Here is how to discover what region your 'Country Variant' Lumia is for the Cyan update

The Lumia Cyan update is hitting more devices each day, and a big chunk of those are 'country variants' aka CV. Country variants are non-carrier phones, but even though they are SIM unlocked, they still have localization including default language, preloaded apps pertinent to that region and other network changes. As such, there is no such thing as a generic Lumia Windows Phone, because Hong Kong, Mexico, Thailand, Norway, and others all have their own 'country variant' for each Lumia model.

The Lumia country variants are widely eligible for the Lumia Cyan update, at least for the Lumia 625, Lumia 925, Lumia 1320 and Lumia 1520. However, not all of CVs are yet cleared, leading to confusion amongst readers who proceed to force-downgrade their phones to 8.0 in order to get the non-existing update.

The mix-up stems from people simply not knowing which region their Lumia is as frequently these phones are bought from web retailers without that info being noted (e.g. the Lumia 1520.3 is not a US variant, but is often from Mexico). So here is a simple way to check your region of your device, which you can then compare against the Lumia update page (opens in new tab) or our tracker.

Check your region on your Lumia Phone

  • Settings
  • Extras + Info
  • More info button
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Mobile Operator

There you should see an RM-9xx number followed by the region information e.g. _apac_Hong_Kong_210, which confirms that my Lumia 1320 is a Hong Kong variant and as such, is eligible for Lumia Cyan. My Lumia 625 though is RM-941_eu_euro1_231 and the mobile operator is GB or Great Britain.

That is all there is to it, so hopefully you can now have a better understanding of why your phone is not yet getting an OS update, even though you see other Lumias that are the same model taking it!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • If you haven't got it yet, flash it using Nokia Care Suite!
  • Or just wait like a normal human. I don't think it's wise to tell people to "just" flash their devices.
  • And I did it on my 1520 and it worked just fine. Or they could wait for it to come "soon" like half the things WPCentral posts ;).
  • Although I have an unlocked phone from GB, there is a thing called carrier branded phones. You do realize that right? For instance, AT&T has carrier branded phones that do not included the Qi wireless feature b/c they are part of the consortium that supports Qi's wireless competitor. Thus those phones' firmware is slightly different than an unlocked region's firmware b/c the hardware is slightly different. This may/may not cause some problems. The whole "just flash it" attitude might actually hurt rather than help people. It might be worth it to just wait a little longer to make sure every you get the optimized version of the firmware to your hardware.  Just saying.
  • This whole article talks about (CV) Country Varient phones, not carrier branded.
  • What's the ROM version number you used?
  • what does this mean btw ?
  • Say you are in the UK and have a phone on Vodafone, but the country variant has already had the Cyan update released, it's possible to flash the firmware from the country variant to get the update. There are other benefits too such as lack of bloatware and restoration of some disabled features. There's plenty of information available on xda-developers that's just a Bing away.
  • Or irrevocably disable other essential features, like the correct LTE band for that phone's intended region.
  • Bloat ware is something that comes with an android phone. One does not need to flash a Windows phone for that reason.
  • I have an un-locked Nokia Lumia 820 which I purchased while in UK in January 2013. I am in India since then (almost 1.9 years). Will I get Windows Phone 8.1 Update as per the schedule released by MS/Nokia?
  • Agreed. "Just flash" could cause some major problems for readers here. On an unrelated note, the official Cyan/8.1 update for my 1520.3 won't exit airplane mode. Phone is unusable.
  • You know you can probably fix that issue by flashing it right? ;)
  • Nope, I can't, actually. I've re-flashed to 8.0 three times and everything works fine. When I update to the official Cyan/8.1, my airplane mode is stuck on. See this thread, video is what I see too:
  • Did you use Care Suite or Recovery to reflash to 8.0? To the same firmware each time?
  • Recovery Tool. Everything in the firmware that the tool puts on the phone works fine. The problem occurs with the OTA update on the phone itself.
  • Personally, I would use Nokia Care Suite to try another firmware and see if the problem persists. Nokia Care Suite is capable of flashing in different modes too, though I'm not sure if that will help. If another firmware has the same result then it's a hardware issue.
