Here's the current list of smartphones with the Lumia Denim update (so far) in Asia

As we did for Europe, we have decided to go into Microsoft Mobile's support page in Asia to highlight the, countries, smartphones and carriers that are currently receiving the Lumia Denim firmware update for those Windows Phone devices

Denim is only available for a select number of Lumia devices at the moment, so this list will change over time. With that said, here are the current lists of territories and devices that are supposed to be getting the Denim update in Asia right now:


  • Lumia 720 - Country variant


  • Lumia 520 - Unicom
  • Lumia 525 - Unicom
  • Lumia 526 - CMCC
  • Lumia 625 - Unicom
  • Lumia 720 - Unicom
  • Lumia 720T - CMCC

Hong Kong

  • Lumia 520 - Country variant
  • Lumia 525 - Country variant
  • Lumia 620 - Country variant
  • Lumia 625 - Country variant
  • Lumia 720 - Country variant
  • Lumia 1320 - Country variant


  • Lumia 520 - Country variant


  • Lumia 520 - Country variant
  • Lumia 625 - Country variant, Trikomsel


  • Lumia 520 - Country variant


  • Lumia 520 - Country variant, Sun, Globe


  • Lumia 520 - Country variant, SingTel, StarHub


  • Lumia 520 - Country variant, TWM
  • Lumia 625 - CHT
  • Lumia 720 - TWM


  • Lumia 520 - Country variant
  • Lumia 625 - Country variant


  • Lumia 625 - Country variant

Source: Microsoft Mobile (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Not for 1020, meaning something new for 1020 or high end phone with the camera app.
  • 1020 what about?
  • I can't imagine it would be very high priority since it won't gain many benefits from the denim update.
  • It's out for the 930 in Finland Denmark and Norway
  • Yeap! Actually Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuana, Norway, Sweden.
  • Hong Kong too..!!
  • Im a 525 user (India) but still haven't received the update...what is going on?
  • Uncheck Dev Prev.
  • @Zapella Tiago did that but still nothing..!!
  • Same here
  • Will i be able to receive future updates if i uncheck it?
  • Didn't get the update L525
  • Same here.. N I'm on dev prev. Prev users don't get denim?
  • It's only available for 520., not for 525. MS corrected the updates page.
  • Hey John... I think this needs some correction... Lumia 525 in India has still not received any update... But Lumia 520 has...
  • John is correct, at least with respect to Microsoft website.
  • I think MS needs to correct it's info page..
  • You have to uncheck the Dev Prev.
  • No dev preview...
  • you have no luck then..
  • No L520 is getting it in India not 525. The Microsoft page is wrong.
  • Lumia 525 here.... No update here.... If I uncheck the preview for developers then the extras+info shows Lumia denim.... Tried for my mom's 520 too...on dev preview too.... But still no denim
  • I just now got a pop-up on my 1520.3 (AT&T US) that said "Welcome to Lumia Denim" or something to that effect, but it went away, and I'm not seeing phone updates.  Something is cooking.
  • I also received the same notification but when I opened it, it directed me to Microsoft's website. Still no update.
  • One part of me wants the 1520 Chinese update now (I'm impatient) another part of me doesn't understand what I get out of it (running the dev preview) based on the video they showed.
  • I'm in Canada with a Hong Kong 1520 too. We get the new camera experience. 4K video recording. Rich Capture which does auto hdr and allows you to change the pic after amongst other cool features. It's a big deal for 1520 and 930.
  • My 1020 US ATT got the Denim update over night.  I didn't notice until a few minutes ago.  I guess it happened at 3am because that what my install time is set to.  
  • But my dear,even after auto install it prompts for a restart which is not automatic. It wont install untill you restart your phone manually.
  • That list is incomplete ,somehow this guy got Lumia 1020 on AT&T,not sure if he's using unlocked Lumia 1020 from another region ,check this tweet I retweeted to wpcentral
  • This list is valid for Asia only. Read the article first.
  • I'm on Cyan and got that notification after updating the extra + info app.
  • Europe page was updated! With 930 receiving Denim.
  • 920 Netherlands?
  • Know nobody cares bout my country but denim for Lumia 520 and 525 is available here in Pakistan :)
  • Lol.. No bro.. WP is a family!! :) .. No hate.. Even though i m an indian.. :P
  • Eh, not sure if you're being sarcastic or real :P
