Holland's Yellowbrick parking service launches Windows Phone app

Yellowbrick, the largest online city car parking service in Holland, has just launched its new Windows Phone app, after previously offering iOS and Android apps.

Parking a car is a rather big deal in Holland, and this app has been designed to quickly give its users a way to pay for their parking space remotely. There's also a way to find free parking locations from within the app, along with updated news about new parking spots and more.

If you live in Holland, what do you think about the Yellowbrick app making its Windows Phone debut Thanks to Rob for the tip!


QR: YellowBrick

John Callaham
  • Never heard of it, good news though. :D
  • Never used it yet. Never needed it, though...
  • Finally! Yellow brick is intensively used by business men on the Road. They now have one more reason to go for a Wp. All we need now is a Microsoft marketing campaign so that they know there is something like a windows phone!
  • Why don't you use parkmobile? it's cheaper and is available for a long time on windows phone
  • Just nitpicking, but Holland is a region in The Netherlands. When you're talking about the country "Holland", the correct name would be The Netherlands.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eE_IUPInEuc
  • Still, all Dutch people yell "Hup Holland" themselves when they cheer for their national football team. I don't know why people keep nitpicking about this. Holland is a nickname for The Netherlands just like America is a nickname for the USA. No need to bother foreigners with boring information about how it's technically incorrect. Who cares.   Great addition to the Dutch app selection though!
  • I live in The Netherlands and I say you're right ;)
  • Na man sorry, not gonna work. Holland sounds primitive and it decludes the rest of the country.
  • sorry for off topic
    John sir, does your lumia 925 overheats ??
    i've bought a lumia 925 a month ago and it has got ton of problems- faulty display, broken power button, ovvvver heating, occasionally becomes unresponsive. so i gave it back to nokia care and i'm asking a lumia 830 as a replacement. if they don't give me a 830 then i've to stick with 925 !!
    i see you and george use lumia 925 all the time. don't you get any of the problems with your devices?? like over heating etc?? what's your personal opinion on lumia 925 as a work device.?  
  • Offtopic indeed, but ehm, I also have a Lumia 925 and it's fine. sometimes it gets quite hot (when playing games usually), but other then that it's a good smartphone. I don't have any of those other problems you described.
  • The Netherlands * for God's sake... I'm from Brabant, which is a region in the Netherlands, and saying we're from Holland is a mistake bc we share more with the Belgians than with those people.
  • Cheese?
  • Cheese is something we do share, although it's not as present here as when I go to other parts of the country. Btw, I have to come back on what I said. What I said is true but I was in a rush and made it look exagerated :) Culturally and linguistically we share more with the Belgians but apart from that we're Dutch; we feel either Brabantian or Dutch. Brabant is an overlapping area also exceeding into large parts of Belgium so that's why, although they're not as proud of it as we are.
  • Eindhoven de gekste ;)
  • It's just that no-one really cares about the non-Holland parts of the country. And rightfully so.
  • That reasoning is the exact reason why the belgians split up.
  • Already was a Windows Phone app. Got this from the tv commercials
  • Thank you for the info WpCentral, it's very usefull! :) (I live in Holland)
    Is there any alternative in other countries?
  • Dutch apps are allways welcome.
  • We (the Dutch) already had parkmobile, different app with the same functionality for years. I will support them, for being first on WP!
  • Parkmobile, another parking payment service in the Netherlands have been offering a Windows Phone app since WP7. Been using it a long time. But I will compare prices, to see of a switch should offer me more.
  • Yeah a little too late for Yellowbrick. I wrote them countless times concerning the lack of a WP app. Took em verrrry long. I left their services to join the better Park Mobile, since they supported WP from the early beginnings.
  • Can you use park mobile on the same locations as yellow brick and vica versa? Or are there parking lots you can use only one of them?;
  • It depends on the contracts that Yellowbrick, Parkmobile and others make with the parking lot owners (mostly local government like cities). In most cases the parking lot owners give most if not all access.
  • At least the parking in the various cities is the same. Park mobile and yellow brick are just apps which register your parking action. Once asked a parking inspector (or however you call it in English) and he had this mobile terminal where he could check based on license plate if you 'checked' in. He could check both park mobile and yellow brick data. Depending on city they either check on license plate or a card(from parkmobile) behind your windscreen. Unfortunately many cities still don't use this fantastic system and require coins or chipknip (chargeable chip on bankcard)...
  • afaik I have never seen a place which was available with yellow brick and was not on parkmobile. If there are zones, I can use parkmobile. (I'm from brabant)
  • Ok, then i give first love to park mobile being there for wp for such a long time
  • In store i only see parkmobile from park mobile usa. Is that the app which can be used in the Netherlands?
  • That's The Netherlands, thank you very much. There is no country called Holland. There's a North and a South Holland both of which are provinces within The Netherlands. But I guess it would be too far fetched to ask for your average 'journalist' to know this.. Or would it?!
  • Holland is used in sports. The country itself is called The Netherlands. But, who cares? Holland, The Netherlands, we know who they mean.
  • Fact is: It's called The Netherlands, not Holland.
    You can say what you want, but the name in the article is wrong.
  • Pff.. i have another fact for everyone here complaining: They also say that if there is something to complain about, the Dutch are the First to do so, even if it is about nothing. Grow up.. i feel ashamed for being a Dutchie when i read those comments...
  • Great! The more the merrier. Though a bit late for me as Park Mobile has a WP app now for a while. Bit maybe I'll give it a try. Funny, thinking of it, being the first app on WP is a cheap and effective way of getting new customers and taking care the other companies do not tie them up. Park Mobile did that with for a lot of WP users.