Around the Microsoft campus, there is a growing cadre of people sporting a hilariously awesome sticker emblazoned on laptops. The stickers appear randomly in the cafeteria and often disappear just as quickly. What's on the sticker?

Just a ninja cat with a Microsoft flag riding a fire-breathing unicorn.

The hilarity comes from the absurdity, but it also aptly represents the new Microsoft spirit. Plus, it is just fun.

Up until now, you had to know someone on the Redmond campus to get you one, but a tip on Twitter alerted us to them being for sale on the popular site Redbubble. Created by artist 'memeshe', the sticker can be purchased for $3 plus shipping. If you order six of them, it is 50% off.

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Needless to say, if you want to be part of the cool crowd and show off your Microsoft geek-pride, you need this sticker. We know we will emblazon it across our laptops and Surfaces to proudly show the world that Microsoft is back.

Follow the source link below to order yours!

Update: [SOLD OUT, you need to order from Redbubble below] You can also order the one with the black background from the Microsoft Company Store. Price is cheaper, but shipping is more expensive. Thanks, MrRusso, for the heads up!

Source: Redbubble; Photo credit: Devin Sinha; Thanks, Sean Thomas, for the link

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