Here's what's improved, fixed and broken with Windows 10 PC and Mobile preview build 14926

Microsoft has listed the various improvements, bug fixes and known issues in the just released Windows 10 PC and Mobile preview build 14926 that was sent out to Insiders on the Fast update ring.

The list was posted by Windows Insider head Dona Sarkar in a blog post, starting with the improvements and fixes on the Windows 10 PC side:

  • We fixed the issue causing Adobe Acrobat Reader to crash when you try to launch it.
  • We fixed the issue causing the Settings app to crash when navigating to Settings > Personalization.
  • We fixed an issue where Windows icons and text are not rendered correctly on some devices with Intel Atom (Clovertrail) processors.
  • We've improved scaling for full screen games where the aspect ratio doesn't match the native display resolution, for example, when playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive using a 4:3 stretched resolution.
  • We fixed the issue where some people would experience a bugcheck (bluescreen) after plugging/unplugging certain types of Kindles such as the Paperwhite and Voyage.
  • This build improves the performance on websites with changes to large numbers of HTML Elements containing text by improving spellchecker efficiency. This results in substantially improved performance on websites like TweetDeck.
  • We have addressed the largest cause of reliability issues in Microsoft Edge running on Insider Preview builds. This should improve reliability on major websites such as Facebook and
  • We fixed an issue resulting in certain links (for example, Facebook) displaying a default favicon in the Microsoft Edge Tab, rather than the logo intended by the website.
  • We fixed an issue where the Wi-Fi icon in the taskbar might show full bars when connected to a Wi-Fi network with low signal.
  • We have fixed the issue which prevented the wireless network adapter in Surface Pro 1 and Surface Pro 2 devices from working. This also fixes the issue with the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows not working. and other wireless network adapters from third-parties such as D-Link.
  • We fixed an issue where File Explorer's "Open Command window here" context menu option was opening set to the C:\Windows\System32 path, rather than the desired directory.
  • We fixed an issue potentially resulting in the taskbar no longer auto-hiding when a full screen window has focus (for example, when watching videos, gaming, or when using Remote Desktop). Note: If there's an app that is asking for attention, it's by design that the taskbar won't hide (so you can see that there's something trying to notify you).

The improvements and fixes for the Windows 10 Mobile preview side include:

  • We fixed a scaling issue on devices such as the Lumia 635, 636, or 638 where the bottom of certain apps, like Messaging and Maps, would get cut off and rendered off screen.
  • We heard you and we have addressed the largest cause of reliability issues in Microsoft Edge running on Insider Preview builds. This should improve reliability on major websites such as Facebook and
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the sound of key presses and lock/unlock being barely audible when the phone was using a moderate volume.
  • We fixed an issue where, if Quiet Hours had been turned on, banner notifications might not start appearing again until Action Center was opened or an interactive notification popped up and was dismissed.
  • We fixed an issue where Cortana would crash when trying to open Reminders page.
  • We have improved the reliability of VPN Settings page via Settings > Network & wireless > VPN.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the thumbnail for portrait videos displaying with an incorrect aspect ratio in the Photos app when panning through the Camera Roll.

The current known issues on the Windows 10 PC preview build include:

  • While using Narrator and Groove Music, if you navigate to the progress bar while a song is playing then Narrator will continually speak the progress of the song e.g. update with the current time of the progress bar every second. The result is you will be unable to listen to the song or hear any other control you navigate to.
  • You may experience a black screen when signing out and switching to another user account and will be unable to log in to that account. A reboot of your PC should allow you to log in to that account.
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox will crash on launch after upgrading to this build.
  • Optional components may not work after upgrading to this build. To get it working again, go to "Turn Windows features on or off", scroll down and check the right optional component and click ok. After a reboot, the optional component will be enabled again.
  • After updating to this build, built-in Windows 10 apps such as Calculator, Alarms & Clock, and Voice Recorder may not work. To get these apps working again, go to the Store and re-download/install them.
  • For keyboard users, using tab to navigate the Settings app will not work in this build. The arrow keys should work as a temporary workaround.

Finally, here are the known issues for the new Windows 10 Mobile preview build:

  • Some devices such as the Lumia 650 will fail to install this build with Error 0x80188308. We are currently investigating this issue.
  • Action Center no longer closes if you swipe up on the empty space (area of Action Center that doesn't show any notifications).
