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Here's what's new in Windows 10 Mobile preview build 14283 for Insiders

Microsoft has posted a list of what's been added to the just released Windows 10 Mobile preview build 14283 for Insiders.

According to Microsoft's Windows Insider head Gabriel Aul:

  • Improvements to the Phone app: We know how important it is to stay informed when someone is trying to reach you, whether that's through notifications, Live tiles on your Start screen, or directly within your communications applications. To help with this, we've added missed call and voicemail waiting indicators to the tabs inside the Phone app. Once you navigate to a tab with a missed call or voicemail – the indicator goes away. We've got another change coming that will keep the indicator in place until you navigate away from the tab. There is also a bug where you might not see the indicator clear right away – a fix is coming soon for this as well. Let us know what you think!
  • Updates to Outlook Mail & Calendar: Yesterday, we released an update to the Outlook Mail & Calendar apps that introduces some new features and improvements. In Outlook Mail, you can turn off the message preview text in the message list (Settings > Reading > Conversation and turning "Show preview text" off). You can also quickly get rid of junk email in your inbox by pressing down on a message to bring up the context menu and choosing 'Move to Junk'. In Outlook Calendar, you can now let others know "I'll be late" directly from meeting notifications.

Aul also posted up a preview of an upcoming, and highly anticipated, feature for Windows 10 Mobile Insiders:

  • Coming Soon – the Feedback Hub: When you open Insider Hub on this build, you will see a new welcome dialog for Feedback Hub. Coming in the next mobile and PC build – we are bringing together the Insider Hub and Windows Feedback apps into a single app called the Feedback Hub. The Feedback Hub carries over all of the best things from the previous two apps plus some new things Insiders will enjoy. For example, in addition to upvoting feedback, you will be able to also leave comments on feedback. We have also redesigned the homepage in Feedback Hub to bring together announcements and quests. Stay tuned as we'll have more to say about the Feedback Hub with the next builds for mobile and PC when the app is ready for Insiders to use.
  • I now see the benefit of keeping my OneTouch xl as a backup phone
  • I wish they'd fix the touch input problem when using continuum.
  • Is that just on the 950XL? Does seem weird if so that it would only affect that phone. Pretty sure I read it was the XL only at least
  • Had same problem with my 950 as well.
  • Ah I haven't gone to RS1 builds with my 950 yet, this wouldn't be a huge issue for me since I don't use continuum that way often, usually plugged into the display dock.
  • Quite a few people here have been desperate for the all apps overlay and the flickering when switching tracks. Should please quite a few people, except the ones who will complain they can't get it on their older phones yet so are being "screwed over" Looks like a nice set of updates, I almost considered switching to Fast Ring with my 950 except for the MS Band issue. I don't understand what language we would need to change the phone to to get it syncing again - anybody got any ideas? Will be interested to hear from people of the Connection to wireless displays is definitely fixed too
  • Seems Sooner™
  • Still waiting for it to be released to the broader public...
  • You mean fat people?
  • Yeah kind of.
  • So now that Microsoft has enough new phones.. So they'll forget old ones.. Good. One step ahead already.
  • It's not unreasonable they want to release 10586 to older phones (officially) first IMO. It doesn't mean they've forgotten the older phones at all. They need to focus on 10586 being tested on as many of the older handsets to make sure it's ready for release.
  • More whining ensues
  • Other phones had a nice build 2 days back. There are people who see this other way as well - why break functionalities with my old phone. I am glad that they test it with new phones first and once issues are fixed they release it for old phones.
  • They want to get all old WP upgraded to Win10M so the numbers count as part of total Win10 devices. I guessing they will provide new updated number of devices at //Build/ Promoting W10M 8-bit tile art
  • give this man a cookie... There will always be something to improve on, but you have to draw the line somewhere with a good build. Also, threshold is specifically designed to handle the transition from 8.1 to 10.
  • Not really, we're just waiting for first official build of W10M to come on older devices. W10M is already have enough issues to deal with, we don't want another more from Redstone build. Just hope. That the official W10M build would be polished. Sent from Windows 95
  • My 1520 is eagerly waiting. But the latest build from two days ago is superb too.... Only one issue so far... Battery goes from like 95 to 0 within 5 minutes and then the phone restarts. Once plugged in to the charger it goes back from 1 to 100 within few minutes. Seems strange Posted from my Lumia 1520 high on Windows 10 Mobile
  • Sounds like you may have a bad battery.
  • Don't think so.... With 8.1 i used to get more than a day of usage just a few months ago. So seems unlikely that battery will go bad so soon Posted from my Lumia 1520 high on Windows 10 Mobile
  • I haven't noticed much difference in my 1520 battery life. That is strange indeed
  • The battery drain is terrible if i use the camera app Posted from my Lumia 1520 high on Windows 10 Mobile
  • Think its battery issue.I too had the same issue months ago when insider build started. Battery went down suddenly. l thought 10 was the culprit. But checked for the battery and relaced it Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile on L1520
  • seems to be a bad battery, the new build for me only drops %2 in 10 hours on standby. over all i get almost 1.5 days usage, i am sure it wil last a week if dont use the phone at all, sim card inserted and wifi enabled.
  • Try a hard reset. I had a battery drain issue with one of the preview builds a while back on my 950, resetting the phone fixed the problem.
  • No, that is a new feature called Rapid Discharge 2.0. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So what's the most anticipated feature for windows mobile other than transparent action centre. Guys what's ur most anticipated feature u think gab is talking about Sent from windows 10 mobile
  • Group calls for skype video :D I just want that one, since the picture and file attachments are there already in redstone. But this is only my. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10, on HP 250 G1 notebook
  • OTG support.
  • I personally don't want a transparent action center. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm also kinda reluctant to have transparent Action Centre for now. The current one is really clean and focused which great for readability. Its not that transparent is bad but I just don't trust Microsoft these days designing UI, especially when regards to aesthetics, even usability. Many of things today in Windows is still rough even in public builds. Also are they going to have transparent only or translucent blur? Transparent only is lighter on resources but depending on transparency level, it can look messy/busy. Blur effect is bit nicer but I'm not so sure how it will impact the performance, I bet it will. Also if it's blurred, it should be more blurry than what we currently have on desktop. The current blur level from desktop is kinda muddy on more complicated looking background/app it covers. The higher blur intensity makes it smoother and more refined. Also having a blur on Action Center is inconsistent on overall UI in W10M. Heck they have yet to make it consistent on current state. Sent from Windows 95
  • Personally, I think it should be a translucent blur to match the W10 desktop, for consistency's sake.
  • They should make desktop more blurry but also make the colors SLIGHTLY more see through. IN MY OPINION.
  • I agree! The current blur we have on Windows 10 still makes it "muddy", things underneath it is still bit visible that it looks messy such as the Action Center. I honestly find it ugly as if there is a patch of smudges or something on the screen.  Making it more blurry similar to what Yosemite did was a better one or even more blurry than that. It's nicer since the colors are more evenly spreadout and it doesn't produces more solid smudges in the background, especially when covering something with text, buttons, windows or anything visually complex. The old blur what we currently have was fine during the Aero Glass days, but its already dated and it really doesn't fit well with flat design which is supposed to be cleaner, stark, and focused. Colors slightly more see through you mean is more transparent?? If that's the case though it's going to be a bit problem because the more transparent it is, the more you sacrifice the visibility and readability, which is a no no in user interaction by principle.
