Hey, look: More Windows Mobile 6.5.3 on the Xperia X2, Pharos Traveler 137

Stopped back by the Microsoft booth at CES after our recent encounter with Windows Mobile 6.5.3 on the Toshiba TG01, and, sure enough, there's more lurking around. The Pharos Traveler 137's got it (Build 28005.5.3.0). And right next door was the Sony Ericsson Xperia X2, and it had 6.5.3 as well, though it's so heavily skinned with the Panels interface that you can't tell at first glance.

Two more phones with possible upgrades on the way.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Oh, even newer builds are in use already. Yup, I'm like, 99% sure that MS will release this update at MWC to start off the show now.
  • This builds looks good and compares well with android 2.1 IMHO... I wish they would order the softkeys better on the bar though. They should be uniform sizes and centered on the bar. It look's funny with odd sizes and should start in the center and grow outward.
  • Oh its a "phone" really? and we are idiots? Nice. It is is phone why isn't it $99 or free after rebate? Oh right, it is a $600 to $700 smartphone. A convergence device. BTW can you 8MP cannon upload your pics to Facebook a few seconds like this can? no? hmmm. Can that Cannon email a video right after taking it to anyone including to another smart phone owner? No? Can your cannon record the GPSP location of the pictures it takes? no. Are you an "idiot" to buy a phone that works as an mp3 player? An idiot to buy a phone that has GPS? Are you an "idiot" to use this "phone" for email and web surfing when you have laptop? I am sure you are asking yourself why this "phone" has a keyboard. More precisely, the only "idiot" here is you -- why are you here reading about a massively multifunctional device when you just want a "phone?"