  • Using your phone as a mobile hotspot will work the first time but subsequent attempts to use the feature will result in the inability to enable the hotspot until the phone is rebooted.

Keep in mind that since these are new preview builds, they may have issues that have not yet been found by Microsoft's internal testers.

John Callaham
  • I reported that Action Center blank space swipe issue in the previous build.
  • I'm so glad this is considered to be a bug. I was afraid that they had just changed the way that it worked. Can't wait for this to be fixed.
  • After installing latest build fast ring phone... Now I just can't enter pin because the number are not visible...can't see them...even tried soft reset...any suggestions ?
  • I have the same situation with no PIN keypad on my Icon. Basically making it a useless phone
  • The keyboard on my Icon is totally broken and not showing up anywhere, and I'm apparently not the only one. This is probably the cause.
  • Same here I'm on the ICON as well and my keyboard isnt' showing.
  • I'm on lumia 930, which is basically the icon and I can't enter my pin either and I can't turn on wifi either, so even if a new preview will be uploaded that fixes this issue, I won't be able to download it.
  • Try hard reset...
    Works for me
  • Hard reset...
  • VOL v + POWER until ! is shown on screen then VOL ^, VOL v, POWER, VOL v = Manually HR.
  • My idea: It's time to Buy Iphone 7
  • Why? This is beta - prerelease version of software.
  • Same here on the 730 and no way to roll back...
  • Same here, L930.
    I can't lost my data.
    Some solution to recovery, or access, or back up via USB. Some tools by others... Sad!
  • Rebooting every five minutes. #Winning
  • I updated the phone.. My phone has security PIN. NOW, IT IS NOT SHOWING KEYBOARD, NO CELLULAR CONNECTION AND WIFI IS NOT ENABLED. How to unlock my phone??
      Hard resetting is not working Thanks in advance,,,
  • Hard reset only way
  • I can report that now on my 1520, my keyboard does not work, wifi does not automatically connect, there is a "Legacy wifi" setting now. the sim card is not being read. (went to AT&T and they could not get it to work even with a new sim card) when connected to wifi it does not indicate at the top and now it just randomly reboots. 15 times in the last 2 hours, and lastly Messaging now crashes. I guess this is how they are planning of ending the Lumia line, with an update? Thanks tons!
  • Suffered the same fate as you on my L1520 this morning. Hard reset fixed it but I lost Hey Cortana, will have to roll back to 8.1 to train Hey Cortana, ugh.
  • It's happening on both my devices Lumia 640 & 830. I'm also having the same problem on my laptop running the anniversary update. Maybe it's global
  • Does anyone realize that the people app isn't showing any pictures?
  • It is working fine for me
  • Check again. I'm taking about Microsoft peoples app
  • My flashlight doesn't work properly on this build. Works for about 5 seconds and that's it until I reboot the phone. Also affects the camera's flash apparently
  • Guess this is a device specific issue again. I have had it on for 2 mins. Still running.
  • Likely. I have a Lumia Icon (929/930). It'll be annoying when I actually need to use it
  • Try resetting the phone
  • Why scaling issue fixed in fast ring only?
  • It is already fixed on release preview build 14393.105
  • it didn't resolved app scaling issue in release preview. Still i can see lot of apps in my L730. Open Whatsapp, foodpanda, bookmyshow u can understand there is a black space remain at bottom of the mobile. Let me know which phone u r using.
  • Im using lumia 540 and the apps you are saying are not uwp apps they are still developing so obviously there is a blackbar at the bottom not a scalling issue. It will get solved after windows 10 compatible UWP update to the app for eg- wp central and xodo, skype..etc these are UWP
  • i know what is UWP. I emailed to all these app developers. It seems they r not going to update or can't help any further. if u ask about more help they r ready to remove windows app.
  • That is not the scaling issue being discussed. Here certain apps have text cut off midway. The black bar that you are talking about is something different as explained by someone earlier
  • Not on the 635
  • Happy to see this fixed on my lumia 638.
    A breath of fresh air. :)
  • Hi. I've just updated to 14393.189, but the scaling issue still persists. I'm using Lumia 636.
  • Does Edge have F11 full screen yet?!!
  • Nope not yet
  • Eurrgh...I cannot believe they continue to omit this feature. It's just ludicrous (and forces me to use the far more feature complete Chrome)
  • you use Chrome because Edge doesn't have F11?