  • I've downloaded firmware with the Nokia Software Recovery Tool, Data Package Manager, and NaviFirm+. All download the same firmware. It is not a hardware issue, either. It worked perfectly fine on the 8.1 Preview, as well as 8.0. It is a problem with the Cyan firmware.
  • You're not answering my question - did you try other firmware. E.g. if your phone is branded did you try flashing unbranded firmware to see if it persists?
  • It is an unbranded 1520.3. I'm not currently risking flashing other firmware until I hear back from Nokia. If I don't hear anything, I'll most likely flash to different firmware for the RM-938 in a different color variant.   Regardless of what happens, this is a nasty bug. I'm hoping I don't have to resort to flashing other firmwares.
  • another way is to go to settings>about>Carrier: mine is Carrier: singapore country variant im from Philippines.
  • How do I do that?
  • Thanks for the quick reply earlier. I took a nap before I started to flash my 925 and when I woke up I saw that the update was available for my phone from AT&T. I guess I was too anxious for the Cyan firmware. I suppose it would have been a worthwhile albeit dangerous experience to have undertook
  • Just wait for the fix. No need to flash or downgrade.
  • Why? I and plenty of other people have done it. It's not rocket science.
  • There's no point flashing anything when you can get it officially within the coming weeks Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • +1 I do not recommend this flashing nonsense. Sure, it can be done, but just throwing it in comments like this, especially when most people don't even read the article is a dangerous recipe. People with carrier branded phones did this and screws up their bands, causes more problems, just for something coming in a week or two. Lame.
  • Yup, waiting months for the update to come and flashing a week or two before is kinda foolish
  • Hold it on the flashing! Joe Belfiore twittered today that Developer Preview phones will be able to upgrade to CYAN by next week. Look up his twitter feed.
  • Like he said Cortana was coming to the UK?
  • Couldn't see anything to that effect. Just that we'd be getting 8.1 Update 1 next week.
  • No he didn't, he said DP will update to WP8.1 GDR1 next week. Cyan is different and is still to be fixed for DP.
  • Silly firmware. Imagine if pcs had to go through Comcast to get updates because of my Wi-Fi card. This seems so archaic in this day and age.
  • Lord, did you ever hit the nail on the head with that one. Never have I made payments on something that I feel less like I own than any other product. Government needs to step in and stop talking money from these guys and tell them how its going to be.
  • Many people like you do not understand the problem.  It is all about accountability, if your PC gets and update from Microsoft and crashes you don't call Comcast.  If your phone gets an update and crashes who do you call?  AT&T/whoever your provider is and expect them to replace your device.  Until Microsoft has the physical stores in place to handle warranty issues it will never change and even then it probably still won't change for the following reasons.  If Apple pushes an update that screws up your iPhone and you call AT&T they say tough shit call Apple.  Then there is another layer which is the OEM (samsung, HTC, Etc) if Microsoft pushes an update that jacks up your phone AT&T doesn't want to be responsible for that without having prior certified the update, if your phone has a hardware issue Microsoft doesn't want to be responsible for other OEM hardware problems, your OEM does not want to be responsible for software bugs.  So what you end up with in the end is a HUGE cost called support and the most logical place for this to happen since there are so many parties involved is your carrier that sold you the phone.  And in order to try and help themselves from incuring huge costs that are not even their fault they want to certify updates.  I hate it as much as you do but it is not hard to see why it has to be this way.  The only reason Apple can do it is because they are the software and hardware manufacture so both of those problems are on them and that means the carrier can deflect all iPhone problems back to Apple because either way they are responsible.
  • Good post.
  • Nicely put
  • And if my pc crashes I fix it myself or reinstall windows. Nokia provides a reflashing tool, so who needs all the stupid carriers, their blaotware and ugly logos on top of phones? They should provide a network nothing more.
  • There are people who don't get what CV stands for, but this wraps up eveything, nice guide!
  • Out of curiosity Dan, do you have every lumia available? Sure seems like it to me.
  • Pretty much, yes.
  • How many windows phone 7's do you own and which is your preferred fav?
  • Well, he must have them, cool
  • Why the hell do carriers get to control updates from the OS manufacturer? All they have to do is provide service and they get their money. Apple did it right with OS updates.
