Cortana Movie Showtimes

At the end of February, we reported that Cortana had picked up a few more Interests for users to select optionally. One of those was Showtimes + Trailers, which as the name implies has to do with movies playing nearby.

When we wrote that article, the feature itself was not live, but today we noticed that information had finally started to percolate into our Cortana feed.

Cortana Movie Showtimes

The feature is self-evident, giving you movie recommendations and even some showtimes plus locations. The movies suggested change when Cortana refreshes its feed, so they are not always the same.

Tapping on 'See more movies' brings up a larger list of recent films, although the way in which they are ordered is unknown. Finally, tapping on any movie goes to the usual Bing card on the release, which includes a synopsis, where to watch, cast, reviews, and full listing of movie theater showtimes (which itself links to the mobile Fandango website for purchasing).

Unfortunately, we have not yet seen the Trailers part of the new Cortana interest. Yesterday, the latest version of the new Avengers 2: Age of Ultron (2015) trailer was released, and it would have been neat to see that surface on our phone.

Update: As of 6 pm ET, our Trailers section is now live. As you can, it suggests a trailer for a new movie, in this case, Run All Night (2015) starring the Liam Neesons. Tapping it opens Internet Explorer to the YouTube channel for that preview.

Like many Cortana features, this one is rolling out to users, so not everyone will have it under their Interests (we still do not have the new Lifestyle one with fitness tracker). So if you do not yet have this, sit tight as we are confident that Microsoft will release it wider as the actual features come online.

Thanks, Carlos H., and Allen S., for the heads up!