  • It's ok dude... You should be caring more for the attack that happened
  • We are. Terrible thing happened. But can't change that..
  • No hatred from indian but it's really sad the incident killed lots of child
  • 925?
  • January, please read the article that was posted few hours ago.
  • Thank you!
  • The Lumia 520 which my dad uses also has got the update as on 18/12 morning ist!
  • It's a lie! There is no update for my 1320 Hong Kong CV... It's desinformation.
  • Maybe too diligent checking update
  • Still... No Denim!
  • Where is 1520!?
  • Available in 2015
  • That sucks!
  • For God's sake, Don't Ask the same thing"Is The Update Also for DP users too?" It's a .!. No!
  • Happening now Lumia denim update for my Lumia 1520 ( from turkey) my rom is finland
  • Confirmed! Product Lumia 1520
    Description Country variant
    Release Denim
    OS version 8.10.14219.341
    Firmware version 02540.00019.14484.37004
  • Congrats! Must be nice.. AT&T 1520
  • In china ,,I see Lumia 526 and Lumia 626... Have you guys noticed ?
  • Time division vs frequency division, thats all its about.
  • Be easier to just say everyone except Verizon "customers"
  • What bout Lumia 920?!?!?
  • My 920 got it days ago. It had been flashed to a French country variant.
  • +620 India
  • Well.. The update is out for Lumia 520 in India.. Microsft isn't providing accurate data for the list of devices getting an update.
  • But my Lumia 520 say up to date im on pfd
  • You are rock ",,"
  • You forgot 520 India.
  • Just need that Hong Kong 930 to hit
  • On checking OS version, Lumia 520 India seems to have the Denim update instead of Lumia 525 as mentioned...
  • Denim Update When fr L525 pfd users in India???
  • I am also not sure but my lumia 1520 att version shows lumia denim in extras and info...
  • Wow let me see
  • No high end Phones
  • Yeah that's sucks
  • What are the features included in the denim update?
  • In italy 520 please :) :),tonight
  • <p>Today in Nepal Lumia 620 got Denim Update</p>
  • But still not for 520 or it is not for pfd users.
  • Great.... My 930 is a Hong Kong variant, so still waiting. Won't be long though.
  • Interesting that I haven't seen any L1520 denim updates
  • It actually started seeding for the 1520 for those finland. Good sign for the owners of highend wp devices.
  • what the? no lumia 1520 the philippines?
  • Well at least not YET.
  • Is it available for preview for developers users??
  • No
  • No update for Middle East countries? Qatar please.
  • Now that makes me wondering about any hidden issue with the 1520.....
  • Hong Kong 720 and 1520 now updated with Denim
  • Hey I already have Lumia denim (prev for dev) in my Lumia 720 - INDIA
  • 1020?????
  • Those who got denim..... Did you get new camera too"??
  • Lumia 630 update please
  • What about Lumia 720 india
  • In india, Add lumia 520 also ..
  • You have the wrong info, in India only the Lumia 520 have the Lumia denim update & there is no update for Lumia 525 till now
  • @john in India Lumia 525 is not getting any update -_- please check it again .. My phone is showing ur phone is up to date
  • In the update availability page for Asia pacific on Microsoft's it does say 525 has got the update... But I'm unable to get it as well...
  • My 525 shows up to date, no pfd
  • I'm using L525 but haven't got update.. I'm using dev preview.. Is that true that update won't come to those who have dev preview??
  • SO FAR.. Lumia 520 doesn't receive an update here in the Philippines..
  • So do I anyway are you using the dev preview program?
  • What about 925??
  • In india , 520 is also getting the update.
  • And i checked my info it's already denim. But i don't receive any update.
  • There is a country named Nepal also, but where is it in ur list.
  • Hey my 520 in India is updated to denim
  • In the support page Lumia 520 is havin denim India
  • Hey my l525 is showing 'your phone is up to date' no denim update is coming
  • Lumia 630 here and I have now Denim. Just today
  • I think the post needs to be updated because MS just updated their site!
    For India as of now its L520 not L525
  • Hey pratheesh are you in pfd when denim update appeared???/??
  • Lumia 525 user using pfd any one here ,... Please report if you have got the denim ... In India..
  • no update for lumia 525 india(no PFD)
  • My Lumia 525 is showing its up to date when I checked for phone update
  • No update is available for 525 it's a mistake instead of 520 place they put denim for 525 all can check with the version and firmware.....