  • Not out of choice. But Edge is pretty poor at working on various video streaming websites (Channel 4 in the UK in particular - which do Formula 1 here). F11 full screen combined with screen magnification would allow me to continue to use Edge until it catches up with whatever standards those websites use for their media control buttons. Also, I just prefer getting rid of all the browser bars when on blogging websites. It's so much nicer. F11 is a feature that has been around since the dawn of web browsers. What bright spark in MS thought it would be a good idea to omit it?!
  • I don't expect to see any new features until November. Right now it's all about optimization (and then fixing what that breaks). Once they have a solid new core to work on, they'll start the new features.
  • Its indeed really odd how come Edge actually lacks features that web browsers have for ages, even IE at least have more basic features than Edge. Even currently, managing tabs on Edge is really horrible. Its too easy to drag the tabs out from the window but not so easy to put to another window. There is even a bug that tabs you teared from the window permanently gone but still on the process, so if there was a video or music playing there, it continues to play that. Tabs, now considered a basic web browser feature, Edge is horrible at it. Now other small but super useful things like middle-clicking back and forward buttons, home and go buttons to open it on new tab is still missing on Edge. One big omission also on Edge that even IE had, tab syncing. Seriously, did MS and fanboys thinks this as useless or unimportant feature, and praise more of fancy new features that some of them never even asked for (not that we don't like it, but there are features that are currently present on other browsers and from IE but never implemented first).
  • They're talking about the Hotspot issue now. My Lumia 730's hotspot isn't working since I've installed the anniversary update and rebooting also doesn't fix. It's like the hotspot thing is broken
  • Works fine on my 735
  • Also works on my 535 running release preview.
  • Everything works fine on my Lumia 540 release preview build 14393.105
  • I'm on non-insider build- 14393.67
  • Switch to release preview
  • I don't know how to react for the below quote from M$
    "We heard you and we have addressed "
  • "We fixed an issue resulting in the thumbnail for portrait videos displaying with an incorrect aspect ratio in the Photos app when panning through the Camera Roll."   I'd be interested in knowing if this also fixes the issue where pinch zoom and panning would start failing or misbehaving in the photos app. That's one of the most annoying bugs on the release preview version for me. 
  • I HATE that issue
  • The hotspot one will be a bit annoying, though I really only tend to use it once a week or so.
  • aw, that action center not closing is an annoying one... actually thought it was me doing it wrong :) Good to see they are flighting again! Downloading on my 950XL and SP3!
  • This is the fix I've been waiting for "We have fixed the issue which prevented the wireless network adapter in Surface Pro 1 and Surface Pro 2 devices from working"
  • M$ is able to release updates for both mobile & PC in Fast Rings
    But unable to release Mobile & PC updates for non-insiders at a time.
    Reason ?
    Simple they need fools like us to test their BETA OS in mobiles and Non-insiders r useless that they have already purchased and doomed. Even they care about >1% market share.
    Fanboys go crazy about my comment.
    Yes, M$ will release production build in coming days/weeks/months but I am damn sure those updates won't resolve atleast half of the issues and create new more issues. I hope atleast they release Stable OS before One Piece is finished.
  • I am not a fanboy but downvoted you for being hater... "M$" really?? How old are you?? 5??
  • Less than that. Its not hate but my frustration. Waiting ..... Waiting ..... Waiting ..... Waiting ..... Waiting ..... Waiting ..... Waiting ..... Waiting ..... Waiting ..... Waiting ..... for stable build.
  • That's true. So much time/years of waiting and we get nothing but more and more frustration. No ones there to listen even the feedback app doesn't help simply because there are already ton of issues reported there. Even when I comment something on Windows Central about the issues (hoping that someone will give solution). They just say like "It's working fine on my device". Like it's only me that's having issues on my phone.
  • Yes, Fanboz are trying to show their pride here in WC. I too defend when an outsider come and talk **** about our mobiles. But it doesn't mean that I keep quite and enjoy stupid Non Stable BETA OS.
    One thing I don't understand at all.... all these people use their mobiles at all ? or just ignore the issues ? I have friends who own bunch of Windows phones and not even single one is happy with it right now.
    These fanboyz are unable to realize the issues and supporting stupid beta OS. Windows Phones Killed LUMIA. Lumia phones has one of the best h/w at this price tags. I am back to 8.1 and there is huge difference in performance. I may never upgrade to win10 again.
