Microsoft offers an explanation, and a apology, for this week's Skype outage

On Monday, many Skype users were unable to sign into the messaging service for several hours on their desktop and mobile clients. Microsoft finally fixed the issue and now they claim that a configuration change that it released that was bigger than usual was the root cause of the problems.

Microsoft stated:

"We released a larger-than-usual configuration change, which some versions of Skype were unable to process correctly therefore disconnecting users from the network. When these users tried to reconnect, heavy traffic was created and some of you were unable to use Skype's free services, including messaging, presence, and contact list management. Others could not sign in or out of Skype altogether, or make calls to landlines or mobile phones. Skype for Business was not impacted."

Microsoft said it worked hard to re-balance the huge traffic load and that the problems were solved by around midnight GMT on Monday (that's 8 p.m. Eastern time). It added:

"No matter how quickly we were able to resolve this issue, it would not have been quick enough. We know many of you needed to use Skype during the outage, and finding that you couldn't would have been incredibly frustrating. We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused to our users, and appreciate your patience while we addressed the issue."

Microsoft's statement did not address what the company was doing to make sure the same problem would not happen again to its Skype services.

Source: Skype (opens in new tab)

  • We need an explanation and apology for them not making real flagship phones in the last four years; one that could truly compete with the iPhone and Galaxy.
  • I don't understand how this is related to the article though?
  • I wish they would just delete this crap. I get it, we all get it. But he is just preaching to the choir. Every damn post.....extremely annoying. I wonder how he an others like him are irl. I would assume we would not be friends.
  • Don't know about him, but I'm pretty chill IRL. "Oh, you got android? What launcher is that? Is that running 5.1? Me, I've got a windowsphone. Love the platforms."
  • Ditto. Of my friends, I am the only WP user left (they all came and went) :( - his point is valid, we lost a lot of traction, just tired of hearing it. Don't get me wrong, we all poke fun at the other OSs, but that is just buddies being buddies. I get the most crap as a WP user, but I really don't care. I like my experience and I like my devices. I am super lucky in my job, I get to carry whatever I want, kind of whenever I want. I love my 1520. Hell, I still use a white 920 as my corporate device.
  • Yes same here! Most of my friends have also left the WP platform mostly because of WP7 back in the days. However, I'm always contemplating on getting a low-end Windows Mobile device for my parents since they recently switched to an Android phone and started hating the battery life, lag issues, and needing to use Google Services. They're Microsoft all the way so any upcoming low-end device comes, I'll get them
  • Before this they both had Motorola Flip phones that had battery lasting for 10 days on a single charge
  • @RohanRonQM, I got my dad a 620 and he loves it. Primarily due to the large tiles he doesn't have to spend time fiddling around with tiny icons. Lately his been using WhatsApp and a wide tile for his notifications. However I did have to disable auto download for media as he has 500mb data limit (lasts him just about a month now - thanks to data sense)
  • Well we've been told microsoft frequently follows and reads the comment on this and other tech sites. I'm just checking to see if they're listening, because thus far, I think they've gone deaf! And by the way, if you're tired of hearing it, I suggest you un-subscribe because I'm not he only one in this forum with complaints. I've been using window since before WP7 and feel we deserve to be hear and acknowleged by a company we pour our money, hearts, and souls into! I'm sorry you don't care that other platforms are years ahead of the one you choose to support. I feel we've all been very patient with Microsoft thus far, but everyone has a point at which they can no longer be silent and need to express themselves except you I guess.
  • Numerous things. 1: If they don't get it by now, they aren't going to. You running around here constantly bitching about it in every post is doing nothing but piss people off, hence your massive down votes. Nobody is arguing your point, we are freaking annoyed that you won't stop, no matter the post. 2: That is your answer - if you don't like the constant bitching, complaining, crying, whining, then leave? That is the kind of community you want here? Just constant complaining? We get some really great conversations here sometimes, I don't want to leave. 3: I continue to support because I'm not mad. I like my experience. Yes, I want more and I want a new flagship, but that doesn't take away from the experience I have today. I don't give two shits about what the other OSs have that I don't. 4: I have used every version of WM that has ever been to market. I have also been here a VERY long time. I still have the very first Windows SmartPhone ever made (in the states - MPX200 - and dozens since then) 5: Again, I agree that we have been patient. That doesn't change the fact that we already know and you complaining does nothing to help. Just stop.
