HOT Watch announces support for Windows Phone, smartwatch app coming late June

We're pretty jealous of our friends with Android smartphones and iPhones who get all the wearable love. Slowly, but surely, Windows Phone is gaining support for smartwatches and fitness trackers. Those of you really wanting a smartwatch might want to check out the HOT Watch from PH Technical Labs. They recently announced a partnership with Microsoft and have stated that a Windows Phone app is currently in development.

There are four HOT Watch models available for you to pick up, each targeting a different price point. The Basic HOT Watch comes in at $179.55 on the low-end, while the Curve HOT Watch carries the high-end at $236.55. In between is the Edge HOT Watch at $208.05 and the Classic HOT Watch at $208.05.

The models seem to have similar functionality, but just differ in aesthetics. With a HOT Watch you're able to make private calls, use it as a speakerphone, view caller ID, have various dial faces, receive and reply to messages (SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter), receive global notifications (WhatsApp, Viber, etc), find your phone with remote beep, view your steps with the built-in pedometer and more.

You can pre-order a HOT Watch at their website The watch is expected to ship sometime next month in June, with the Windows Phone app coming out June 30.

Anyone thinking of getting a smartwatch?

Source: PR Newswire

Sam Sabri
  • Finally there...
  • I saw this article earlier in the week. Guess I should have tipped off wpcentral about it.
  • If the Razer Nabu gets support for WP, I'll get one...
  • Same, I'm really excited for it and would actually consider one if they support WP.
  • When Nabu comes out and when it supports it!! I love the Nabu as well, but no date in sight. Last I heard they were doing additional tests to make sure it does not have the same skin reaction Fitbit Flex had.
  • I would like to see what Microsoft comes out with
  • That is if they actually release a smartwatch in a timely manner. I'm sure they'll be late to the party as usual, though...
  • "timely manner"?  They're already half a year late!
  • Exactly, they SHOULD have one out by now, but they don't, so I'm just hoping we'll get one in the next three months or so.
  • Actually MS were extremely early to the party (in the form of the spot smart watch) but no one was there so they left and now they are "late"...
  • MS has been that way with a lot of products. Point is, they're late to THIS party, the party that matters right now, and it's only going to hurt them.
  • Saw an article from Forbes about that today.
  • Hope there will be a Lumia watch soon....
  • That would be nice.
  • I'm not seeing a compelling reason for these. Samsung is ahead with the integrated fitness features. That's what I want. Not some thing that is going to make me look almost as dorky as those who wear those Bluetooth ear pieces
  • samsung's fitness features are half baked and mostly worthless as is typical samsung fashion. if motorla can deliver on their 360 that's the smartwatch that i think is the forerunner.   hopefully microsoft can come up with something similar to the android wear platform
  • Waiting on my Kreyos Meteor. Hopefully not too much longer.
  • Finally gave up on mine and requested a refund. Those guys have been shady with their updates from day one. Got a bad feeling about them.
  • Kairos FTW. These kiddo watches are not my fashion taste.
  • Cool. These are VERY nice watches for those that haven't checked them out.
  • I wonder if the Nismo watch will support WP?
  • I want a Cortana-centric watch from Microsoft. I'm not sure exactly what I even mean by that or what features it would entail, but I think finding some way to integrate a personal assistant into a smartwatch could be really cool.
  • They seem to be handy, but not fashionable at all.
  • I still don't see any benefit of having a smartwatch at this point. They aren't there yet
  • What would they need to be able to do to "be there".
  • I feel the same way as Clavitox. These feel like Nokia 3310 and look what happened to the phone now. I think the evolution with watches will be faster, especially when Apple will release one. But now this is complete mess of chaos, like Pocket PC, a lot of features, and none works well.
  • Under $99 would be nice start.
  • I think the biggest revolution the tech world needs right now is improvement in battery life - and by that I mean smartphones that last a week on a charge and smartwatches that last months, if not years on a single battery (like regular watches we have today). That would be the one thing that drives people towards smartwatches - we already have far too many things we need to plug into a charger every 12 hrs without adding one more to the list...
  • I'm not interested in an e paper watch. I would have already gotten a pebble. The wait continues. I think it's taking far too long for these companies to get their watches out in the market.
  • I totally have my eye on a smartwatch. Unfortunately I dropped the cash on the AGENTWatch kickstarter which is woefully late (supposed to have it Dec 2013, currently targeting Aug 2014). Wish I could get my money back, but not a possibility on Kickstarter and with all the new tech coming out nobody wants to buy my reward either. :(
  • Same for me with Kreyos. Campaign ended last summer, initial ship date targeted for mid-November. First batch of watches still haven't shipped from China and probably won't for another 6 weeks. Finally gave up and requested my money back. It's really made me gun shy of backing any more of these indie startups.
  • Was it on kickstarter and did you actually get your money back? Everybody that's requested money back from AGENT got the "your contribution was a contribution to the project, the watch is a reward. contributions are non-refundable" - it also says this in the Kickstarter TOS, unfortunately.
  • Nope, it was Indiegogo. They have to offer refunds if requested.
  • Hm, then ThingCharger isn't abiding by that rule. I requested a refund from them a while back and was told No on the same grounds that Kickstarter uses. do you have a link to the "have to" stipulation? see first sentence here:
  • The 4th one looks good
  • Whats the difference between the models? Just cosmetics? Will the WP app have all the same functions that is described above?
  • Anyone want to buy my pebble so I can get one of these? :)
  • Cool
  • Tech junk, still don't see any need for this crapware
  • Then you're obviously not in their target demographic. Lots of people find these very handy for notifications when they don't want to be rude and pull their phone out in the middle of business meetings or classes just to see who's buzzing them. Doesn't mean it's "junk" just because you don't personally have a use case for it.
  • Ugly looking watch on my wrist is a turn off..... Don't see the benefit in this tech...seems a marketing gimmick to extract more money from gullible buying public.
  • This is good for the WP community on whole, but the fact that the watch comes out in June and the date of the app's release is the *last day* of June gives me little confidence we'll see the app in the alotted timeframe; if at all. June is when WP8.1 is going to hit, and they should have all those bits. So in essence they should have the app working on the platform as soon as there's a watch for it to play with - which i'm sure they already have. The underlying message here is that they have the WP app at the bottom of their to-do list. this means the iOs and Android apps and their bugs & features will be taking priority.
  • I got a pebble, and took it back because of the lack of full support and only kinda-sorta support through third-party efforts. 
  • Id like to see something like what swap made instead of just limiting it to just bt connections
  • I am keenly interested in the new smart watches since the original series of Microsoft/Timex watches are no longer available. My USB Ironman is on its last legs, and my original late 90's predecessors are long dead.
    It would be great to see the true inventor (Microsoft) make a winning product instead of having the Johnny for lately guys at Apple get all of the success.
    Unfortunately, most of modern tech success seems to be more about fandom, fad, and group think than about objectivity, function or innovation.
    Apple will probably win out again, but I can dream, can't I?
  • Unfortunately, tech is driven by two things:
    1. Fads
    2. Visionaries who say, "You guys have no idea what you want, so I'm gonna show it to you!" The Samsung watch/fitness thing/phone companion thing is an example of the first. Apple, the second.
    Not wanting to sound like a fanboy, one must admit Apple got it right with iPods a long time ago, then with the iPhone, and then with the iPad. I really hope Apple comes out with a "this-is-how-you-do-smartwatches" device and the industry (cough*Microsoft*cough) catches up and brings out a killer WP device.
  • Me me me !!! Cortana always there on my left hand ;)