Here is how to order the coveted Microsoft 'Ninja Cat Unicorn' sticker

Around the Microsoft campus, there is a growing cadre of people sporting a hilariously awesome sticker emblazoned on laptops. The stickers appear randomly in the cafeteria and often disappear just as quickly. What's on the sticker?

Just a ninja cat with a Microsoft flag riding a fire-breathing unicorn.

The hilarity comes from the absurdity, but it also aptly represents the new Microsoft spirit. Plus, it is just fun.

Up until now, you had to know someone on the Redmond campus to get you one, but a tip on Twitter alerted us to them being for sale on the popular site Redbubble. Created by artist 'memeshe', the sticker can be purchased for $3 plus shipping. If you order six of them, it is 50% off.

Needless to say, if you want to be part of the cool crowd and show off your Microsoft geek-pride, you need this sticker. We know we will emblazon it across our laptops and Surfaces to proudly show the world that Microsoft is back.

Follow the source link below to order yours!

Update: [SOLD OUT, you need to order from Redbubble below] You can also order the one with the black background from the Microsoft Company Store. Price is cheaper, but shipping is more expensive. Thanks, MrRusso, for the heads up!

Source: Redbubble (opens in new tab); Photo credit: Devin Sinha; Thanks, Sean Thomas, for the link

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I honestly was wondering where I could get this when I saw it. this is so far the BEST news of 2015!!! THE BESTEST!
  • I'll order some soon. But I wonder how many fans purchased the Cortana tshirt? I did!
  • I got the Cortana over Siri t-shirt
  • Where can I find the Cortana shirt?
  • Just ordered this as a tshirt! So badass
  • I bought the Cortana t-shirt with the hashtag. I wear it proudly.
  • where u can get online in india?
  • I knew a guy who was selling some custom-made Cortana Tees, looked swell
  • I went to the site for the Cortana shirt and left with the "Word Up" shirt instead. B^D
  • Just ordered. Im in UK. Where can u get Cortana t-shirt?
  • I had to settle for the unofficial, white bordered sticker.
    I'll be so embarrassed if I encounter someone with the official sticker in the wild.
  • Shouldn't Bing be on the yellow part of the flag, and Office be in the red part?
  • My thoughts exactly. Why stop at the Windows and Xbox logos?
  • Ordered two, thanks.
  • I honestly just ordered three. There are tears of joy streaming down my face.
  • The cool part is you can pay with amazon so you can save up your bing rewards points and pay with them (unfortunately, nearly $5 for a sticker including shipping is a little pricey so I'll have to pass).
  • You mean $5 for the awesomest sticker ever!!!
  • Half price if you buy 6. I got 6 stickers including shipping for under $15 CAD
  • You can't use an Amazon gift card to purchase on other online retailers. I have one of these gift cards redeemed to my Amazon account, but when I tried to check out to buy the stickers, only my credit cards show up. Not the gift card balance on my Amazon account. It would be nice if this was possible though.
  • I don't get it, why not just sell them on Amazon? Also, why is it with microsoft you can never buy products with microsoft points? (please don't reply to those questions, they were more of a statment)
  • Extortionate fees most likely!
  • Microsoft points?
    I dont think those exist anymore.
  • Yes, that's obvious, but you know what I meant.
  • Nice Idea, but I tried and this doesn't work for that site; only your credit card on file with Amazon shows up as an available payment.
  • I wonder if it'd work on Woot, considering it is owned by Amazon if I recall correctly.
  • With PayPal this took me two clicks. Easiest two clicks of my life, can't wait!!!
  • Agreed! I just bought 6 of them and it was relatively easy to do. :)
  • This sounds like an ad. But yes I paid with PayPal as well.
  • It could be, but this is more of a public service anouncement. Once they showed up, a LOT of people have been asking where they can get them. Now we know, and can get them... For what its worth, redbubble shows it as the top trending sticker now. Wish they had the black background though :(
  • Excellent. Thanks!
  • Can we,
    Can we put em up on out MacBooks and iPads too..?? Lol.
  • But if course! I bought six for just that purpose.
  • Aman
  • Rodney, even I bought 15. :P
  • I have a Windows logo sticker on the back of my MacBook. So instead of a glowing Apple, I have a glowing Windows logo! Incase anyone else in interested:    
