like Chrome.. it has Flash but you can disable in chrome://plugins/
  • even better, you can disable straight from settings
  • Yes, I have disabled Flash in settings. It is really simple.
  • Well, in the 'Project Spartan' (Edge) in build 10074, there is a simple switch under Settings in Platform Controls, allows you to turn Adobe Flash Player off on or off.
  • There is an option to disable flash in the current build too in settings
    And I hardly think flash will come onto WP, though would love Flash support on Phones which lagroids don't in the latest version. Flash is a threat, but an option to use it on trusted websites will be a plus
  • Flash is not a battery hog.  My Surface 2 and now Surface 3 are proof of that.  Even my HP TouchPad had great battery life despite having Flash installed.  I watch YouTube and Hulu videos without any abnormal battery drain.  Apple said it was a battery hog years ago when Adobe said they had a version of Flash that worked on it.  Yes there are security holes, but every piece of technology has them.  Nothing is totally secure.  Just make sure you visit reputable websites and you should be fine. HTML5 isn't secure enough for Hulu to start streaming its content with an HTML5 player, and they would still need a Flash video fallback for older browsers that don't support HTML5. I believe there is a toggle to disable Flash, but I haven't taken the time to find it.
  • I think it is great that they include flash in Edge.  They can ensure updates get installed, especially for corporate machines, where the user cannot install updates thenselves.  As well, when HTML5 becomes dominant and flash diminishes, they can disable and remove flash and that will ensure even better security for users.  How many older machines do you go to and see that all the windows updates are isntalled, yet flash and java and the like, are way old still.  One less thing to worry about updating.
  • They should have it on the Xbox. It's always so annoying hitting the "Your device does not have Flash installed" wall.
  • If Edge works as promised the name and icon do not matter
  • I'm pretty sure Edge has a really bright future in the world of browsers
  • I may even use it one day if they add a proper full screen immersive interface like IE has. Until then I'm sticking with IE. Especially true if they don't release Spartan Edge for Win8 because W10 still has a long way to go before it has comparable touch support. I am expecting quite a wait after launch day before W10 is developed enough to succeed Win8 on touch devices. Until then both W10 and Spartan Edge will only be useful on legacy pre-touch rigs.
  • Slimming down is healthy. I like these changes.
  • Well said.
  • Depends how far they go. Removing the immersive interface is positively anorexic.
  • What immersive interface?
  • Hey, I don't know much about codes but I guess that's gone make it smoother and faster. Sounds good to me since I'm not an IT. I just use it for browsing. Lol
  • OMG. AS an IT admin this rocks. No more having to worry about flash.
  • now you just gotta convince your organization to upgrade to windows 10. My organization only JUST got windows 7. And we are still on IE 8.
  • Thats easy . we are a two person IT dpet. ME and my boss. I do all the work anyway so i just say here we should update to windows 10 and it gets done. since we are a library i get OS licenses for $12 a license (that includes software assurance for 2 years). heck we get datacenter licesnses for $250 a pop which cost 3k to 5k normally.
  • That must be nice. I work for a major financial institution. Were still running software from the 1980s. Upgrading anything requires huge effort. It took almost a year to roll out windows 7 in my building.
  • I know how that is.. 70% of our systems are still on xp. I was really hoping that 10 would be a free upgrade for everyone and finally give me a chance to get all of our systems on the same OS. Unfortunately it looks like we will be on xp for a while longer.  
  • It includes flash...
  • I know that but I don't have to worry about making sure that the plugin is installed on every machine and up to date. I just have to make sure edge is up to dat.
  • The name is growing on me. Edge sounds cooler now (once I got used to it of course).
  • Yes, Spartan is fine among us, but for corporate use? It isn't.
  • Because corporate around the globe need to lighten up a bit.
  • It's not about Corporations. It's about the users. 
  • The people make up corporations. So people need a grip and relax a bit. Who knows things might be enjoyed then.
  • No ie on phone will suck just little bit if edge
    Doesn't with a mobile mode
  • What? Edge will/is on mobile already.
  • So this basically confirms, that Edge is nothing more than a slimmed & trimmed down version of IE, rather than a new browser built from the ground up?
    With that in mind it suddenly makes even more sense to keep clinging on to the E-Icon. But I'm also not all that sure, if it should make us that happy.
    Sure, big changes justify a name change, but in the end it's nothing more than a new and improved version of IE.
  • No, you are wrong
  • No, he isn't. The article states about codelines MS has removed from the IE era for Edge. So basically they reused the old codebase
  • If they didn't reuse some code from IE, we wouldn't have been able to preview Edge so early.
  • What kind of arguing is that? Care to elaborate, so you can help me understand where I'm wrong exactly?
  • They've moved to an entirely new engine "edge". Hope this answers all of your questions.
    From your point, windows 10 is not a new os since it shares the codes of windows 7 and 8
  • From your point of view my point of view would be that Windows shouldn't be named Windows anymore.
  • Kind of? I mean, it's using a completely new rendering engine, so... I guess it's still the same house as I.E, just built on a new foundation, and lots of the old walls and decor have been stripped out for a more modern, "open-floor plan" look for a really crappy analogy... (?)
  • Na, I think you're analogy fits quiet well :D
  • No, this does not at all confirm anything you said. A browser can contain multiple ways to render things on the page. Edge does two things - 1. it adds a new code for rendering pages and 2. it removes code that supports legacy ways of parsing code for rendering pages. You should probably try actually using the browder before passing judgement. Its wicked fast on my W10 VM. (if it doesnt completely hang, lol).
