Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and what lies ahead

When you think of Halo: The Master Chief Collection (MCC), more likely than not your first thought will be about its nightmarish history with bugs. However, thanks to both 343 Industries (343i) and its partner companies, the majority of the performance issues may end up being a thing of the past, beginning later this summer.

Using data collected from MCC Insider Program feedback, developers are slowly but surely fixing the various problems that currently plague Halo: MCC. In addition to this, they are also looking to add some things to the game as well. If all goes according to plan, these new features will make playing the MCC a more streamlined experience.

Not a bug, but a feature

One of the best things on the assembly line for the MCC is the ability to choose which specific Halo titles from the Collection you have installed at any given time. Dubbed "Intelligent Delivery" by Microsoft, this feature will allow you to save massive amounts of hard drive storage on your Xbox One if you only want to play one or two of the four Halo games included with the Collection. You will even have the ability to uninstall foreign languages for more space.

Another improvement being made to the MCC is an increase in texture streaming speed. If you're unaware, texture streaming refers to how quickly your game will render things like maps, props, and other objects that make up the "physical" part of singleplayer and multiplayer experiences. The Master Chief Collection is known, among other things, for its notoriously long loading screens, so hopefully improved texture streaming helps solve that issue.

Finally, the game will get full LAN support, which is something that the competitive multiplayer side of the Halo community has been asking for since the MCC's release in 2014.

Making it look pretty

Eventually, full Xbox One X enhancements will be making their way onto the MCC, which will most likely make the already impressive visuals of Halo 2: Anniversary even more breathtaking. As part of the enhancement, MCC will also offer players the opportunity to change lighting settings fairly extensively. Both high-definition brightness and contrast can be edited to suit various preferences; you'll even be able to control how the game renders its brightest lights.

Last but not least, MCC's user interface is being completely redone. Everything from the main menu to the screens for matchmaking will all be more consistent, streamlined, and responsive when the next patch for MCC goes live.

Your thoughts

What do you think of the efforts being made to improve and restore The Master Chief Collection to full strength? What are some changes or features you would like to see come to the Collection? Let me know your thoughts.

And if you'd like to sign up for a chance at being a part of the community-driven MCC Insider Program, you can do so here. Make sure to keep an eye out for when play testing sessions are open. You can also purchase The Master Chief Collection for $29.99.

Brendan Lowry

Brendan Lowry is a Windows Central writer and Oakland University graduate with a burning passion for video games, of which he's been an avid fan since childhood. You'll find him doing reviews, editorials, and general coverage on everything Xbox and PC. Follow him on Twitter.

  • So is this the game collection that was released a long time ago with the original Xbox One? I want to buy an Xbox One X and play this but I'm a bit confused. Are they simply doing software updates? Is this a new edition?
  • Yes, same collection. They are reworking it to provide Xbox One X enhancements, and to improve the multiplayer experience. Existing owners will receive the updated version for free.
  • MCC was such a missed opportunity to bring the Halo community back together after the terrible Halo 4. I'm pleased they're fixing it because I much prefer to play classic Halo but I hope it's not too little too late. Lastly, I REALLY hope they release it to PC (Steam).
  • It would be so great if this showed up in the Microsoft Store for PC
  • I doubt that will happen as Halo is Microsoft's best console seller.
  • Microsoft has already committed to having all future first party releases be part of the Play Anywhere initiative, so Halo lnfinite will be on PC. It's not about that. If it doesn't come to PC it'll be because the work of converting it to support PC is bigger than the amount of sales they expect to get.
  • 4's campaign was good. Its multiplayer sucked.
  • agreed and they pushed the 360 graphics to the limit. I wish they wouldn't have tried to go all cod with the mp it made it not a good halo mp experience
  • I feel the opposite, the multi-player was okay, but hated the campaign. Halo 5 on the other hand has amazing multi-player and a super fun campaign where the story actually makes sense.
  • Trololololololol
  • Pretty much where I stand with it.
  • I look forward to the day where it doesn't take forever to find the last player in matchmaking. But pigs don't fly
  • I HATE that bug lol
  • Hopefully they will add Halo Reach as well, hopeful!
  • Awesome news! The icing on the cake for me is that I bought this for £10 using collected points at game.co.uk (accumulated through purchases with game.co.uk). I can't wait to play Halo MCC on the xbox one x!
  • Sick deal, dude! All of the first wave of Halo games for only 10 bucks is a steal!
  • Brendan, any idea if they're going to fix the campaign cross-game playlists?
  • What is that? I haven't had any problem with the menu just the actual game play....
  • Hey Rockie, As far as we know, they're planning on fixing all of the major bugs in the game. I would imagine this is one of them. :)
  • As an Xbox player, the PC deserves this.
  • I agree, but not on Steam. Microsoft should avoid Steam and provide the game through it's own store exclusively.
  • Disagree, the Windows Store is a dumpster fire. 90% of what's on there runs awfully. I think MCC would be more successful on Steam anyway. Larger playerbase and just an overall better interface with better stability will lead to higher revenue, even with the royalties paid to Valve, in my opinion
  • I don't know what you are talking about steam - it has the worst user interface ever created and it hasn't changed or improved since it first started - it's beyond horrible. Steam has great community and huge library - otherwise it is hopelessly horrible. If nothing else I hope Windows Store causes Steam to actually pull a finger out and actually put more than 10 minutes a year into its application. If MCC ever came to Windows it should be a Play Anywhere title and therefore will be part of Windows Store. The Windows Store games I've tried all work perfectly and instantly - where as Steam games almost always need the Steam client updated...…..wait...….then play the game - I hate it. Other than that I like Steam :) On another note I just played all the Halo games on MCC on Xbox - it still is one of the best games ever created - it is just so much fun - the original Halo remastered is just awesome
  • Calling the Windows Store a "dumpster fire" is probably too kind. I don't use it often, but when I do there have been numerous issues that prevented me from playing, mostly involving updates. At one point I couldn't play Gears of War 4 for a month because of some bizarre update problems. Customer service was poor too. Offline mode is a nightmare to set up, and has some truly demented restrictions on it IIRC. And the interface stinks, there are no simple Store/Library tabs at the top of the page like Steam, and Steam's library lists, search engine, and options are all far batter. Heck, for an uninitiated user, it takes a minute just to FIND your library, as Microsoft is much more concerned with selling more junk than they are providing a stable service. The gap in quality between platforms is not even close. The apple has not fallen far from the tree with the Windows Store, as it's nearly as bad as its predecessor Games for Windows Live (I have some true horror stories about that one, too). 99% of my gametime is on Steam, but 50% of my technical problems come from the Windows Store. I wish Microsoft would ditch their store altogether, but they want to copy Apple and without their flagship titles no-one would use their service at all. It's a shame, as Microsoft's IP's themselves are quite good.
  • We talk about the bugs like they are gone, but my wife and I played MCC for the first time today in a year because I have wanted to intro her to halo. At the end of delta halo the game completely crashed after holding for a few seconds. I don't see how they've fixed bugs. 🙄
  • They will be gone - they aren't yet.
  • Are they fixing the current Xbox One version?
  • They're fixing all versions of MCC. Owning an X will simply give you access to some neato settings
  • This is still coming to Game Pass right?