  • Hey boy you may leave windows mobile. You have other platform to switch so please calm down or else move your a** from here
  • lol that is all what I can expect from u guys. No one is ready to discuss about the issues. Will u give my money back to purchase new one ? I am very poor to switch to a new mobile. U used A** word but what if I abuse u back ? I am not new in WC and I won't get out. I share my feedback, I Whine, its my wish. If I breach any rules of WC u can report and block from WC. Lets see how u work to block me from this site.
    Wait for some beta OS and feel happy about it. fake fanboyz.
  • Im completely satisfied with the performance of the build 14393.105 on lumia 540 and i dont feel its a beta os. Everytime i see you keep complaining abt os i think you are so unlucky... Leave it
  • try to use alarm app and report me back. Straight 3 days woke up late bcz of it. I borrowed my brother mobile to wakeup from 4th day. Fb, Msgr, Games started crashing. I saw few people talking about app crash issues. These apps were working fine with previous builds.
  • I use alarm app daily and it works fine for me if u have problem with default alarm app then use realarm (best app in every aspects)
  • re-alarm too didn't worked.
  • Lol i don't know what to say ..LOL are you trolling. Your complaints sounds so fake kid.
  • hmm. think whatever u want. i am the one who is suffering and not u.... so u would take it lite. Just try to go into photos app and zoom any pic - swipe from left to right and vice versa see how smooth it is....
  • It is smooth as butter
  • i am going to bang my head to the wall. smooth really ?
  • I think you have gone through very old insider rings. Initial insider rings of windows 10 was so unstable and they can harm your phone permanently even after staying on latest production build old problem may persist. In my experience i have never used insider always used production build. Now im on release preview so i never faced any problems yet everything is fine as expected. Yes app gap is there but apps work very good. They will work even better after uwp update.
  • i think u r da most luckiest person in the M$ world where u got no issues with current release preview build. Several people in the same forum have reported Alarm issues and u say it is working fine ? can u pls re-check are u in current release preview build .105 ? lot of people reported alarm is broken and u say its fine ? i think ur particular device might be working fine but remaining all has issues. A friend of mine with L950 reported issue few days back. 
  • You are wasting your breath my friend. Fast Insider and the basics work just fine, even the re-alarm app that our 'friend' couldn't operate. I fear you may be right. Troll alert!!!! Never argue with an idiot. They always win on experience
  • Even I'm having the photos app zooming issue. You must be using WP 8.1 aren't you ?
  • haha its very smooth in 8.1 and in win10 this problem exist. I confirmed with other guys who are using Win10. i see some people in this forum raising Photos app issue for win10 too.
  • Smooth as CHUNKY PEANUT BUTTER....
  • I use it every day. I run a taxi company. I live and die by reliability. My company is built on reliability. My alarm wakes me, and operates as it should. The only downside to my alarm waking me? I check WC and end up viewing more of your unswerving criticism, because *yours* doesn't work. All the issues you seem to be having, appear, in the main, to be you alone. I'm on fast RS2 and I haven't had any of these issues you claim. Never argue with an idiot. They always win on experience
  • Erm, "they don't listen?" Why does the fixes list state "we've listened and fixed".... The insiders are not necessarily 'fan boys'. They are taking part in making things better. It has worked from the day of its inception. What you forget is that W10M took an absolute age to reach TH. RS1 appeared in a *very* short period thanks, in some part, to the insider program. That's all insiders from PC, Surface, Laptop, mobile etc. Is it MS fault that you cant afford another mobile?? I doubt it very much. Most of WC users, who have issues use the forums and check first. Most issues with any OS update can be cured by a Hard reset. For you though, this seems too easy, and the loss of face you might encounter, could make things uncomfortable when you appear and spout your usual diatribe and hatred of anything MS, or more importantly, those who use them. Your opinions are yours, and you are entitled to them, but it is the same old thing every time, with little deviation from the 'its all their fault'. Rant over! Never argue with an idiot. They always win on experience
  • There you go. I was just talking about these types of comments and an idiot has come to show an example.
