How to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 Mobile

If you enter a word in the Microsoft Edge address bar on Windows 10 Mobile, the browser shows search results from Bing. If you prefer a different search engine, you can change it in the settings. For example, we'll show you how to change the default search engine to Google.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge and go to the search engine's website. For example, go to
  2. Tap the three dots on the lower right corner > Settings > View advanced settings
  3. Tap the change button under Search in the address bar with
  4. Choose Google and tap Set as default

That's it! Now, Microsoft Edge shows results from Google instead of Bing whenever you search using the address bar. You can add other search engines as well, but Microsoft says only search providers that support the OpenSearch standard will appear in the list. If you are having issues with a search engine appearing in the list, try changing the Website preference to the desktop version.

Need to change the default search engine on Microsoft Edge for your Windows 10 PC or tablets? The steps are almost the same:

How to change Microsoft Edge's default search engine in Windows 10

Are you keeping Bing as your default search engine, or will you be changing it to something else? Let us know in the comments!

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Why would I want to get scroogled?
  • Exactly
  • Don't forget Bing rewards
  • Bing Rewards? hahaha, you muricans are so funny.
  • No point. Edge is great. Google is way too annoying. All Microsoft offerings are much easier to navigate and use with better data.
  • But bing isn't good that's t ppl still prefer google. If your in US then its good only for u.
  • I use Bing every single day, I live in Mexico and for me works great :)
  • No.
  • Because Bing sucks compared to google.. Bing doesn't have nearly as much search data implemented in it to match google. I hate google as a company but their search engine they built and started off of is second to none.
  • Sucks? I use Bing as my daily search engine and I haven't had any issues. There's things Bing can do that google doesn't such as provide tracking info directly on Bing (without having to go to ups, FedEx or usps). Bing works and it's integrated with everything I use. Maps street view is the only thing I would say that google tops bing hands down. Don't like the extra steps on bing
  • All what you said is just available in the USA, rest of the world is lame, not even a personalized country web page. I still use it but someday I'll be changing if Bing stucks how it is now.
  • Bing does not suck, actually I find that it retures better results in my experience.
  • I prefer Bing for the US/English searches for things like public figures, movies, products etc, where it's an awesome search engine. The results listing is great and comprehensive and often I don't even need to click any further to find the information I needed. This is like 95% of what I search for, so I want Bing to be my default search engine. However for more obscure things, or phrases, or items/names outside the US, Google crushes Bing, sadly. Many times Bing can't find something and Google finds it right away. For these things, I always go to Google still. This is rare though.
  • But by using Google, you prop up the evil empire built on your data and actions. Remember, these hucksters cooked up a new company to own Google just to escape their "do no evil" edict that they already ignored. In the words of James T. Kirk: DON'T belive them. DON'T trust them.
  • Bing doesn't suck anymore.  For historical or static information, Bing is as just good as Google.  The Bing ux is more gratifying too. Where Google beats Bing is in up to the minute changes or local area searches.  Google is scary good sometimes.
  • Stop saying things you cannot measure entirely. NO Bing is not "as just good as Google". No, it is maybe in US or UK, but for ALL non-english speaking country (that by the way DO EXIST: hello there ! There are other countries !) Bing just sucks. And it suck a lot ! Like try putting a sentence with 3 words and you get non-sense results all over the page.
  • Stop lying, you love google... I will bing you Crosby.
  • Because we're not that stupid to say Bing is greater when it really isn't
  • Thank you
  • You're aware not everyone uses Google right? I use DuckDuckGo Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Google is literally light-years ahead of Bing in searching, no point dick riding Microsoft, I used to think Bing can handle everyday use just fine, but I was wrong, google search is way better.
  • I did put Bing as my default on Firefox. Works just like Google, except image search where google is way better!! I'm all for supporting Bing. Would've been better if he had Bing rewards here in India
  • Exactly my thoughts. I still have to use google for image searches. Rest all is fantastic with bing. Bing rewards for India, more like a dream :\
  • I am from India too. Bing was next to useless some one year back. But for the past 6 months or so, they are better. They improved a lot all of a sudden. Really a lot. I am using bing for most of the time now. But a few times, I still go to google because of some advance search. And I also found that in some cases, Bing gives better results than Google. I compared search results based on tech some time back and I got the right result in top of page 1 whereas he got it in the bottom of page 1. Still in terms of image search and maps, Google is way better. Commute is one thing where Google is far better. Hopefully it will change in the future.