  • Because most likely Apple dictate to the carriers.  Any deviation would mean that carrier losing their iPhone contract.
  • Apple strong armed carriers into that deal. They had to take it to get the iPhone. Apple also picks up all support for the iPhone, not on carriers. Regardless, it's the exception and not the rule. Carriers want the control.
  • And they should have NO control. They already have too much power. Locking and branding phones should be illegal. They should compete by offering better services and prices than their competitors, not by offering exclusive devices and ruining everything for people with their useless blaotware and stupid restrictions.
  • ...and people shouldn't fight over religion and children shouldn't starve. I don't disagree with you, but this is the world we live in and people either need to make the change happen or accept it. Regardless, none of us are telling you to like it, we're just explaining WHY it is the way it is, not that it's a good thing.
  • Agreed, but if they didn't lock and branded their phones, you would have to spend $800 for a 930 instead of whatever they are currently charging
  • And I already do, because I buy unbranded unlocked phones. I am free to chose whichever carrier I want and swap them as much as I please, based on their servies. That is much better for me. I hate the idea of some corporation telling me what I can and cannot do with my phone. The only problem I have is that some models don't come with an unbranded version, so my choices are still somewhat limited. Also, don't you end up paying the $800 price over the course of your contract anyway?
  • Heh, I live in Panama, where they want those $800 for a locked 1020 under contract... so I too buy my phones off Amazon.  Pay half the price for unlocked phones than what the carriers here expect
  • More than anything it seems like unfair practice is going on.  A deal it may be, but surely there's an anti-competiton nature to it that could be challenged?  OTA is stifling progression.  On unlocked phones couldn't Microsoft offer download/flash updates like we had in the good old days?  I can understand carriers not wanting to take support calls for updates that have not been fully tested, but on country variant phones they would not be expected to would they?  It's all too easy for them to use this as an excuse just to push new handsets.  Surely if updates were allowed to be released without carrier delay the point would come anyway where the hardware couldnt match up to the software.  In theory it would actually increase the demand for new hardware, rather than having updates that can run (with 99% of the feature set) across the entire WP line.
  • It's a shame. I just feel bad for the guys complaining about carriers all the time. I'm in the UK so I don't think there is much of a debate over what carier to choose (I chose EE as it was the only one offering 4G at the time I got the 920). I know Apple had the upper hand since everyone was gagging for the device and WP doesn't even scratch the surface for the public demand but it just feels weird how a middle man is present between a phones OS and it's Manufacturer. 
  • my is RM-846_eu_finland_204
  • mea stands for???
  • Middle East and Africa
  • Or Middle East and Asia
  • Middle East and Africa
  • Mine says mea too
    If someone tells you could you tell me too
  • Its Middle East and Asia.
  • Not middle east and Africa??
  • MEA is Middle East & Africa, APAC is Asia Pacific.
  • My question is: I have 1520.3 (saw in extras), but is RM_938_BR944(Brazil), operator 000_BR (unlocked). I know that 1520.3 are receiving the update if you downgrade to 8.0 using Nokia suite. All of them, or just specifics 1520.3 versions? Cheers
  • It is region by region. 1520.3 is generic, you need to check for your country/region against the update tracker.
  • Thanks!
  • Mine is RM-892_Ita_brazil_277
  • And you live on?
  • Mine is RM-885_lta_brazil_218 000-BR. It means that it was manufactured in Brazil, right?
  • Ya :)
  • By this weekend we need cyan for two more devices and from that one should be 520.
  • Probably on this week all lumia 520 are getting it around the world as ive heard...if im not mistaken...i do hope its true though! ;)
  • Im using Lumia Cyan on L625 and I feel sad for those who haven't received yet but im happy for them for just one thing! That they are enjoying the most stable and best version of Xbox music ever! Once you upgrade you'll see how MS fucks it with this app!
  • RM-846_lta_lta_493 is latín América, right?
  • Yeah! I always thought it was Ita for Itally lol but is an i.
  • Lumia Cyan and WP8.1 available in UK for Lumia 625 running on EE
  • So Daniel, i am from Greece, my lumia 520 has an Hungary name on extras and info as you mentioned. That means i will get cyan when its available as CV for Hungary? Or from Vodafone which is my mobile company? Can you point that out, its a small detail but a lot of users probably are curious about this too.
