Here we go again ... Windows Mobile on an iPhone

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Yep. We were pretty sure that after the Norwegian shenanigans showing Windows Mobile supposedly running on an iPhone that there'd be plenty more crawling out of the woodwork.

Exhibit B: Edward over at msmobiles has posted a video that supposedly is a demonstration of Office Mobile and Word Mobile running on his "fruit phone."

The quality of the video is so poor (think Blair Witch project, only darker), that it's tough to render judgment as to its authenticity. But we're dubious for (at least) the following reasons:

  1. As a commenter points out, Windows Mobile indeed does NOT support the 320x480 resolution on the iPhone.
  2. Check out the logo at the top left of the video, and the spinning wheel as the app's loading. Again, the quality's pretty poor, but it sure looks to be a little off. Compare it to this one, from an Office Mobile story we did last spring.

Let us know in our comments what you think. MS? Or BS? And if you have any links to videos of Windows Mobile running on, say, an old TI Speak & Spell, we'll be more than happy to take a look at them, too.

WC Staff
  • BS. has to be an iclone. Im thinking
  • Even if it is Windows Mobile running on an iPhone...
    ... if thats how long it takes to run word, edit/create a document and then save...
    ...who cares. Grass grows faster!
  • "Not Supported" is not the same as "will not run."
    That's not to say that this video is authentic.
  • I certainly have my doubts about this. For one thing, why does the camera keep going away from the screen whenever the operator goes to touch the screen or operate the device? Why such a crappy picture? Seems like even the most amateurish videographer could hold the camera still enough to let us actually see what is happening.
    I think it's fake.
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