How does the new Microsoft Lumia 950XL compare to the Lumia 1520

Sporting a 5.7-inch screen, it is hard not to compare the new Microsoft Lumia 950XL to the Lumia 1520. The Lumia 1520 turned heads with its 6-inch screen and a zippy processor. We expect the 950XL to have just as much success as the Lumia 1520, but is it worth the upgrade? We compared the specifications of these two large screen Windows Phones to help possibly answer that question.

Lumia 950XL and Lumia 1520

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CategoryLumia 950 XLLumia 1520
Operating SystemWindows 10 MobileWindows Phone 8.1 (upgradeable)
Display5.7 inches (1440x2560)6 inches (1920 x 1080)
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 810*Qualcomm Quad-Core Snapdragon 800
Rear Camera20MP F/1.920MP F/2.4
Rear FlashTriple LEDDual LED
Front Camera5MP1.2MP
BiometricsIris scannerNone
Internal Storage32GB32GB
External Storagemicro SDmicro SD
Fast ChargeYesNo
Wireless chargingQiQi**
Removable batteryYesNo
Dimensions8.1 x 151.9 x 78.4 mm8.7 x 162.8 x 85.4 mm
Weight165 grams209 grams

*Octacore Liquid Cool **AT&T Version of the Lumia 1520 did not have Qi charging enabled

The Lumia 1520 is an attractive Windows Phone, eligible for updating to Windows 10 Mobile. However, the Lumia 950 XL separates itself from the 1520 with built-in Qi charging, more RAM, the liquid cooled processor and more. Plus it is hard to ignore the faster camera, natural flash and fifth generation optical stabilization. All of which makes the Lumia 950 XL an appealing upgrade option if you prefer larger screened Windows Phones.