  • You just confirm what I said. Btw, I use the browser daily on my old SP and with a dual boot option on my Desktop machine. Thanks for your input, but maybe you shouldn't pass any judgement yourself. Excuse me, that I don't have the opportunity nor the knowledge to compare the code of the two browsers.
  • Except for For some reason this site brings edge to it's knees. 
  • (shrug) Just do what everyone else does: have Chrome, Firefox and Opera as other options on your desktop, just in case Edge won't be working right for you.
  • I don't feel it confirms either way. What appears to be done is a new UI was created, then they took the code from IE and stripped out what they want to get rid of and then added that to the new UI, plus added new code. Not 100% of the IE code was bad; it was mostly the legacy stuff that was causing the browser to be slower and less stable than Firefox or Chrome. I would be interested in knowing what percentage of code was reused. Icons are easily changed; has nothing to do with the main codebase. The decision to make a similar icon appears to be based on users with less technical knowledge who associate the IE icon with browsing the Internet to still be able to use that icon with the new browser.
  • What I'm more interested in, how memory efficient is edge? Firefox, Chrome, IE share the same greedy behaviour when it comes to ram lol.
  • I believe the rendering engine is new.
  • It may be a new version of internet explorerbut it defnitely is not improved, banking securitysoftware wont work with it, i live in a country which does not use my language and their is no way to translate web pages in the local language and all microsoft web pages come up in the local language a complete waste of my time
  • I won't be impressed until I see how good it is for porn.
  • I'm glad in-private browsing wasn't on the list of items removed. Hopefully it's just that it hasn't been implemented yet.
  • I hear it makes all women redheads.
  • I emailed Roboform to see off they will be able to work in the new browser without the. BHOs. We shall see...
  • Yes because of plugins.
  • Can w10 phone accept any other browsers?
  • If someone build a browser for it, yes. We have other browsers on windows phone 8.1 right now.
  • I thought all browsers for windows phone 8.1 still use the IE engine but just their own shell ontop. Does windows 10 allow them to be completely unique.
  • Well currently there is Opera for Windows Phone, so I'm sure that will be updated once Windows 10 ships, I'm not sure about other browsers though.
  • UC Browser
  • Alot of sites are going to have to update. It's a good thing.
  • Yeah we have web software that uses ActiveX big time. Hopefully html 5 can really do all the same things.
  • But will IE still be available?
  • Yup, probably buried in the program files directory with no visible shortcuts.
  • You can use it on build 10074. Open up MS Edge and in the settings you can find a button "Open In Internet Explorer" and click on it, and here's IE.
  • @Maek863, cheers.
  • but that might be just for Business, I bet consumers will not have IE or it will be on the add/remove features thing. it really doesn't sound logical to have both versions if you are consumer. what will you gain from having IE if Edge is the future anyway? they even made the icon so consumers who are not the best in tech will be able to recognize where to click. of course still we are months away from RTM and we shall wait and see.
  • Or just go to the run command and type in iexplore
  • I don't know...
    "While Windows 10 for phone and the version made for tablets will use Microsoft Edge exclusively, notebooks and desktop PCs with Windows 10 will still contain a version of IE11, mainly for businesses who still need it to run legacy technologies on their websites."
  • From the last paragraph in the article above, "notebooks and desktop PCs with Windows 10 will still contain a version of IE11, mainly for businesses who still need it to run legacy technologies on their websites."
  • I am a-ok with ActiveX and BHOs dying. In fact, this will motivate me to install Win10 on every older family member's computers. No more dealing with toolbars!!!
  • Oh.... not only that.... There are people with so many installed is just insane. I've seen plenty of machines with 20+ toolbars installed. At my first encounter I didn't know whether to laugh or cry lol.
  • It can be insane! It's always the range thing too, "I think I have a virus"... No you just have this crappy Boogaloo toolbar plus 10 more.
  • Mee too! Nightmares is gone! I'm actually thinking that IE on Windows 10 should have a feature to something like read-only state by default and needs to be manually reactivate its full function. Just for added layer of security and basically blocks those unwanted stuff (toolbars, homepage, search engine, etc.) that unknowingly many users installs.
  • A browse-only mode would be perfect.
  • Yeah! It would be nice on Microsoft Edge too.
  • Awesome. Unfortunately certain cloud based CRMS rely so heavily on active x... Its just crazy. Caldes is one..... Wonder if they are still around lol.
  • I hate HTML 5...
  • I really hope that's sarcasm... 
  • 220000 is a lot. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Good.
  • Not bad
  • Why integrate Flash and not your own technology .... SilverLight ??? We need SilverLight for existing LOB applications, not Flash !
  • Allot of corporate online banking sites in UK need to update their systems because currently we deal with number of clients that will very likely be affected by these however with corporate banks sadly they don't move on these things very fast unless millions report issues.
  • I know HTML5 is the future, but that ActiveX issue is a bit worrying too me, a lot of websites still use it, right?
  • So far edge is completely useless to me as it locks up all the time. I keep trying it with each update, but it isn't improving for me.
  • What about Silverlight? Dev center, among other things, requires this.
  • Lovely Microsoft Edge!
  • Good - except there should be no support for toolbars IMHO :D Toolbars are the worst.
  • Does MS Edge creates a new process for everything (e.g. tabs, apps, etc.)?
  • Not supporting Silverlight is one bad decision. I hope they include it.