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Microsoft's Build 2016 developer conference will be held from March 30-April 1

Microsoft has now revealed the dates for the 2016 edition of its Build developer conference. The official Build website has been updated to show that the event will be held from March 30 to April 1 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

The dates are about a month earlier than the Build 2015 conference, which was held from April 29 to May 1. Other than that, the website offers no other information on the event, including no word on when registration for Build 2016 will commence. However, we expect it will be soon since the conference is less than four months away. Microsoft's Build events are usually when the company reveals some major new products and/or updates and this one will likely be no exception.

Source: Build 2016 (opens in new tab)

  • Redstone yay
  • I think build 2014 was also from 30march-april 1 .!! Well hope so Panos has got a surprise for surface phones ( atleast I can hope ;P )
  • Rumors point to a late summer or fall launch (Aug. - Oct.), so it wouldn't make much sense to announce it 3+ months early. Though they will probably drop some hints. 
  • I believe build conference mostly focuses on software side rather than hardwares. Less likely of him presenting here.. But one can hope!
  • Yea, /Build is like Google I/O and Apples dev event. The focus is almost squarely on what the companies are workign on either on a developer site or research side. THey might show off new research hardware, but nothing on a consumer level. 
  • They will probably give us one or two teaser images for the flagship Panos develops. Too much details and the chinese will copy the design and release a phone before October. I do hope they do something like a 750 or an 850 for the enterprise segment.
  • Win10 on 1/4 billion devices.
  • Surface 4?
  • Windows 11?
  • Build is the developer event, so stuff like Apps, OS, Code, Cloud, etc
  • Yea, they don't usually do much in regards of announcing new hardware. The one exception is that Nokia announced the 930 at Build 2014 (in the evening, though). 
  • And WP8.1 was also announced then iirc
  • That's software, though. /Build is focused around software and development news. So it makes sense for WP8.1 to be announced at /Build. 
  • Can't wait
  • Yahoo windows 10 story is over bring on another half baked os....
  • May be you are right, in most of instances MS has done the same thing.
  • April 1st is the perfect day for Nadella to speak.
  • Lol that's rude tho !
  • Exactly! ;)
  • Its the release date of Windows 9.
  • Bring it ON L750 and L850.
  • They might do one of those as the business focused device. But, I doubt they will do both. Most likely a 750 and 750XL or 850 and 850XL. 
  • This! And the L955 with L925 design and bigger display.
  • With their focus on 3 categories (budget, business, and flagship), I don't imagine they'll release more than one flagship type (i.e. 950 & 950XL, Surface Phone & Surface Phone XL) per year. Releasing a flagship ~6 after the 950 & 950XL, would detour potential sales a few months later of the Surface Phone. 
  • Can none developers be invited to attend the event? I'm of no importance, not an app developer or anything. Just a simple guy who enjoys Microsoft. Could people like me be invited?
  • Anyone can register but expect to pay more than $1000.
  • WOAH! What's the cost for?
  • Developer sessions, certifications, freebie hardware. Most professional conferences have a steep cost, this being no exception(it's not really an event directed to fans)
  • THere are a few reasons for the price tag (which I think is usually closer to $2k ~ $3k): 1) This is a developer conference, so you're partially paying for developer sessions. 2) Putting a price tag on developer events like this (and others like Google I/O) ensure that those who say they will attend, will actually attend. Otherwise you risk having a bunch of people say yes, occupying a slot, and then not showing up. 3) These events are pretty expensive, and even though companies like Microsoft and Google have plenty of money to spare, charging a fee (even if it doesn't actualyl cover the costs) helps prevent investor uproar. Bonus) they almost always toss in gifts, like a free phone (not something just released or unreleased) and/or a computer or tablet. Last year everyone walked away with an HP Spectre. 
  • It's not free to rent out giant convention halls for multiple days at a time, especially in a popular city like San Francisco.  That cost goes up fast, and that's before miseclaenous expenses get factored in (which can add up).
  • Yea, that's before factoring in the cost of flying in all these differnt Microsoft developers, project managers, and execs, plus the cost of hotel. THen factor in the cost of everything they have to ship to San Francisco (hardware, displays, etc.). Ultimaitely though, I think the price tag is more about preventing investors from freaking out. I don't imagine the ticket sales cover the entire cost of the event. 
  • You're off by about $1000. Build 2013 was over $2000 a peson (or $955 if you are a student). But yes, to answer the OP, anyone can buy a ticket.  However, i aren't a developer, then you really won't get anything out of going except for maybe half of the opening keynote (the big idea portions, not the coding portions), so you might as well watch that one event from the livestream they have in the comformt of your own home/workplace.
  • Yea, if you're not going as a developer, and wont be sitting in on the sessions or attempting to network with the dev teams, than it really isn't worth going. Also, if you do go, just as a fan, and not for the dev sessions, you're using a ticket that could have been used by someone that would have gotten value out of the event and sessions. 
  • Technically, I am correct since $2000 is over $1000. :P But you are also correct that $2000 is more accurate.
  • Typically, no one is invited (at laest that's my understanding). Everyone has a chance to purchase a ticket when they go up for sale. YOu could certainly try to buy a ticket, but they usually sell out within an hour or two. 
  • Yeah I would just be going as a fan. I was lucky to be invited to the after party in New York. I love Microsoft and am always interested in what's going on. I'll be sure to simply watch the keynote.
  • Pahle window 10 to bana lo
  • Surface phone, or windows 10 mobile to other mobiles.. No signs of release in December as expected:(
  • Build 2016! What will it be this time?
  • They will announce the release date of Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Wow that's not fair. I want W 10 phone to be released before January 1st
  • This year hope they actually announce apps that put the Windows 10 os on par with competition.
  • So more coming soon, right? /s
  • Wtf!!! Windows XI :P(~.^)
  • Let me guess more official universal apps will be announced but then never released.
  • Or Redstone ??
  • Microsoft has to convince developers this time to build apps for windows 10 uw apps. By the time of build I must expect good official apps arrive for the consumers.
  • Can't wait for hololens and room alive
  • This year MS had an event on 21 Jan, is their anything similar to that in 2016
  • That was more or less a Windows 10 Consumer & Devices event. I wouldn't expect another one to pop-up in January. They will probably hold off and include the content in /Build. 
  • March? Anyone remember the MIX conferences?