  • hahaha
  • You are way out of line. Here's this word"haters" yet again. These are people getting rightfully angry at this year long and ongoing mess, it is a mess, no other word for it, that never seems to be any further forward. How can any company send out words of what's fixed and what's broken time after time after time. We just don't know what's going to work and what's not. It's an absolute disgrace. Let's look at Apple today, they released a major update on their system, I've seen it first hand, It's terrific. But here's the thing, within 2 hours they apologise on medias around the world and guess what.... It was fixed, yes, fixed, not this is what we've fixed, and oh btw, we've wrecked a lot of other things in the process. I am not an apple fan, I repeat NOT. they simply get things done, on time, well thought through, end of.
    This here is nothing short of embarrassing. Now before you come back saying why the hell do you not leave?, the answer is simple, I really want this to work, as does every other person on this forum, but increasingly and as time goes on its not looking likely.
  • Can you show me the way to this iOS insiders program you're comparing with? I've never heard of Apple doing anything similar...
  • I dunno about One Piece but Naruto is sure about to finish.
  • lol..... Naruto finished long back. I think u r just following Episodes. I follow both Manga(comics) and Episodes.... Episodes has too many fillers so finished manga long back. Enjoy upcoming Naruto vs Sasuke fight.
  • Wen is Red stone 2 available for release preview insiders..pls any one let me knw..
  • March 2017
  • Any one had this installation issue in 650
  • I'm waiting on this too as unsure if this release won't work on all 650s or only some.
  • I have :( Can't install it ... P.S. 2nd time was installed successfully!
  • Still no fix for Bluetooth connection issues or notifications tones so i think ill pass on this one too
  • Its sad that some issues can't be fixed nor revise. And I don't read anything about the delayed time when you switch off of the bluetooth through notification center neither the error when an incoming call happens, when you  pick up from the bluetooth device (such an headphones for example), the mic seems to be muted because the other person can't hear you. Switching the audio from the bluetooth device to the loudspeaker "fix" the error. Only a soft reset fix the issue of the bluetooth device. I'll pass this build too.
  • All working here. Blaze, plantronics and car hands free working fine. Got tones for notifications as well
  • How do they break things like the wifi hotspot that already work?  I never quite understood that.  You have a perfectly good feature that is working, and someone changes something in it for no apparent reason?
  • This build broke my L830 phone. It keeps restarting it self in an endless loop. First it says Nokia then windows logo then it restarts, and keep doing that over and over again. Need to remove the battery to make it stop. What do I do?
  • Bro, you are not alone. My Lumia 930 faced same issue. Sent to service centre but no problem found. Still not working. Sent to head office now. Happened after updating to last build.
  • hard reset is the only way   
  • This happened to me long ago, last year with my 920.  Had to reset the device with WDRT; connect the phone to PC with USB cable and run desktop recovery tool.
  • OK, so I'll try the recovery tool then. Thanks. Maybe that helps.
  • You need to plug in to WDRT. Chose phone not recognised, and follow the instructions. It may take a couple of boot cycles for WDRT to pick it up. This will take your phone back to last stable release
  • Downloading now
  • Im guessing the low power Bluetooth issue is still present causing notifications on garmin devices to not sync correctly
  • "Action Center no longer closes if you swipe up on the empty space (area of Action Center that doesn't show any notifications)." - that was already on build 14915
  • Installed Lumia Icon, Lumia Icon owners don't Install this!  I can't login as the pin numbers not showing up and NO cellular connection either. I tried rebooting and soft reset and still no go.  Need to use windows recovery to start all over again!  I can't even get the pics and data of the phone now!
  • Seems to be working perfectly fine for me. I don't use PIN unlock, but cell connection is working just fine.
  • Same here with Lumia 640... completely ruined the phone... doing recover now...
  • Same here with Lumia 930. This is sad 
  • same here with lumia 640XL DS
    I cant log in with pin.
  • First I had to revert my SP1 to build 14905 from 14915, now I have to hard reset and revert back to build 14915 from 14926 for my Lumia 930. Slow ring for me I guess... for now at least.
  • Update: ​I decided to hard reset my phone through the good ol' volume and power buttons instead of the WDRT and to my suprise I'm still on build 14926 and all the previous hiccups have dissapered, everything functions as it should thus far. Thanks cloud.
  • HOw do you keep breaking stuff in new builds.  I don't get'nt the whole point of updates is to UPDATE.  wow.  sad state of affiars at MS!
  • 2/10 must try harder
  • Because adding new code might mess something up. You obviously shouldn't be in the insider preview program.