  • LOL
  • I've actually had this idea for some time, with these Windows logo stickers I already have; put a Windows logo sticker over the Apple on my iPad, and run the Remote Desktop app to my Windows 10 TP PC (which works flawlessly) and take it to Starbucks and drive all the Apple fans crazy... Occasionally switch to the iOS home screen, and some iOS exclusive app/game like Clash of Clans...
  • Clash of Clans isn't iOS exclusive..? Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Got mine!
  • This is awesome
  • I'll be honest: I've never seen those stickers before, but I bought 6 anyway. Why? Because Daniel said so: "if you want to be part of the cool crowd and show off your Microsoft geek-pride" I want to be cool :) I want to show off my geek-pride :P
  • Lol me too
  • I don't think half the people here have actually seen this sticker before. ;) But, if Daniel says it is "coveted", then it is!
  • It looks slightly different - I think the black outline that the Microsoft stickers have looks better but it don't really matter I'm still getting it.
  • I noticed too.
  • Yeah, not sure if they will show up like the white one or black, or what the deal is behind them. Trying to dig around to find the original story behind them/who created 'em. Sounds like it started off as an inside joke between MS employees that has slowly grown over the weeks. If you follow MS employees on Twitter, a few of them have been posting pictures of the sticker over the last few weeks.
  • The laptop skin as oposed to the sticker appears to be exact or similar to the one in the photo by Devin Sinha. The skin has a black border and the sticker has a white border. But the skin is a steep $30. To see go to their site and look at "Available to buy on…" and the "Laptop Skins" link.
  • Wow who would buy a sticker for that much? That's really strange that pretty much the exact same sticker is being sold for 10 times as much.
  • Thanks! I got 6 for 11.26 including shipping.
  • Windows Central just made memeshe very rich.
  • Lol.
  • Time to order me one. 
  • I love this sticker... Anyone have a clue what it means or what it relates to?
  • not a clue lol but I found this
  • ^this basically. It's a pretty old picture that signifies "welcome to the internet".
  • .
  • This original image was created by Jason Heuser:
  • Ordered 6 without a second thought
  • Who didn't? :)
  • Me ;P Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I not Me, that's not my point though.
  • "some orders may incur additional customs fees"
  • how do we get the one with the black border?
  • Can we order them with the black backround? Not really feeling the white...
  • Same question for me. The black border looks a lot better.
  • Black outline version
  • Got 6
  • Wondering how it would be if it was 3D printed :D
  • Flat?
  • why?  I  can NOT see the link, where is it?
  • The link is in the "Redbubble"  Where it says "Source"
  • Yass im gonna order I've been wanting this
  • WPCentral rulez :)
  • It is WCentral :P
  • Ha! It's amazing, I love it, especially the "breathing fire unicorn"...and the ninja cat!
  • So everything, then.
  • I'm from the Philippines. And I just ordered 6. 1 for my Surface, 1 for my Asus Laptop. The other 4 I don't know yet. Can we make a thread to post where we sticked them?
  • Everyone should place these stickers over those smug apple lovers who have apple stickers on their cars
  • So, the ones for sale are unoficiall, right? What's the real story behind them? Did someone at Microsoft make them? Does Microsoft have a copyright on the design (could be a cool thing for them to use to promote their products). How did they first start showing up on Microsoft's campus?
  • AFAIK, the "real" story has not come out. As to whether these are official or unofficial, we honestly have no idea. Likely a blurry line.
  • I want it but with the black border :(. Anyhow, amazing sticker!
  • Got 6. I have plans for at least one of the stickers while I'm on deployment. Popular hangout with a metric crap ton of stickers all over the walls. I'll take a pic and share when I get the stickers here.
  • Hmmm sounds like a team thing that spread to the group then campus wide at Redmond. The only similar thing I remember was large MSN butterfly stickers being placed by (no kidding) a hired dude dressed up as an MSN butterfly who roller skated around campus slapping the stickers on random locations. Of course we removed them from our building since MSN was not part of our team/group. Ahhhh the good ole group competition those were the days...