  • First of all don't ever disrespect Kobe like that by using his name lol.. Bing is not bad at all, I haven't had any problems searching for what I wanted, I personally saw Bing maps out perform Google maps. So does that mean Bing is better, no because GM been around a lot longer & is a little bit better but BM is not far behind at all. Lol just saying.
  • Google blows because it's Google. F Google.
  • They also miles ahead in stacking your search with advertising, giving you annoying pop ups reminding you to switch to chrome, and generally snobbing windows users with the UWP platform. If that's how you like to be treated as a customer, be my guest. 
  • ya know right!
  • +10000000000
  • There are more than two search engines, you know? There are search engines like Duckduckgo or Startpage which don't collect all your data like Google or Bing.
  • Fanboys :)
  • Too many predictable children on this site nowadays. 
  • Yep, I miss the WP7 days on this site.
  • Finally back to google on edge WP. As much as I love Bing, it's search result is not on par with google. Definitely not using Bing outside US.
  • Lol, it shows google play for me
  • Bing, yea definitely Bing.
  • Doesn't work for me to change to discover google.
  • Try changing to desktop version in settings.
  • Did it for me, funny. Thanks.
  • Tnx for a tip. It worked this way. With mobile just wouldn't reckognize google.
  • Close all tabs. Now go to ""
    Now open the settings>advanced>change search provider> now u will be able to see google. Select and set as default.
  • Using Bing since 2013 everywhere without any issue ..but do double check in google sometime...but so far happy with Bing , so no thanks google
  • Ditto, no issues in Bing using for search in India!
  • Tracking protection on it not yet?
  • It's there since a very long time
  • Ugh why use evil google on a Windows Phone???
  • Google only brings about viruses and cookies... Bing filters that sh*t
  • Google may give a wider spectrum on search results... But at least Bing stays on topic within it's bounds
  • Lol. I think that's the stupidest comment here. The only thing that Bing is good at is suggesting nonsense search results and heaps of unrelated ads.
  • Sure, if you're not invested in it... =s
  • That really is amusing considering google search results are currently almost more ads than organic. 
  • Bing doesn't find anything here in brazil. Google is way better than bing.
  • Você conseguiu alterar?
  • I live in Mexico and 6 months ago Bing local was pretty bad, they have improved a lot, I'm sure Bing Brazil will improve in a few months.  But if you wish, you can still change Bing country settings so that the Bing USA is used as default.  
  • Is the PornHub search engine an option?
  • If it supports OpenSearch as mentioned in the article then yes, if not no. Simple.
  • How about the International Milf Database?
  • Not for build 10549 I guess. But a much needed guide. Thanks. Was sick of Bing.
  • Is for have option Microsoft is a mature company no the childless google aptitude
  • Non sequitur...query: Translation malfunction ERROR. :(
  • Hahaha that's it's
  • Is this only on the latest build?
  • Yup
  • Ditched Google in 2012. Surprisingly, haven't missed it at all. Non US here, I would imagine it is even better in the US. If only there was a YouTube alternative, then I could have ZERO google in my life.
  • For some reasons one can,choose Vimeo but there's less content on it.
  • Yes, I am a vimeo premium subscriber.  But just like you said, the content just isn't there.  It isn't mainstream enough.  It is more of a community of artists and filmmakers rather than general public. 
  • I still laugh when people compare Google search vs Bing, the answer is pretty obvious..
  • I still laugh when people act like Bing is still in 2009, when it has gotten better and
    Works well for a lot of people.
  • I haven't used Google search for 5 years, and I can say Bing is much more effective than Google search today, also I hate to see that ugly white background google search window everytime I open the app, Bing on the othe side puts a nice image everyday.
  • Gabriel, I haven't used Google as my default for a very long while either. It's interesting the way you phrased your statement though. If you haven't used Google in five years, how do you know Bing is just as effective? I'm getting on your case about it. I Luke Bing better also, but I no linger use Google on a daily basis. It's only when I don't have a choice when using someone else's device for instance. So this goes both ways, those that haven't used Bing at all, can't say it "sucks" or is only good for this or that. They are just giving their experience of typing in "cats on pizza", not finding the same result as when they searched it on Google (which might not actually be better) and then going "Ugh, this sucks! Back to Google!"