  • Damn, you beat me to it! Unfortunately, a large chunk of "insiders" are in it to satisfy the Magpie syndrome. They want the latest without really understanding what could go wrong. Then MS get the blame because the (several) warnings haven't been read before agreeing. It needs to be understood that the early RS2 builds are all about the core, and adding one thing, breaks another. It's a necessary evil in coding, its the Ying and yang, and any other opposites you can think of! I'm on RS2 and the 950xl is a beast ( if not dull to look at ). RS1 unleashed it, and it is improving.
  • Good for u all is well but unfortunately since w10m is a small group and the group who're on insider builds is even smaller. Any issues within that minute group is an issue too much. ESPECIALLY knowing you're trying to encourage consumers to switch not have them read the various OS issues. How de ass will you attract consumers when all MS do is talk about releasing update builds to INSIDERS and not GENERAL PUBLIC after all this time. W10M was released since last year JULY/AUGUST and it's SEPTEMBER the following year and MS still does not have a stable without issue OS with all the features that RS1 currently has and working as they should. Thing is 14393.67/82/103/105 is supposed to be the stable general released production build on all non-insider devices and yet even they have issues on their eligible devices running w10m,  so all the insider talk about issues are a given not on devices not signed up with insider program.      
  • "We fixed a scaling issue on devices such as the Lumia 635, 636, or 638 where the bottom of certain apps, like Messaging and Maps, would get cut off and rendered off screen." Glad they addressed it. Hopefully this gets rolled out to RS1 production soon.
  • I'm happy finally to see good scale on my 638 :) But this build made me perform a hard reset due to many major bugs and rebooting in 5 mins.
  • I don't know anything about writing code, but it's been stated several times that trying to fix what's broken, and introducing new code trips what's already there. 
  • They brought the larger left-aligned App icons back to the Action Center for Notifications.
  • "We fixed an issue potentially resulting in the taskbar no longer auto-hiding when a full screen window has focus (for example, when watching videos, gaming, or when using Remote Desktop)." FINALLY. Now I won't have to keep closing and reopening Explorer occassionally when I want to watch a YouTube video in full-screen on my tablet.
  • 1520, no cellular service (no sim) reported after updating. A hard reset brought normal service back
  • That was one of a ton of issues I have with my 1520 after this update. Serioulsy lame.
  • No issue like that on mine. Most things works. Battery is better. I had problem with photo pinch-zoom a while back but it's ok now too.
  • Do NOT install on any Verizon phone. Failed on both 735 and Icon. No SIM detected error. No wifi reconnect to known networks, and no keyboard!
  • Dont have any prblm on my lumia 930-performance and stabilty great better than previous build-
  • Noticing that some apps now have a scaling error on my Lumia Icon. The MS Authenticator App now has a gap beneath the App Bar and the bottom of the screen. :-(
  • Automatic adjust brightness when set on always mess with my proximity sensor after a period of usage and i have to reboot the device to get it fixed or just set brightness to manual, am i the only one facing this issue ?????? Using Lumia 950XL DS
  • No you are not alone and I'm using same device. Driving me bonkers especially for the supposed flagship MS device.
  • So, I'm going to report a bug here with My Lumia 1520 after this update.... I use PIN unclock.... after the screen lights up and a swipe to login..... the PIN Keypad doesn't show up... Seriously.... So, I can't type in the PIN to use the phone... I can play with the Volume... that's fun... But the phone is useless.  So, I'm thinking a hard reset here.... Seems a bit of a serious bug to get by testing... But I guess the 1520 is so long dead, even though they offered it for resale again just a few months back, that it probably doesn't get too much of a look for the testers.... I guess that would be US... the Insiders....      
  • Wtf MS.
    I cant open my Lumia 640Xl,cause the pin problems.
    I cant access my folders cause my phone is locked. I cant receive my documents and my photos...
    That's it I'm looking for my iPhone 5s or my s5(the first I would fine it will be my daily phone)
    BB guys.It was a very nice trip and I'm ashamed cause I abandon the ship but i cant handle it anymore(Call me when the w10m will be stable once more) p.s.
    i know its fast ring but after one year of insiders I cant accept those kinds of problems...
  • Then leave the Insider Program. Djeez. If you have a problem with facing bugs, you don't belong in the Insider Program, especially not the Fast Ring. Don't blame Microsoft for your own mistakes.
