If you're wondering whether your Windows 10 PC will be up to snuff for Gears of War 4, the finalized recommended specs are now available. Brace yourself, however, as those planning to play on older hardware may want to consider some upgrades to get the best experience. Here's the official look at the minimum, recommended, and ideal specs for both AMD and NVIDIA systems:

GOW 4 Specs

Of particular note is the massive 80GB of free hard drive space required for the game. While that's likely not a huge deal to most gamers who have a dedicated drive for games, it's still a significant chunk of space — especially if you're wanting to run the game off of an SSD. The "Ideal" specs themselves are pretty hefty, but that's likely to support gamers that will be running their Gears action in 4K.

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Aside from revealing the recommended specs, Gears developers The Coalition are currently at Gamescom showing off the 4K visuals of the game running on PC with a short gameplay demo. For those not at the show, however, don't fret: you can check out the ten-minute demo via the video embed below.

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