  • ha! way more cooler than the apple logo. if that thing poops rainbows, it wud be great!
  • So, ima go ahead and pimp my band with that on the background...
  • Ooo Im making a 3D Model of this!
  • Yes!!!!! Post of the month award, for sure.
  • bought 8 haha
  • This sticker is everything!
  • I support MS fully, but i don't know about putting a sticker on my beautiful SP3. Maybe Microsoft should make a limited edition with the glowing new windows logo, similar to the dreaded Apples on macs or make the window's logo stand out by polishing it to preserve the beauty of my surface because some stickers look cheesy on expensive items.....just my opinion
  • It's indiciative of what WP needs to have significant market share vs iOS and Android!   I love WP but they need a miracle at this point...
  • Stop being so negative... You're ruining everyone's fun.
  • Cut his P##!$ ...!
  • Move from the US a couple of days. It will be quit refreshing.
  • Funny how similar that is to Karben4 Brewing's Fantastu Factory IPA label... (Bing image search it)
  • Fantasy Factory, that is.
  • Pretty much the same. Which means you'll never see an official sticker. Nor should you. That's a lawsuit in the making.
  • Is there any evidence that Karben4 Brewing holds the copyright on that image, though? Others have posted above that this image has existed as an Internet meme for quite some time. I don't know who holds the rights to it.
  • I am not sure what is means but i found this more
  • I got this $10 off coupon. Sign up after purchase, get the coupon , and pay it forward if it works. SIGNUP7376446648
  • Use code DRBHN91 for 10% off. Got 6 shipped for under $10.
  • Got mine! Gratis'
  • there's also a laptop skin
  • That picture in the headline is my office/laptop. I'm windowscentral's gettyimages
  • @Giffdev what kind of laptop is that?
  • I ordered ten.... what is wrong with me?
  • I made a photoshoped wallpaper of the sticker and been using it as the desktop background..... XD
  • Could you please share with us...!
  • Where can I get the Cortana shirt you guys are mentioning??
  • At five bucks including shipping I can actually afford to be part of the cool crowd!!!
  • Now for the ultimate... MS hires the the Old Spice Guy to be the voice of the cat saying, "I'm on a horse."
  • I want one! Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • LOL MS living in fantasy land. Impossible not to laugh at grown men getting excited over a unicorn.   LAME!!!!!!!
  • You must be an Apple or Android fan - the utter lack of humour and ability to enjoy whimsey gives you away.
  • Lol yeah dream on fanboy
  • why you so mean!!! :'( unicorns are awesome! hv you heard of "my little pony"?
  • Some people are just here to try and spoil everyone's day because they didn't get a little gold star sticker at school.
  • No wonder there are no new win 10 builds, these are doing stupid shit like this
  • 75$ shipping for the awesome sticker to Finland, crap. I think I'll pass.. :'(
  • Just photoshop it, print it, laminate it, then double side tape it on to whatever you want :).
    You'll get even more geeky kudos points!
  • I just paid $7.44 for 6 stickers, incl shipping to Sweden (from redbubble).
  • For a while I got one of those white Apple stickers and put it on my SP3 when I went into Starbucks... I would joke that I had to disguise my tablet so the staff would let me bring it in. :) It did raise a few eyebrows though.
  • Bought 6, 4 for me and two to share with my brother. He is going to flip!!
  • apparently it's $62.61 to ship one sticker to canada
  • You are right! They charge way too much to ship outside the US. It is a pity cause I liked it more with the black background...
  • Yeah, a black background would be better as a match for my sp1
  • Get one from Red Bubble. Shipping to the Netherlands for example is pretty cheap; 6 including shipping for 10 euro.
  • Me 2. 95 dollars for shipment was a bit much for me, for 3 stickers.
  • I'm in Nigeria, do they ship to Nigeria? I could order for 12. Seriously speaking.
  • Order the white bordered ones from Red Bubble, they have Nigeria listed in their checkout.
  • Alright. Thanks.
  • Just 3$
  • Anywhere this can be bought on a t-shirt in the UK?
  • Take a photo of it on your excellent Lumia phone. Go to Primark, get a white tshirt for £2. Go to any printers. Ask them to print on it. £15 total and you have it on a tshirt you like!
  • I think I may have to do this.
  • On Red bubble, for £16.