  • So if you go to Nokia's page, you'll see FOUR listings for the 520 in Hungary. One is CV, the other is...Vodafone. Both are under testing. You most likely have the Vodafone one, but since it is under testing, there is nothing to do at this point.
  • So when cyan become available for Hungary CV , it will become available for Vodafone and eventually it will come to Greece so that ill be getting this over the air from Vodafone or it doesnt work that way? Im a litle confused with the route, if you could please elaborate this i would be grateful! :)
  • Or someone else to help?
  • I'm increasingly asking myself why I would want ro downgrade ro 8.0 and get Cyan, when I can stay on Developer Preview and get 8.1 Update 1 soon.
  • Because for example you might want Bluetooth 4.0.
  • If you CAN get CYAN, US 1520 for example, and are in Dev Preview, if you downgrade to 8.0, bring it back to 8.1 with CYAN, you will still be registered for dev preview. Just need to turn it back on and you will still get the update next week, buit will have CYAN as well. 
  • My Lumia 925 is Rm-892_eu_euro1_227 and my operator is ORG-GB, so which country should I check to see if the update is available?
  • You'll have to keep an eye on the UK Everything Everywhere section. As EE, Orange and T-Mobile are the same in the UK. Should be available for your phone by now tho, according to the Nokia update tracker page. Pls correct me if I'm wrong.
  • I have this RM-820_Ita_Ita1_266
  • Mine is RM-875_apac_hong_kong_223 and it's sim unlocked on Three UK. According to the Three UK Twitter account they have finished testing Cyan and are waiting for MS/Nokia to roll it out to devices.
  • My Lumia 1520 is CV-HK and it still hasn't received Cyan =(
  • That's mostly because that one hasn't been released yet.
  • My 1320 says spain in the manufacturer name and cyan is supposedly released for Spain but It still doesn't show up. Did I misunderstood something?
  • Anyone have a link to download Nokia Care Suite. I only found Nokia Recovery Tool and the Updater for Retail. Thanks!
  • Not sure if this helps
  • can you help me my is RM-875_apac_sea_220 my phone is a nokia 1020
  • South east Asia I guess
  • no :/
  • RM-846_eu_euro1_267 Lumia 620 CV UK
  • Mine is "mea"
  • My manufacter name code is
    What is this mean and refer to where?
  • Really wish Hong Kong would stop dragging there feet,,I have the RM-937 and still nothing, Being the phone isn't supported here in Canada by any of wonderful carriers i sit and wait
  • HK is always near the end for some reason, I have a few of them.
  • Thanks for that info
  • Mine says RM-821_im_mea3_515 what that mean ? P.s. it's an unbranded 920 Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Apparently MEA stands for Middle East and Africa. My sister has a im_mea3 920, whilst purchased in the UK.
  • What about someone who has a Lumia icon but in the UK!?? Small percentage of people but they exist !
  • You'll receive your update based on your phone version, not your location. So you get Cyan when Cyan is released for the Icon in the US.
  • Cool thank you!
  • My 1520 says Hong Kong, although I'm in the UK with Vodafone SIM. Don't have the update though... :-( Anyone else having probs?
  • The only problem you're having is lack of patience, Cyan has not been released for the Hong Kong 1520 yet.
  • So he gets it when it releases for hong kong CV?
  • I have a Lumia 1520 which was HK variant. Had the developer preview and rolled back to get the Cyan Updates, but updates where not yet released for HK region.  Flashed it to Euro version and got all the updates. Better to be in Euro version than HK
  • My says eu_euro.. Not Norway. So it Will not follow Norway but some other EU timing?
  • Nope. You have to wait until the euro version is updated. I have a similar problem, bought my 1520 at a Norwegian retailer (CDon), but it's Singapore CV. Very annoying since Norwegian CV is already on Cyan. I don't understand why they have all these country variants when there is no correlation with the country they sell the phone in.
  • Exactly. I can't understand why. I have an unbranded 1520, purchased in the UK, yet my phone's country variant is from MEA2, which means somewhere in the Middle East area that has not received the update yet.
  • You paid less for your phone. Deal with it.