  • No, it's available in India for 525.
    But.. I'm not from India)
  • Brother I am using 525 more than me u know...;)if u have doubt check that page
  • It's available for 520 in India, there's an error.
  • Hey in an earlier article its was mentioned that Lumia 520 too was getting it, now in here its just not....why?? :-p
  • This article has a mistake
  • Cambodia not update yet for Lumia 620 Cyan not Denim.why? ​ ​ ​
  • Lumia 1020
    Whoever got the denim, hows the camera thing working?, heard it had a new camera feature to shoot 4k pictures.
  • extra info for denim has show lumia ram..i check os version same as pfd version
  • Hey,I am a Lumia 625 user in India I just hard reset my phone yesterday and after that my phone is showing that it is DENIM!!
  • Btw,I was using preview for developers before resetting.
  • Lumia 820 India updated to denim this morning.
  • Waiting for 525 in Malaysia
  • me too dont getting the update using lumia 525
  • Just unregister your phone from pfd and it will show in extras +info Denim instead of cyan....
  • Nothing yet for 525 in India
  • Here in India Lumia 520 only getting OS update there is no firmware update. Its same as cyan firmware number
  • When are they gonna give it for rest of the handsets..????
  • I didn't g​et denim update to my Lumia 1320 in India!!
  • Not even for my l925
  • Not getting the update on my Lumia 525
    Region: India
    Language: English (India)
    Cortana disabled
  • L525 didn't got update in India
  • Not getting the update on my L525.. Region set to India, Language to English(india), Cortana disabled...
  • The 1020 and 925 users have 2 updates coming. Ones the denim, and another for the bug fix of screen freezing issue.
  • Instead of L525 it is L520 which got update in India
  • 520 got it in india
  • For Malaysia, Lumia 520 haven't receive denim update yet, the website on Microsoft Windows Phone update page was wrong
  • Cant update im using l520 in ph and in preview for dev
  • Help
  • I just received update for Extra & Info. But no Denim update yet notified. I'm from Malaysia using Lumia 525.
  • I am a L520 user and dev preview user from the Philippines but I can't get the update from Microsoft
  • Same for me i also haven't received the update in India Nokia Lumia 525
  • Does it require pfd to update to Lumia denim
  • For all those who are on pfd and still not getting denim update for Nokia Lumia 525 , just go and uncheck pfd and then go to extra and info. Worked for me
  • No update in India for 525
  • What about Nokia Lumia 530
  • I'm eagerly waiting for the update
  • I am unable to to update Denim for my NL520. Because each time checking shows your phone is updated. I am using DP version 8.1 update 1.
  • I am using L525. I can't see any update for my phone. Each time i check for software update I get mesaage that my phone is up to date.
  • Am still waiting for Lumia 1520 to get the update. This should have been one of the first phone to get the update world wide. This is not fair at all. Microsoft saying one thing but meaning the other...
  • How about the update size in L520? Is it big enough? In MB?
  • im al520 user in india.i unchecked my dev pre. and all my region lang set are indian.but still no denim:-\
  • according to microsoft Lumia 525 (Malaysia CV) should be getting the Denim update but my Lumia 525 PD still not showing anything!
    starting to think i have to do that downgrade thing again in order to get Denim. bcuz Denim will upgrade the phone to 8.10.14219.341 and mine is already on this version through PD, thinking thats why i cant get the Denim update! here is the full list of Availability In Asia/Pacific:
  • well that's interesting!!
    i downgraded my L525 to original Cyan and after that i got the 8.10.14219.341 yet in exras+info there is no Denim and it still shows Cyan!! any ideas?!
  • Choosing Microsoft's product over anything was the worst decision of my life. I am going to sell my lumia and buy the cheapest andriod or jolla or even ubuntu touch. Because they care. No 630 update, seriously ? I was planning to create some apps for WP platform. But now i just changed changed my mind. You guys don't deserve beautiful apps, may be virus or malware is perfect for you.   Regards
    A Disappointed Windows Phone User
    Nokia 630 | Bangladesh 
  • Will Denim update be available for Lumia 920 as well? for Singapore country varients.
  • Or is there a successor model to Lumia 920 in the pipeline?