HOT Watch announces support for Windows Phone, smartwatch app coming late June

We're pretty jealous of our friends with Android smartphones and iPhones who get all the wearable love. Slowly, but surely, Windows Phone is gaining support for smartwatches and fitness trackers. Those of you really wanting a smartwatch might want to check out the HOT Watch from PH Technical Labs. They recently announced a partnership with Microsoft and have stated that a Windows Phone app is currently in development.

There are four HOT Watch models available for you to pick up, each targeting a different price point. The Basic HOT Watch comes in at $179.55 on the low-end, while the Curve HOT Watch carries the high-end at $236.55. In between is the Edge HOT Watch at $208.05 and the Classic HOT Watch at $208.05.

The models seem to have similar functionality, but just differ in aesthetics. With a HOT Watch you're able to make private calls, use it as a speakerphone, view caller ID, have various dial faces, receive and reply to messages (SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter), receive global notifications (WhatsApp, Viber, etc), find your phone with remote beep, view your steps with the built-in pedometer and more.

You can pre-order a HOT Watch at their website The watch is expected to ship sometime next month in June, with the Windows Phone app coming out June 30.

Anyone thinking of getting a smartwatch?

Source: PR Newswire

Sam Sabri