How to customize your Harman Kardon Invoke speaker using Windows 10

You've got a new Invoke and you already set it all up, but now you want to customize it. It might not be immediately obvious how to gain access to the Settings pane for the Invoke, so here's where to find it.

Microsoft hides the settings for Cortana devices within the Cortana UI.

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How to access Harman Kardon Invoke settings

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Cortana and select the Devices button.

  1. Select the Settings tab

You can now customize the Harman Kardon Invoke's few configurable options, including its name, whether or not Cortana plays a sound when you say "Hey Cortana," and you can set up your preferred music streaming service. You can also use this location to send feedback to Microsoft about your Harman Kardon Invoke and remove all the devices you have associated with your account.

How to customize your Invoke speaker with new 'skills'

To further customize your Harman Kardon Invoke by adding new "skills," do the following:

  1. Open the Cortana Notebook.
  2. Select ** Manage Skills.**

  1. Select Discover more skills.

  1. Select a new skill and Cortana will "learn" it.

How to control home automation devices with Invoke

Finally, if you want to set up Invoke so it can control home automation devices, you can add connected home devices via the Notebook. Here's how:

  1. Open the Cortana Notebook.
  2. Select Connected Home.

  1. Select one of the connected home services available within Cortana.

You can now use voice commands to access specific tasks for the skills and connected home devices you set up.

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Invoke is an impressive Cortana speaker that lacks a killer feature

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  • Just curious Zac...did you just received your Invoke recently?
  • check his article from yesterday ;-)
  • Does calling your Outlook contacts (non-Skype) work?  All the settings for connecting my MS account appear correct and it sees my Outlook calendar, but when I try to call Outlook contacts, it can't find them and says to upload phone contacts via the Cortana app, which doesn't make sense, especially since I'm using a 950XL.  I called HK support but there were next to useless.  I have a case open with the latest update being they are working with MS on it.
  • I have exactly the same question! My contacts in my Live (outlook) account do not work, tired of hearing to upload phone contacts without a way to do it. I have an HP X3.
  • I've had to re add contacts as Skype contacts to get it to work... Maybe there's a better way, but it wasn't a big deal since i/my family only call a handful people regularly.
  • Also, in general, i am really NOT impressed with the way Microsoft manages contacts across apps/platforms.
  • I have used it to call contacts (outlook) with no troubles. I also use it to answer in coming regular skype calls as well as landline calls to my skype number.
  • Interesting... Sure that they weren't also Skype contacts?
  • Anyone know how to turn off reminder announcements on the Invoke?
    Family is getting tired of hearing Cortana asking if she should read the reminders when I'm not home or in the room even.
    They're threatening to unplug it! 😀
  • Haven't seen away to indicate which devices read reminders. Would be good feedback
  • It seems that if I save a reminder, then go back to edit it to a minute later, Cortana does not read it out loud. It's not as practical as it should be, but it worked last time I tried.
  • No one of those services are available in Spain. Sad...
  • Glad to see ya'll hoping everyone is getting along very well. Trying to fix this damn smarter than me but unpatriotic phone Nokia Lumia 635 vast conspiracies
  • No, Daniel, no matter how hard WC is trying to convince the readers here, who are naturally Windows fanatics, noone including us is using Cortana ever, what's left for the rest of the people using computing devices. (I am also ready to argue about this entire tech fragment of assistants/chatbots and AI pals, that is ridiculously retarded someone screaming (because usually you have to scream) at his computer and in public... you just look like a plain retard, not to mention non-English speaking people with accents that don't even feel comfortable doing this) Just take a look at normal Tech news websites like the verge, techcrunch, the next web, etc.. When writing about AI assistants, Cortana is not even in the conversation. Microsoft missed that boat too long long long ago, and there is no catching no matter what they do. The situation is exactly the same as mobile. MS lost to Amazon and Google by a LONG MILE and all numbers say so. There are already countless Alexa skills and Amazon and Google devices on the market and already in people's home. Meanwhile, how many Invoke's were sold? 10? And only in America? Cortana (and its 100 useless skills) is just a joke and worse - noone even knows or cares for its existence (just like Windows on mobile efforts). Articles like this are pointless at this point, just let Jason Ward write some essays about imaginary scenarios that could've/would've happen if...
  • It's Zac.... 🙄
  • Did you even read the title of this article or did you just jump right into the comments section to drop your hate?
  • Why are you here?
    Now, when you ask trolls this they never answer.
  • Somebody is mad 😂
  • Thanks to that speaker, Cortana is pretty much my go-to AI at home.  It's fun to make phone calls using that thing!
  • Cortana is not AI
  • Yes it is 😂
  • What I'd really like to know is WHEN ARE THEY ADDING PANDORA ...which Microsoft said they'd be doing - by the end of 2017 - some time back. Grr.  
  • Seriously... And Amazon/Alexa link. I like Spotify, but $15/mo. For a service I only use occasionally is steep.
  • Me too.
  • Yeah, I left a comment with Pandora about this this week and it was up for review. I'm sure it has been deleted by now since there were no other comments on the article. I should have learned my lesson by now. Don't count on "planned" or "in the works" services when talking about Microsoft. It's been 10 months since they made the announcement. I seriously doubt it is happening at this point.
  • The speaker quality and mic pick up is great. I have it hooked up to my Levitin lights using the Samsung smart things account. Question, does anyone know how to turn off Cortana confirming commands? Like, I would say "turn off lights" and she says "ok, I am turning off the lights". I just don't need that confirmation...
  • Not an option to toggle on/off
  • It's not possible but maybe add it as in the win 10 feedback app and hope some of the feedback triage team see it.
  • Sadly, not available in Europe...
    I wish to buy it and be able to use it either in English and French. Little question : I have WiZ light bulbs (similar to Philips Hue but with integrated system to connect to your WiFi). Is it possible to command them with Cortana Connected Home ?
  • I just got this speaker. It's great except I hate that it announces when I have a reminder. I like my reminders to only come throb my phone as a notification. It annoys me all day announcing I have a reminder and do I want to hear about it. I wish there was a setting to turn that announcement off for the speaker.
  • I like that it does that.
  • I don't know. If I had some faith that MS would support this speaker, and continue to make it better, I would consider getting one.
    The problem is that anything colorful, cool, fun, and exciting, MS always completely drops the ball on. MS drops the ball every time in a game where MS's hands, and the ball, are covered in Velcro. Lol.
    Someone needs to run out to the field, and duct tape the ball to MS's hands so MS can run around in circles with it (Special Olympics style) for just a little while. 😂😂😂😂
    But, seriously. MS get your 💩 together!💜💜💜
  • Even though I doubt it will ever get Pandora capability, it's still a good speaker, especially for $99. Did anyone actually ever pay full price ($199)? We use it for Spotify mostly and to change the temperature on our Nest. Occasionally, we pair up Bluetooth to play YouTube audio through it. It really does sound pretty good.