  • How can you say Bing is more effective than Google if you haven't used Google for five years?
  • He is probably saying that he did not have any reason to switch back to goggle, as such bing is effective for him. Do you know how many people use google as default since last 10 years and would tell you today that bing is bad and they have not tried the new bing in the last five years. How is he different from them by his experience?
  • Bing is great in the US. It could be better at searching MS community and for OS version specific help topics.
  • exactly. cuz they never tried Bing since 2008, it is much better now..
  • Bing.
  • No option of google. Wtf
  • I use moslty bing all the time but Microsoft's bing team should consider expanding themselves to different countries quickly. Need UI changes to Bing search results too on the web. Search of fail to maps results sometimes. But when searched on the maps application gives me the result. These things need to be improved.
  • I understand the need to use Google internationally but here in US, Bing is a fairly good service when compared to Google. I even say its on par with Google in US but outside US, its a different story. MS needs to throw some of its weight around and shore up its search service, specially since its becoming profitable. I'm a Windows phone user and been one since 2012 & 920 and never plan to go back to any other platform (Well till MS fails at it). But, if i ever do, then it will be iOS because "Siri" is powered by Bing. One thing i grudgingly admit though, Google's Map offering is way better than Bing's Map offering. Thats mainly because millions of  Android powered in the wild serving as geo-tagging devices. Also, Google works its butt off to get Map data. On the other hand, Bing is not doing enough to get Map data and Map almost all the time has old data. MS should buy Waze's competitor and use its data for real time traffic update as current traffic data is useless.
  • It's HERE that needs to step up its game...Nokia acts like they got it on lockdown but they really need to get aggressive like Google... =[
  • Nokia doesn't own HERE any longer. HERE was sold to a consortium of German automakers. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Only recently saw them finally trying to deliver local results in canada ie. searching for products with results listing Canadian retailers.
    I still occasionally use for the odd thing
  • I LOATHE that Bing tries to hard to be "smart" about what I'm searching for. I miss being able to put phrases in quotes, which would bring up EXACTLY what I need. It hasn't done that in forever. Now, the only reason I use Bing is for the Rewards points.
  • *too
  • Sweet, Bing always enacts retarded parental controls in my country regardless of context.
  • Can i replace search button to google from bing ?
  • not yet
  • If Microsoft integrates with Google, then Google needs to pay a monthly fee if they want Microsoft to put a competitive platform on Windows Mobile, just my opinion.  I'm not expert, but I'm sure Google pays Samsung a lot of cash to put that Google widget bar instead of a Bing bar.
  • Use Bing so it will become better. Hopefully.
  • Please put Google as default search engine on Lumia devices, but in exchange Google needs to pay Microsoft $100 million per month for free advertising on a competitive platform (Android).  BTW, I can't wait to get Cortana in Mexico in Christmas, I'm probably going to get a Lumia 640XL since the 950XL is not available in my country. Can't wait for Windows 10 mobile launch. 
  • This article is very uninformative. From which build is this available? Not on my Edge for example.
  • I will not change bing. Its great
  • I have no issues with Bing. If I want to try Google on something, its easy enough to type and go there. The only time I've had the need in years was when I was trying find my kids' school website. They had recently moved it and Bing was still pointing to the old address, but Google had it. I'm guessing they registered the new site with Google and not Bing. Not much Bing can do about that.
  • Some businesses out there are aggressive with getting places on that "Google Hotness" like its cool...I get too many calls at work from these people, I'm like "I don't care what Google says..." =\
  • Yeah, if you own a business, you can register it with the search engines to be sure people can pick it up right away. Most people who build a website or start a business will immediately register it with Google. Not everyone thinks to let Bing or Yahoo or any of the others know about your site.
  • Thank you for not making Bing mandatory Microsoft. There is no substitute for Google Search, peroid.
  • I don't need to know this. If I wanted google ide buy an android
  • Sooooooooo, ignore the article?  That is an option, right?
  • Can't get this to work, even with desktop version selected and cache cleared. Not looking to change from Bing as default, just trying the option.
  • i stuck with bing because of the point system ... i just convert the points to $5 amazon ... and if i dont find what i am searching for i put a shortcut on my home screen
  • I'm in the US, Bing Rewards for the win!!! I'll be collecting my $5 Windows gift card today!