  • That's why this OS take so long to evolve, because of complete idiots like you who comment crap. The guy says he can't unlock his phone after an update and he's wrong to complain????? MS is wrong to begin with. How in the hell do you release an update where people can't unlock their phone to use it and then you say hard reset!!! So unfortunate that the Windows platform is so littered with DUNCES!!!!
  • Loooil. Join a preview program that is supposed to be bugged then whines about it. It's like you people don't know what you're getting into. People like you are a disgrace and should not even bother joining the Insider program . The purpose of the inside is not to say "oohh look new features" . After 1 year of insider? What? Do you think it's supposed to stabilize. Lmao. Do us all a favor and go get your iPhone. Please. Good riddance!
  • I bought another phone just for the insider program bc I knew bugs would be in large amounts. Why didn't they just do this? Keep a Windows phone for a daily driver, then one for insider. It makes sense in some way.
  • I use my daily driver for the insider but im well aware of the risks and im not going to flame Microsoft if my phone bricks. I'll provide feedback. That's what you signed up for.
  • I've always liked the insider program, no matter how much bugs exist. It let's me preview what I'm waiting for.
  • Yes that's what you signed up for but it's not what an update should be doing. UPDATES ARE TO IMPROVE WHAT WENT BEFORE, NOT BREAK DESTROY OR FREEZE WHAT WENT BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!! MS takes so long to get their **** together and then when DEVS don't sign up or apps leave you wonder why they're leaving such a "better" OS in comparison to the compt.
  • That's stupid. You expect Microsoft to put out to the thousands of insiders builds so poorly tested that they are almost guarenteed to turn your phone into a brick. What are we Samsung Note7 battery testers?
  • Like he said earlier, people usually know what they are signing up for.
  • Ooh look new features - translates to the well known condition known as Magpie-itis. Sod the consequences I want the new shiny stuff. Being a 'dev' or insider doesn't work like that. I have lost much hair and money to a swear jar tinkering with the innards of Android and Linux. Fix one thing, another breaks.
  • Stop there!!! Most of you who respond with join a program and complain are complete clowns. NOBODY joins any testing program and then can't get the program to actually START!!!!!
  • Well better it happens in the testing program than publicly via ota. Which you think would be worst. It is said that insider preview can brick your phone. Read what you're signing up for or gtfo
  • Well better it happens in the testing program than publicly via ota. Which you think would be worst. It is said that insider preview can brick your phone. Read what you're signing up for
  • I got hit too with the device PIN bug.
    And that is why I do regular databackups or onedrive the *** out of my Fast ring 1520 - I'll lose some apps that are no longer available unfortunately, but that's part of doing FR.
    Incidentally, mine has been running fast ring builds without hard reset or re-image since december last year. Surprised this didn't happen sooner ;) Now doing WDRT to 8.1 (sigh) and then FR again... perhaps release or slow might be a better choice for you.
  • Nah fast ring was always a fun and still is just costs a bit
  • Where's the fun in that?? ;-)
  • so the only option is going back to windows 8.1 phone? :( my 1520 is bricked I can log in with the enter pin ?
  • Not bricked just try hard resetting phone
  • One year and 3 ( three ) OS cores and many many builds for the fast ring?? Another who relies on a primary device on Fast Ring? The warnings are there, several times before the agree button appears.
  • > Some devices such as the Lumia 650 will fail to install this build with Error 0x80188308. We are currently investigating this issue. Great.
  • Failed 4 times on my Lumia 640 ATT Update 10.0.14926.1000 - Error 0x800703ed
  • Me too
  • This update 14926 is unnecessarily making my phone brighter than it is on its own from time to time on Lumia 640XL even though the brightness is set to Automatic. It is also a battery drainer. It is not encouraging
  • We need more encouraging bugs!!! LOL
  • I had to remove my SD card and then it installed fine. Lumia 1520.
  • Hey mate I cant log in as I cant see my key pad when unlocking? do you have the same issue?
  • Yep try hard resseting no other way I found to fix it
  • I thought Redstone 2 was supposed to be about features
  • Early fast ring is core development, and under the hood coding, then features. Although the coloured glance screen is a nice 'feature'. As with all things, when you fix one thing, something else will break, and we end up going round and round until we disappear up our own butts!
  • unable unlock my Lumia 730 and not detecting my sim cards. worst build :(
  • I can't install update on Lumia 550. What's the point of fixing something when I can't install updates?
