HoloStudio, RoboRaid and ActionGram HoloLens listings appear in the Windows Store, but you can't download them yet

Looks like some of the first HoloLens app and game titles are near. HoloStudio, the app which will help create, share and 3-D print your own holograms, has been spotted in the Windows Store, but unfortunately, you can't download it just yet. You'll be able to create something original with ease through the app, as long as you can imagine it you should be able to design it.

In addition to HoloStudio, listings for RoboRaid and Actiongram have also been spotted.

Actiongram, unfortunately, doesn't include an app description, but RoboRaid is described as "defend your home from a robot invasion in this mixed reality first-person shooter." None of the store links are working just yet, but you can try to copy and paste the links below into your browser and the store should load the listings for you.

All of these titles were announced with the HoloLens Development Edition earlier this week and they should be shipping by the end of the month for developers to begin testing and creating.

We tried RoboRaid (aka Project X-Ray) last year at E3 and came away impressed. You can read Daniel Rubino's thoughts about the game right here for more info.

Source: WalkingCat (Twitter)

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