  • Apology for making their loyal wp users for having to wait 4.5 - 5 years now for flagship devices that were promised 4 years ago, yet haven't arrived yet; while spec wise, the 950XL is okay, the design isn't. Microsoft has only owned skype of 2 years now and is apologizing for the outage (nothing wrong with that), but they have a lot of things they should be opologizing for and lack of true flagships, lack of apps, and giving other platforms your own in-house apps before your own platform is another! Bottom line is, is that they should compile a list of items and apologize for them all at once.
  • No, bottom line is, WE GET IT. WE ARE WITH YOU. We are just tired of hearing it every damn day. (Well, I at least, others may enjoy it). Why you feel the need to parrot it when we all know it to be true is ridiculous. Are you twelve? Your poor parents.... Mom, mom, mom, I want that, mom. Can I have it, mom. Are we there yet? When are we going to be there, mom? For the love of science, shut up.  
  • @Xsled, you're not the only one. I've stopped reading through forums for past few weeks. I just find the endless parroting aggravating. Yes, sometimes I'm highly critical... Unfortunately some take that as I'm being overly negative lol.
  • isnt 1520, 1020, 930, 920, 925 all flagahips? where mostnof them are around 2 years and not 4.5-5:P
  • 4 years?
  • Windows phone 7 was release in 2010, so I subtracted the first year, because by the second year, better designed phone should have been released. Please don't talk about lumia becasue not of them could compete design wise with the iphone or Galaxy lines. All lumia boasted was a better camera. The genera public here in America only care about what's fashionable, not so much about the camera. Five years has been plenty of time to come up with competitively designed phones and lumia isn't it. Just so you know, I have had at least 7 of the last lumia and currently carry the lumia 1520, but it's time for a change, yet I don't see anything compelling enough in microsoft's cell lineup to make me, only in its competitors portfolio. I am trying my hardest to hang in here with microsoft, but they're making it really hard.
  • In that case the iPhone and galaxy phones have never been updated. They all look the same. Until edge that is. That's new. So by your logic Microsoft has one of the newest flagships around.
  • Well that makes it even worse! That means that the lumia designs can't even compete against aged rectangle phones that haven't been updated design wise in years. By your logic, Nokia/Microsoft needed to make the design changes many are wanting years ago instead of sitting around living on their past successes kinda like both blackberry and Nokia tried to do! Look at both of them now. Surface has finally establishd itself as a premium brand and is respected in and outside of the enterprise; Microsoft should create a great looking cell phone under the Surface brand asap! But you kow their asinine philosophy, "It's better late than never", which is completely wrong. If you think they should keep waiting to bring good hardware to go along with its innovative software, then your wrong;
  • They may look the same, but one cannot deny the fact that their camera tech has basically caught up to Nokia phones barring the PureView/1020 in those 4 years - in most cases even surpassing them.  The Samsung phones are now doing RAW (DNG) capture as well.  OIS is fairly common place, when it was a fairly "new feature" when Nokia put it in thier phones. The hardware advances have been par for the course, but in the areas where Nokia had an advantage, it has been largely deleted and in many cases usurped by Android and iOS flagships in recent years.
  • Have you not seen the lumia 925? It's one of the most beautiful looking phones I've ever seen, interesting how both the new iphone and galaxys look pretty similar to it too.. hmmmmmmmmm
  • Last 4 years ? 920/1020/1520/930 were more than worthy.
  • 920/1020/1520 ? Seriously ? They are all just ripped off from the great N9. Just check when N9 was released.... That's when the design was born. I think he(OMG55) is being too generous counting only 4 years....