  • When you order the stickers, if you are a new customer and sing up you get a £10 voucher. You can then use that to buy the tshirt.
  • Edit: It is a 10 dollar voucher, takes total for the tshirt to 12.09
  • How about a mini version to put on the back of our new flagship phones.... Oh wait
  • Hahaha you made my morning
  • That's great idea...
  • We want em for free i guess ?
  • Lol..
  • Blah, shipping to Poland is $62. What are they shipping this one sticker in? A titan container and then flown by Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel?
  • Kids, eh?
  • Got 2 :)
  • I call the unicorn Google
  • $14 of goods... $72 of shipping!! that's really expensive... no thanks ms company store!
  • Get one from Red Bubble.
  • lovely!
  • Shame they didn't use the office and bing logos for the red and yellow squares....
  • For wallpapers..check this out..I guess Ill print it out then sell it locally for a dollar..whatcha think?
  • I love this! Just followed the redbubble link and ordered six for delivery to UK for a mere £6.96 (Total inc. P&P). Can't wait to slap one on my work laptop as my office is infested with iSheep ;-)
  • Maybe just stick the spare ones over those half eaten apple logo's lol
  • Microsoft Merchandise Store is completely sold out right now!
  • Daniel thanks for letting me know!I'm so happy right now..I would copulate with you (if you asked) in a jiffy
  • Ordered! So I got 6 for 6,86 € : 6x got me 50% discount and they currently have a 20% off everything discount code using "TWELVES". 1 sticker cost me just over € 4 :) Can't wait for them to arrive :)
  • I just ordered 6 for $7.66 shipped with the "TWELVES" discount code.  Awesome!
  • Thanks for the info Daniel. Tom Warren posted the MS store link on Twitter earlier but that wasn't working. Just ordered 6 :)
  • Sold out right now.
  • It was a gift from a friend on return from holiday.
  • The stickers on the Microsoft store are finished. Redbubble has them for $2.66 now. Will order some tomorrow.
  • I just bought six :) I really wanted some with the black outline though. But like everyone has said, they're not on there anymore.
  • The're out of stock or either removed from the store...
    Can't find them *sadface*
  • Need one of these on the back of my Jeep :)
  • Ordered 6, £6.
  • I am not that stupid to pay 200 Rs for a sticker I would rather buy a pizza or 1GB internet pack.!!
  • This has been the best article every on this site!
  • The "official" one from the MS Company Store seems to be gone now...
  • I'll take 10. :)
  • Well....
    I'll just sitting here ...
    In the corner....
    While I'm dreaming...
    Of "when will these available in Asia Pacific, especially Indonesia"
  • The Verge reported on this a few days ago and when I went to look to see if I could buy I cam across this link - it seems like someone ripped off the artwork and changed it a bit.
  • My lappy design is like honey comb... I cant use these stickers... :/ if there any nice stickers for mobiles.. I'll make a try...
  • Awesome Sausages !! So ordering one now !!
  • Sold out on the Microsoft store :-(
  • That's awesome :)
  • I want the sticker with black background. It would look much better on my black laptop.
  • Wait - Wait - Wait!
    I have to pay for stickers?
    To advertise MS? To promote MS?
    To be a billboard for MS? EFF - "No"!
    MS wants us supporters to have stickers to garner more interest in MS Spartan or Win10,
    Then Just Give Us Stickers, and they will be everywhere.
    Hey Dan can I get some Windows Central stickers? For free?
    I read your site, and look at your ad's everyday, that support you, et al., and am Totally willing to put your logo in conspicuous places.
  • Someone is in a bad mood
  • Gee JM Colorado, you sound like a lot of fun! Oh, no, you don't "have to pay for stickers". No one is forcing this on you, you're a human being, making their own decisions. It's okay.
  • I don't know he does have a point. Marketing wise, if MSFT were to give decal stickers that could potentially promote MSFT, seems like an idea that apple used. I see those damn apple stickers on cars, pc's, and etc. this sticker could be cheaper for sure though.
  • This ^. I will gladly put WC decals on mine and my kids stuff, if you want to send me some Stickers. I dig WC and have been reading it daily through the WC phone app. Thank you for your hard work. I personally think,  anyone you send stickers to, who are registered with WC, would totally put your stuff on their laptops, cars, books...... where ever you would put one of those decals or would be psyched to see where one was put.