  • Great.. can't use pin and I went from 85% to 9% less than 15 minutes.  Shutdown takes 3-4 minutes and so far hard reset hasn't taken.
  • Lumia 830 - unable to successfully update. Get an error saying that the update was unable to finish and things return to normal. From what I've read elsewhere, this may be a good thing. I've read the reports of people needing to hard-reset/restore or pull their SD cards to get things to work properly.
  • Well, I guess the background image display crashing problem will wait until the next update. Not a show stopper but it can sure be a stone in your shoe.
  • Looks like this update basically broke my phone. There is no service detected now. WiFi does not connect automatically. I'd get out of the Insider Fast ring except that Windows Device Recovery Tool is also malfunctioning
  • 950XL here and everything seems fine. I'm wondering if folks with older models should exit Insider Program and stick with RS1 until the RS2 flights become a little more stable...
  • 950XL here and bluetooth has been horrible for the last three builds.
  • Yet MS fans talking smack as if windows phone users have 0 right to be vexed with **** like this and expect devs to bring apps to the platform. HOW!!! with consumers using devices that don't work after updates. Seriously how can anyone actually test out these builds properly to give proper feedback if the simple everyday things are broken. MS then has to fix a simple thing like unlocking the phone to use then the testers now have to go through the routine looking for what else is broken instead of using the phone as their daily driver expecting 0 to be wrong but report when something is.
  • The average consumer shouldn't be using Insider builds...and certainly not for their daily driver, unless they understand the risks involved, (which are clearly outlined by MS). I'm not sure what point you're trying to make...
  • At least it wont explode in your face.
  • Lolz, ok angry dude.
  • I am using Lumia 640XL, really happy with this build, there are some annoying bug are fixed:
    1. Mobile data on Sim1 is sometimes blinking and can not connected to internet
    2. Mobile data on Sim2 sometimes reset by itself
    3. My PC can not detect my SanDisk SD card
    4. Sometimes freezing when using Whatsapp now all of those bug are fixed, its a good day!!!
  • Anyone know if phone numbers are recognized as links in the Mail and Calendar app in this build? Thanks.
  • All this about RS2 BUILDs but yet RS1 is still buggy lolz. When will MS contract someone from Apple or Google to work on their OS mobile builds????
  • Hey anyone here having issue after upgrading? My Lumia 1520 is restarting several times and the Enter pin is not showing my keypad?
  • Reset it my phone had almost the same..
    Hard reset..
  • Thnx guys for the review ... Let's wait for the new build :)
  • Lumia 830 - LMT mobile operator in Latvia. After installing this build (10.0.14926.1000), wi-fi does not connect automatically, PIN-code dialog does not appear, No Service. Instead IMEI code phone shows "O" in Settings/About. I rebooted phone several times, pull out battery. Just now phone rebooted by itself. Epic Fail with this buld, Microsoft, epic fail.  
  • Try hard resetting phone
  • Still outlook mail&calendar live tile issue not solved,I am only alone or anyone facing this issue??
  • Bummer! Stil no fix to my bluetooth issues; lots of stuttering and delayed/missing response to commands from my Jaybird X2 headphones... Three builds now! :-(
  • bricked my 830
  • The hotspot "new" issue is already present in every AU production builds and maybe previous too
  • All you people are moaning about bugs, but this is a fast ring insider build. The whole point of these builds is find the bugs and submit feedback, not for use as an everyday phone.
  • need help.. I updated the phone.. My phone has security PIN. NOW, IT IS NOT SHOWING KEYBOARD, NO CELLULAR CONNECTION AND WIFI IS NOT ENABLED. How to unlock my phone??
      Thanks in advance,,,
  • According to another article, this is a known problem now with this build and you have to reboot your phone to get it back.  Press and hold the POWER button and the VOLUME DOWN buttons simultaneously for about 5 seconds to force a reboot ( you won't lose data).
  • Is it just me or has the glance screen now become sporadic in showing updates AND sounds to all but one email account no linger work.
  • Um.  Yeah.  Hotspots don't work even after a reboot of the phone.  At least on the 950.  I'll test it on the 640 later.
  • Hmm, the camera shutter sound is gone ... no sound, and no option in the settings anymore L950XL
  • Lost going from 8.1 to 10: pictures for contacts on start screen Task list in calendar Apps Specific icons for each email account. LARGER PRINT ring tones Easier interface in music app   I am absolutely sickened that I upgraded to 10 on my phone.