  • I'm sick of people talking about "design" and "design language." Holy hell it's a fucken rectangular phone, sometimes with square corners and sometimes with rounded corners. Sweet Jesus. Oh, and all the wankers that obsess over bezel size need to cease to exist... Haha, there. Rant over.
  • I was talking about the unique 'pillow design' to be specific. Sorry, it may not be easy for you to understand.
  • I understand, just don't care. I use my phone, I don't drool over it or slap my manhood on it because its design language is beautiful or whatever.
  • Really, I don't understand why that's such a big deal. I put a case in my phone, so you don't even really see it anyway. I get that done people care, but if that's the case then switch to android or iPhone until windows phone had something you want. If you can't stand the other options then shut up and deal with what is available. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Still have my N9 lying around! Still feels great.  I like my 930 a lot too though I still feel the 920 felt better in hand.  Miss the N9 size still however but I want MOAR POWER 950XL please
  • I think it was 2011 Q2 when N9 was announced..... So, theoretically, the design of N9/900/920/1020/1520 was born at least a year back from 2011 Q2.
  • I second you...
  • Wel you can start with the fact that Microsoft hasn't been building phones for 4 years. Then we could make your statement and make it look dumber by pointing out there has been flagships in the past 2 years. Basically, you're a dope and should go away. I pray you never breed.
  • No disrespect to you, but I remember Joe B. flying to Finland to work with Nokie design team on phones; so technically, microsoft has had input on designs being presented to them by Nokia since the original deal for Nokia to make phones for them. That being said, they could have asked Nokia to change desings before they bought out Nokia's D&S Division. I'm not saying Nokia designs are bad at all as I have only owned lumia since my original Samsung focus back in '07; I'm just saying the can offer a variety of different designed phone outside of the standard lumia polycarbonate units.
  • Lol it has only been around 1 year Microsoft has entered phone business. Then what are u talking abt 4 years lol
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  • AFAIK Skype have never developed a phone?
  • I don't mean to be a grammar Nazi but the title should be "an apology" instead of "a apology"
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  • I was about to compliment their proper use of commas but then I saw that. So close!
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  • It hurts my eyes!
  • Wrong on the time also. If it was cleared up by midnight GMT (which would be Tuesday technically) then it would equate to Monday 8PM Eastern Daylight Time, not 5AM Eastern.
  • Why did you have to get me started? It's really hard for me to believe the writers here can just post articles without peer review. What's even harder for me to believe, is that Word has spellchecking. You might assume being a Microsoft site and all, that they'd be using Word to write their articles. Apparently not. Smh. Either would solve the problem.
  • There all using Apple computers and write in Google doc? :)
  • *They're. XD
  • Maybe it was Skype's A Apology and if that didn't work we would see the B Apology? :)
  • Aww, s'ok, Microsoft. I can't stay mad at you.
  • Thank you Skype. I was able to go home early that day because we couldn't able to contact with our UK office that day...
  • The silver lining ;)
  • Too cheap for real communications. You guys are doomed...
  • Yeah. If you're an international organization, you really should be on Skype for Business or something...
  • Something must have gone wrong coinciding with the Office update...
  • apology accepted. just don't do it again! (for your sake)
  • It was caused by solar flares duh.
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  • They need to apologize for the crappy app they have on Windows phone. And don't let me started on the metro app that discontinued without replacement.
  • BFD
  • Can anyone provide me Skype IM app link? Which 'will' supposedly take messaging apps place.
  • www(dot)microsoft(dot)com/store/apps/9wzdncrdtbtq
  • I don't mean to be a grammar nazi, but it's "an apology" not "a apology" (referring to the headline).
  • Time for regime change. Nadella must go.
  • if only they would be so comunicative everytime is needed......
  • The update ruined the app and still working like crap.. Before it was cool
  • Go nadella Go :D
  • Usually, this kind of thing happens, so it's not that big of a deal. The big change here is that Microsoft is tying their mobile Messaging platform to Skype, so hopefully the outing isn't the beginning of a trend. We'll see, I guess.
  • So it was mostly caused by too many people running outdated versions that couldn't properly handle a config change. These same idiots moan about mandatory updates.
  • Its free