  • Watch out, don't you dare go against the current on this here site; they do not like it. Also, here's some more xbox news for you, just because.
  • I want one for my surface but this is frivolous waste of money when I need to save :)
  • The "coat of arms" on the flag should have the Office logo in the top left corner and the Bing logo in the bottom right. Missed opportunity.
  • This is my sad attempt to hastily create it as a lock screen for my phone (OneDrive link below):
  • That's even better than the original. should have been a PNG though haha. But you said wallpaper for your phone So I get it.
  • Well done! I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought that Office and Bing were missing. Great!!!
  • LOVE IT!  Have you noticed in the past year the passion for MS is slowly coming back, and well deserved!
  • That link keeps taking me to a shirt.  Decent shirt, but no sticker.  Does anyone have a direct link to the actual sticker?  Or is it sold out and for some stupid reason doesn't say that, instead just pretends it never existed?
  • Sold out. When I posted the link there were only 80 available to buy. I'm sure they can make/order more, but you will have to wait.
  • This makes up for not getting a new Windows 10 Technical Preview build since January.
  • Ordered 6 sitckers today.  Can't wait to put on my work laptop, surface pro, and various other devices to upset all the Apple folks that have the glowing apple.
  • What is the actual size of that sticker?
  • By the looks of it, 3 inches
  • That's what I'm wondering. Would it fit on the back of a new 640XL? If so, I can think of 6 devices to slap this on.
  • Argh! I saw somebody showing this sticker off in a tweet last night and thought, "I need to get one of those," but was too busy to deal with it at the time. Missed the black one by hours at most!
  • You're kidding, right?  Why in blazes is this even a thing?  Sheesh.
  • Some of us have as sense of humor and like to laugh at silly things. Also, you forgot to toss in "Get off my lawn!" :P
  • What we need is to get the actual image, and have it printed on stuff, like, at Walmart you can take a photo in, print it on one side of a mug, and the other side "I (picture of heart) ______", where you can specify the blank. One side can be this image, the other side "I love Microsoft". That would be a nice coffee mug. Lots of other stuff can be done as well. I've picked up a nice image of it with dark background, but it's 1024x768, not really good enough for enlargements. But I can print a smaller 3" size on some dark fabric iron ons that I have, and iron it on my black canvas laptop bag. Considering it.
  • Wow, I just got 6 stickers for 8 dollars. Nice!
  • And Microsoft made you pay for advertising for them. Kaching!
  • How to order from India?
  • USD $7.44 for 3x with black border and 3x with white border, incl shipping to Sweden :) "20% off sitewide ends at 8:00pm. Use code TWELVES."  Black outline White outline
  • It makes no sense why anyone outside of MS would want this. If people actually knew the story behind the image, they really wouldnt want it on their computers....
  • And the story is...???
  • Just found them on eBay pretty cheap -
  • Nice!  Just got 2, thanx!
  • MSFTmerch store ones are all gone.
  • Looks like this original image created by Jason Heuser:
  • Strange Microsoft doesn't sell these trinkets in their retail store or online, but then again Microsoft is not known as retail wizards, every single thing is an exclusive, no wonder Apple and Google are kicking their arse.
  • Here is the crap email I just got from Microsoft. We are writing to inform you that Microsoft Corp. has decided, at this time, that only Microsoft employees will be allowed to purchase Windows NinjaCat merchandise.  As a result, the NinjaCat merchandise has been removed from your order.
  • I want it on the case for my Lumia 1520
  • prob offtopic, but whats the name of that accer laptop? I kind of like the look of it
  • Ninja Cat...or lead singer of 80s group Loverboy Cat? Either way, when in stock i'll be turning a few loose.
  • Trying to decide if the fact that I have a RedBubble account and the exact machine in the image above are actionable omens...
  • Just ordered 6 from redbubble. 50% off for ordering 6, then 10% off for joining mailing list, finally 20% off for using promo code TWELVES. So 6 stickers for the price of 2. Fun times.
  • Just bought one in each background.