  • New Lumias have different conventions maybe: my 630 is rm-976_1098 without any information about the country. Under "operator" there's 000-IT, which is right since I'm from Italy.
  • Nice article Dan !
  • I got rm-875 eu euro2 242 under manufacturer code Lumia can I check if this is a CV version and what mean EU euro2?
  • Who cares what tracker says? I have euro, gb, says cyan is available and still one big nothing.
  • Can someone help me out with the country in Middle East this is from? 'Rm937_im_mea233'
  • Mine is RM-914_im_mea2_335 What the mea2_335 stand for?  Thanks
  • Just RM-978_1049 ... On my L630 from Philippines.
  • Out of interest, if the carriers are supposedly controlling the Cyan rollout for carrier-locked phones, who is rolling out the software for CVs?
  • Microsoft themselves, I suppose?
  • This thing is really confusing... :\
  • Microsoft are, but the carriers have a say in it.
  • Manufacturer Name - RM-938_lta_lta_905
    Operator - 000-22
    I've never heard of a country called lta. :-)
  • Latin America.
  • I understand that part. So, it isn't a specific Latin American country variant? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I can't see my rm-code, however carrier says CV Sweeden (yes, with two e's).. (I'm on the developer preview and the rm thing isn't showing at all, anyone have any idea where it has moved?) Edit: Blah, went to "About" instead of "extras+ info". Found the RM now. :)
  • Wasting for 00-GB
  • I have the nokia Lumia 820  RM825 is from malaysia    the  uptdate  comming  for my  Lumia ??
  • It's coming, but be patient.
  • I have Lumia 920 and RM-821_im_mea3_306.which variant?
  • Middle east asia?
  • Middle East & Africa.
  • Oh.. Ok than, there deepak , you got it :)
  • Mobile operator 000-55
  • My Lumia 920 was bought from Dubai and I am from India
  • This was very helpful, thanks!
  • i own lumia 1520 rm-937_im_mea_1019 and havent got the cyan update. i'm on wp 8.0. i did roll back from DP. my friend has lumia 1520 rm-937_im_mea_932 and he got the update. which country does im stand for ? so confusing   thanks.
  • Hi I am in the UK but my 1520 says its a Malaysian variant? Even more odd is that the 8.1 update and cyan is available for that region yet my phone says its not available? I have the development 8.1 and running black at the moment. How can I upgrade or more importantly why does it not recognise it can do the update?
  • You need to roll back your phone to 8.0 in order to receive the Cyan upgrade. Plenty of information on how to do this on this site and elsewhere.
  • Wow, wait guys. So , if i dont have DP, and my variant says, its a country that wp 8.1 is CV available, than its available for my phone?
  • Seems Nokia themselves are maintaining a list of update statuses;
  • Thank you for the info man!
  • What about lumia 620
  • Thanks
  • my phone an 820  appear manufacturer name RM-825_lta_lta1_488 mobile operator CLA-CL configuration ID 407593   the configuration ID what means?
  • C'mon Hong Kong CV!!! I'm sitting on the edge of my seat!!! LOL
  • I own a Hong Kong variant of Lumia 925 and just installed WP8.1 GDR1 Developer Preview, but no signs of Lumia Cyan update appear... Any ideas? Do I need to downgrade in order to get the Cyan update?
    P.S. The device should be completely eligible for the update according to Nokia's website.
  • What I'm annoyed about is that I've got a Lumia 820 on O2 network (GB), which is listed on official Nokia Cyan update page as 'Available', but when I look under Settings>about my device is actually CV (according to the Firmware Revision Number), which is still listed as 'Under Testing'. Not normally anxious to update, but would be nice if I knew when exactly they plan on having released Lumia Cyan to all devices...
  • Please help me with this .
  • I am using Nokia Lumia 925. This was bought in UK and the carrier is 3 UK. Now I am using it in India. But the thing is I am on preview for developers. Still am not getting the cyan update. Please help me what to do.
  • Irritating for me is that I bought a Lumia 930 from Microsoft in the UK. It's got a CV-NL designation. What's most annoying is that the default language is Dutch, so doing a phone reset is hard. Is there any way of changing the CV to the one of the country you're actually in?