Hexzul, a Windows Phone 8 puzzle game that may drive you crazy

Hexzul is a fairly new Windows Phone 8 puzzle game that may kick you to the curb. The game has a Tetris feel to it with a little bit of a Tempest appearance.

Hexzul is a matching game that has thousands of levels to tackle and puzzles to solve. The game pace quickens as you advance, increasing the challenge to the point of almost being frustrating.

If you are looking for a fast pace game that will test your skills of logic, observation and speed Hexzul may just fit the bill.

Hexzul's main menu greets you with options to view other free games from the developer, view the help screen with tutorial, access the Hexzul Shop for in-app purchases, access the game's settings and play the game.

Hexzul Menu

The Shop has in-app purchases for extra live, extra hints, and bonus levels. Settings deal with sound/music on or off and difficulty levels (easy, hard, and insane).

The goal of the game is to match the puzzle shape ascending towards you by combining game pieces that line the side of the screen. Once you match the shape, you send it down the shaft and advance to the next level.

The game screen has the available puzzle pieces you can use to match the oncoming shape lining the sides of the screen. Up top is your score and below is your lives and level indicators.


Gaming controls line the bottom of the screen that include rotating the top most puzzle piece, drop your match down the shaft, and swap the bottom puzzle piece with the top so you can rotate it. You also have a hint button (looks like a battery) that will help you along the way if you get stumped.

To match the oncoming shape just tap and drag a puzzle piece from the sides of the screen to the center playing area. Rotate as necessary and add additional pieces as necessary. If you need to remove a piece, just tap and drag it to the trash can icon that sits at the top of the screen.


Hexzul's game play starts out a little on the slow side to help you get the hang of things. But it quickly picks up in speed.I think one aspect of Hexzul that keeps it interesting is that one puzzle will be super easy, the next one almost impossible to solve, then the next moderately difficult. The game keeps you on your toes.

Some of the shapes that you have to match can be tough to distinguish the individual parts. While things do come into better focus the closer the shape approaches, that puts you under the gun time wise to solve the puzzle.

I wouldn't mind seeing the colors of each puzzle piece being a little more distinguishable but that may make the game too easy. Overall, Hexzul is a challenging, somewhat addictive game for Windows Phone 8.

Hexzul is a free game for your Windows Phone 8 device that you can pick up here in the Windows Phone Store.

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