A few weeks ago we demonstrated the updated version of Hey Dj!a voice-controlled app for Windows Phone that handles your music.

The original version of the app won accolades from us for being creative and filling in a gap in the OS, namely voice control of your music library.  The app worked by simply launching it, pressing a virtual button and telling it what you wanted to hear. You could say things like the artist, song title, album or even a playlist...

Version 2.0 of the app just hit the Store and features new voice command features for Windows Phone 8. Now, instead of launching the app and barking out your commands, you can simply hold down the Windows key and tell it what you want to hear [Tip: head into Settings --> Speech to enable it from the Lock screen].

The commands are simple: “Hey DJ!....play <insert artist here>” is all you need to say and off it goes to do your bidding.  From our usage, we’ve had much better luck than the other WP8 voice app out there, UrbanSpoon, which never hears what we ask. Anyway, Hey Dj! is a solid music companion app. We're not sure why Microsoft did not include voice commands for music in Windows Phone 8 but at least one developer is picking up the slack (and doing an admirable job at it too).

Pick up Hey DJ! here in the Store for $1.49. If you’ve previously bought the app there is no re-purchase.