  • Could you please indicate in your article that Edge needs to be set-up in desktop mode for rendering the websites? I have seen that in the comments, it works that way, but if you try to do it with Edge on "mobile version" it doesn't work at all. Still, thanks for the guide.
  • i would but rewards
  • +++++
  • Maybe it's just me who doesn't get appropriate result in Bing search. Bing is still my browser homepage, I love it and I really love seeing those images on the homepage. But I hardly get the required stuff on the first few results, where as in Google, I always get what I want in top 4 or 5 results.
  • So can I finally change the default search engine to ask Jeeves?
  • Only works on 10572? Not showing up for me in10549
  • Bloorrppp* Sorry I just threw up all over my beautiful HP Spectre x360 =s
  • Only there in build 10572+
  • This tip I have sent to you a week ago!
  • This setting is not available for Microsoft edge version 20.10536..may be available for 10572+builds...some best tips for google search available at and
  • Eww. I would not touch google with a barge-pole
  • I will give Bing 3/5 star. In a sentence if I misspell one word Bing will search all other words but ignore that. Same with single word, misspell it and you wont see anything most of the time. Google at least gives "did you mean" hint more often
  • Any idea when new build will be released
  • Why use an inferior option when the best solution is native?
  • Against better judgement I probably should change to google since bing is pretty crap in sweden. Its better than before, but still horrible compared to scroogle. Any search regarding api/framework/other dev stuff documentation gives me million times better results on google, even searches regarding microsoft technologies, which is really sad.
  • I'm happy with bing and staying with it
  • more importantly, how can I go back to IE because Edge is terrible - actually my least favorite of all of them
  • Yeah I wish there was a way to have IE as an option. Much more mobile friendly.
  • changing the preference to desktop version in settings did the trick. thanks!
  • Why in frak's name would anybody switch to Google? Don't support these jerkwads until they release all their software for Windows. If you're a Microsoft user, why would you ever give Google an ounce of business?
  • No Option ins showing up for me to change. .!! And I Know I don't wanna get scroogled. . But I Wish Bing would be more productive. .!!
  • It requires the newest preview build
  • Please include in your article for things that only for the newest build... I just spent 5 minutes trying to figure out why I don't have that option. Still waiting for build 10575....
  • Why is it that most time when I read Mark Guim's article, it's mostly about how to change something in microsoft devices or Os services to Google services, Imo, Mark would do better working on the android central than here. I have never seen any video or article of his on how to switch anything Google to Windows.
  • Mark needs to actually use Bing for five minutes instead of the subpar El Goog.
  • Who cares?? Bing is almost perfect for default search engine with all the integrated things. I'll manually search for some odd things if Bing can't find.. What I'm doing for the last 2 years.
  • Not working☹
  • In settings, set website preference to 'Desktop version' and then open Now you will see the option to set google as default search engine. You can then later revert to 'mobile version.
  • Bing for me, thank you very much.
  • For me it's not working. Maybe it's language related. I do not have english as the region or keyboard, etc.
  • In settings, set website preference to 'Desktop version' and then open Now you will see the option to set google as default search engine. You can then later revert to 'mobile version.
  • Thank you. That did the trick.
  • I've never had an issue with Bing so I will be happy to help improve Bing by continuing to use it.
  • As a user in England I find Bing awful. It searches always result in USA biased results when I want local English results. It also only accesses MSN news which again is very USA biased (not surprising for a US company). Google although I hate what the company is does a very good job of localising the search information for England hence every time I've updated a computer or reset a phone (which I have done a lot this last few months) I've used the default Bing for a day or so before it frustrates me and I rest to Google. I'd love to use Bing but until they start putting proper English search results I'll keep defaulting back to Google
  • Never realized I wasn't using Google.... Don't remind me.
  • Tell me one reason to use scroogle service!!? bing is amazing  + now with Cortana
  • in any browser in any PC i will change any search engine to
  • Stop this madness!
  • Choices yay... Der
  • Not working for me. I can switch to Google, but it still searches using Bing. Posted via the Windows Central App for Addroid
  • some fanboys are trying so hard to defend bing but most of them will come at some point ... " oh phrases"....." oh pictures" ......"oh personalization"....."oh outside the us".... Just agree and save yourself from pain due to envy. Google is better for now
  • Google of course.
  • Yes but how do you change it to or dogpile? compiles ask, bing and google, with no ads. It bascially delivers the best results humanly possible. I want to use it in edge.