  • That's what I'm thinking to just go with translucent blur for the sake of consistency, only the potential downside left is how Microsoft will optimize it to run smoothly especially on lower-end/older devices.
  • I think they may give the user an option to set the transparency in the future Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I hope they make the phone app faster. Its so damn slow to type in a number and then it appears a few seconds later, also the delete button is so small that you end up swiping right Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • What is your phone? I thought the issue happed on midrange devices only (like my Lumia 920). Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah, I'm on a 720, yes I agree its a 512 ram device but I thought the phone app at least could have been faster :p Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I'd be happy if it worked, I when I type a number that is in my contacts I have to type the full number and only when I dial does it resolve the number. Really !!  
  • For the insiders everytime. Should I join the insiders group now?
  • should've joined ages ago!
  • If your phone is one that shipped with Win 10 and you are willing to live with the bugs listed then go for it.
  • Hm... No, stay right there were you now, it's to stressful for people like you. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 lumia 640xl
  • I can already see the "comments on feedback" going very awry, very quickly. 
  • @nubbikins. You can already leave comments on feedback. It does however count as a vote so if you left a comment disagreeing it looks odd to say the least.
  • I hope that they will improve the discoverability of feedbacks, especially the recent ones. Many of feedbacks left in the dust no matter how good they are because it missed the window where other insiders actively voting/browsing feedbacks. Especially it seems that not alot of Insiders would browse long wall of text with countless of feedbacks. They have to do something about it like have another persistent column showing real-time feedbacks coming. With another portion cycling through previous feedbacks with few to no votes like a suggestions. This way it gives a chance for other feedbacks to be discovered instead of encouraging Insiders to post multiple redundant feedbacks just to be heard. There are some feedbacks I found sometimes that have great ideas without much vote or none at all, because they're buried on countless list of feedbacks. Sent from Windows 95
  • This^. Or the countless ambigous one word or one line feedback posts....
  • I noticed that Preview Ring is no longer an option on my 950XL, just Slow, Fast, and Production (for firmware). Is something amiss here?
  • If you're on a Redstone build, that's probably why
  • ah. That's prob it. Thanks!
  • Please tell me Cortana is fixed in this build!  I never receive announcements that I have incoming texts anymore, nor do I get an opportunity to reply.  This has been broken for the past two builds.  I have always run with Cortana in the "Always On" configuration.  I tested this problem on my wife's 950 as well.  It is consistently broken.
  • Same here! Cortana became mute and useless.
  • I've had issues since the last build with notifications not showing up in the notification center.
  • I get the ringtone for texts and the toast (I don't have any use for the notification center).  I just don't get anything from Cortana...which I rely on completely.
  • Good. What I don't like is the fragmentation of the preview programme. 
  • They should also enable led notification for missed calls
  • as if every windows phone have LED notification.
  • Some models do and they could use the camera flash in others.
  • Finally!!!!! I waited so long for the feedback upvotes and comment thing. Especially the comment. And this indicator in the phone app is a good thing too.
    But I don't see any use of the "move to junk" in the context menu. I setted up one of the swipe actions to do that on my phone, and it's faster than this context menu thing. And on PC there is a junk icon when you move your cursor on the mail. But the hide the message preview can be useful. Not for me, but it can. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10, on HP 250 G1 notebook
  • I have delete for one swipe and reminder flags for the other swipe, so for me the context menu move to junk is pretty useful
  • I like the idea of being able to comment on feedback (I submitted a request for this back when the Feedback app was first launched on PC, lol). It opens the door for people to provide work arounds and fixes to issues others are having. That being said, based on how people get on the forums here on Windows Central, I anticipate that the comments section will often be less valuable, full of BS replies, etc. Here's hoping it works out, though. 
  • Real nice
  • omg that "Feedback Hub" integrated app was a suggestion of mine, if not from others too, in that big survey they did at the end of 2015. I wrote a big feedback with suggestions of what it could be that integrated app, and they seemed to have heard very well. Thank makes me happy because Groove Team also Always hear my feedback too. Keep going on this path, Microsoft.
  • Great update for my Lumia 640. NOT!
  • Microsoft be like "you'll love this new feature"!
    Feature: Oh its not actually, it's an app update we released yesterday
  • where is landscape homescreen?
  • The best part of this build are that Oulook Mail and Calendar will no longer open. Sweet!
  • Now look Android N is already released developer preview for nexus devices and i already like one feature mostly is now you ll be able to use 2 apps side to side
    I thought this feature is coming in windows 10 mobile
    But didn't sent l even got a hint of it
    Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 mobile from Lumia 730
  • Finally insider hub app is coming back
  • While it's nice that we can add more info to issues/feature requests, I have a feeling they're spending too much time on the Insider apps and not enough time on getting my 950XL to stop rebooting randomly (I know, not the same people, but still)
  • I have the same issue on my 950 XL. Hope this build my fix it. Such a joke that I have to be in the insider program on a phone I bought with Windows 10
  • Just noticed the new Live Tile resize animation is here now Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • After the update I notice that my band 2 does not pair with my 950 xl anymore. I had to switch phones until Microsoft fix this problem!
  • My band 2 paired with my 950XL just fine with this new build.
  • I found continuum to be slower or heavier with this Redstone build..had to rollover my phone back...continuum is not so fluid with this build