If you currently sport the Lumia 1520, are you planning on making the switch to the Lumia 950XL? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • And the 950XL is the superior phone...
  • I own a 1520 and love it, but I would rather have the 950XL if given the option... I might go for it with an early upgrade option.
  • I have a 1520.3 and will wait to see what Microsoft will show off at next years Mobile World Congress. Hopefully its the rumored Surface Phone.
  • Yeah, I'm still not 100% convinced to set aside my 1520.... Maybe a visit to the store will convince me.. But, I doubt it.
    Devices to look forward to in the future:
    Lumia... 960/XL
    Surface Phone... 5.5" XL / 6.2" Pro
    Guess you can call it an sPhone lol.
  • They have it in the Microsoft Store so you can touch them now.
  • Damn, that was quick!
  • Lol Posted via.........deez nutz!!!!!!
  • Waiting for some great deals next spring.
  • Same! I was hoping for the Surface phone this time around.
  • Been waiting on this for a while now....
  • My 1520 developed a very serious display issue, so I got a 640xl, the speed difference is noticeable though. I'll wait till next year to see if MS will make the surface phone, that's my target.
  • I'm going to stick to my 1520 until Nokia starts building phones again..
  • The same people that made the 1520 made the 950XL.
  • Not with the same intentions, and spirit, obviously.
  • You nailed it.
  • Just give it one good chance. I know you've been hurt before.....but Satya wants you to come home, Rodneyej. Posted via.........deez nutz!!!!!!
  • Screw Satya
  • I might get a 950XL.... We'll see..
  • I've always said Nokia ignored the 1520, they shipped it with so many issues, yes they fixed a couple of them almost a year later, but the camera sometimes freezes then reboots video recording sometimes takes forever to run and when it does video won't save and that's all running WP8.1. I've had better camera performance on W10.
  • Never have those problems with my 1520..
  • Well the only problem i had with my 1520.3 was the rotation screen after the denim update, but after a hard reset everything has been resolved otherwise its the best phone i never have, so im not sure about the 950xl he look cheaper than the 1520, i really like the specs tho !! But i will wait for the review and the next reported bug coming from the future buyer like overheating, drain battery, cheap or easily to broke screen, wifi or network problems...etc
  • Yes, I read those intentions and spirit in the spec somewhere too... Maybe it was in my dreams
  • Lol. Unfortunately the 1520 for many was a heavily flawed device, with screen problems abound. The 950xl will be far better. I had to return my 1520 under warranty, and I had a replacement that I sold for a 930. I just shouldn't have waited so long putting up with the inherent hardware faults. I'm getting a 950xl on day one in UK, and will sell my 930.
  • And look wise the 1520 is so much better looking. I guess the Nokia designers did not stick around
  • Look wise, the 1520 looks like a windows phone 7 device...
  • ... said someone who never saw a Windows Phone 7 device.
  • Having seen them next to each other, I don't know if the 1520 is really that much better looking. The ergonomics are much better on the 950XL for sure. Those horrible corners in my 1520 drive me crazy. I wished I could afford to upgrade to a 950XL. I might have to wait till next refresh.
  • Really idk but the 950xl doesn't compare to 1520 when it comes to looks. it reminds me of the 640 family instead. The 1520 reminds me of the 925. I was hoping they would make a Lumia 1520 with round corners and aluminum sides and buttons like the 930 with a plastic back and keep the camera ring of the 950xl remove that speaker away from the camera idk that just seems odd to me I rather have it on the back at bottom or in the front, but on side of camera is weird I guess if it's loud it wouldn't matter right?
  • Hmm, I'm sure that horse is dead that you are flogging
  • The truth will set you free!
  • Dead like Windows Phone!!
  • Yes Windows Phone is dead, long live Windows Mobile.
  • Hahah greatly answered! Windows Mobile rises from the ashes of...wait a second..wasn't Windows Phone called Windows Mobile years before it launched? Oh well, now it has 10 at the end! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • +1520
  • Time to upgrade then ;)
  • No doubt that the 950XL is packing superior 2-year newer hardware, but the 1520 just looks so good!  I love my yellow 1520, and cringe at those round corners on the generic looking 950 series.
  • Right... Off to user voice to request that MS go back to terrific design, and colors.
  • I actually like the design after seeing them properly. Just black really doesn't work. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Swappable back covers should help that
  • Exactly that's way I feel 950xl packs a punch no doubt and windows phones doesn't even need the much speed to feel smooth ny 1520 running win10 mobile and it's like butter. Besides it looks better and literally every time I use it. Right now today it's still a head turner. That looks like another phone except for the camera which I like it looks more sexy then 1520. Remove the speaker away from camera keep the round corners add aluminum to the sides along with side buttons and removable plastic color option back and we have a sexy looking beast
  • I was looking to get one(1520) now
  • Im going to be selling mine. Still has the sticker on the back from the manufacturer, been in a case, and has had a glass screen protector on it since second one.
  • What version of Lumia 1520 do you have? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • When's the earliest I can demo this beast?
  • The MS Store in Kansas City has a demo model. I'm about to go check it out right now! Disappointingly, they don't have the 950 yet, as I was hoping to compare the size and feel (that's what she said). But they also have the new Band 2, SP4, & Surface Book. My boss needs to give me a raise! Ha
  • Churchofyoda... That was a funny comment
  • 5.7" is no longer a "beast". IPhone and galaxies are 5.7.
  • Then what is? 6.4"? Just because there are Galaxy's and Note's with that screen size doesn't mean they aren't beasts anymore. Most people still prefer non 'beast' phone's (4.5-5.2"). Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Then get a 950!.....
  • You have zero clue what you are talking about, so zip it. IPhone is not 5.7".
  • My bad-I thought 6s+ was 5.7-it is 5.5. Probably still beast category to people with small hands!
  • I...I don't understand the purpose of this comment.The iPhone has a smaller screen yet is actually taller than the 950 XL.
  • So?, any larger and you might as well make a monitor screen with built in calling capabilities.
  • Just demoed it at the Microsoft store,,,phone simply amazing! Super fast,,camer seems great,,the screen looks beautiful and it feel great in hand. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • did anyone show you how iris scanner works and how fast it is?
  • And does it work while holding in landscape?
  • Which Microsoft store? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • In the Westfield mall on Topanga ave in SFV Canoga Park/West Hills area. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just demoed the new goodies at the store. The Surface Book: incredible. If only I needed something that sophisticated. The Band 2: exponentially better than the OG. The screen is bright and responds well. And the new flexible material actually fits, rather than feeling like she couldn't find the key to her plastic handcuffs. The 950 XL: Beautiful screen, and really lightweight. I could actually text with one hand without issues (that's always been my biggest complaint with my 1520). It didn't seem TOO much faster than my 1520 running W10 Mobile, but it was much more stable. It didn't give me issues moving from the camera to photos and back, like my 1520 does. The camera was really fast. I took several pictures to check out the speed and white balance, as that was an issue with my 1020 (in auto mode, I would get a yellowish tint). The white balance (again this is a demo model, so I'm not sure how finished the camera software is) was very inconsistent. One photo was perfect, but the next was yellowish. I took pics with my Icon (running 8.1) to compare, and the white balance was better with my Icon. On the 950 XL, I noticed that putting the camera in Pro mode, rather than auto, the white balance was more accurate and more consistent, without manually adjusting anything. Not sure why?
  • Thanks for the info, if I was to hazard a guess the pro mode probably invokes a better algorithm? But without really delving into to nitty gritty it would be impossible to know and plus since the software is unfinishedish things could change.
  • Thanks. Did you get to try the Iris Scanner?
  • Sure 950 better than 1520, but I won't bought 950, because I hate "buttons on screen" :3
  • Me too. The buttons off the screen makes wp look elegant just like how apples logo is on the back of the phone.
  • Lol i disagree here completely. Nothing is uglier than a beautiful front face being shown ugly capacitive keys. With on screen keys you can easily hide them with a swipe and not get annoyed with you accidentally touch them. Plus it makes the phone slimmer since it won't need a bigger bottom like Kim Kardashian to upheld the extra surgery Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Initially I didnt like onscreen buttons on my 640xl but now I got very comfortable. I did and still accidantly touch the search button my 1520 which never happens on 640xl. on 950/xl looks much better without the buttons becasue it increses the screen size compared to the phone's.
  • I never accidentally hit buttons back in the day when they were actually buttons. Capacitive buttons blow.
  • My experience with my 640 is the opposite - I hit the onscreen buttons all the time. Perhaps the larger screen of the 640XL makes a difference. Especially in Camera it's really frustrating, sliding the trigger button back right to close the adjustment sliders I go to far and get the start screen instead.
  • Your Kim Kardashian comment just won my day man. Thank you for putting a smile on my face!
  • + more smiles, that was funny.
  • On screen buttons suck. Having to swipe up or down to get to or get rid of buttons is PITA. Some apps leave the buttons there, some hide them then you have swipe again to exit app etc. Capacitive buttons forever!
  • I'm sick of hearing this accidental press argument. The fact that you have to swipe on screen keys in and out of the way everytime single f*cking time you need to interact with the OS is stupid, time consuming and laborious! I hate them. Everything takes longer because capacitive keys are always there so going back, home or searching takes one tap not two or three! They are intrusive and are actually a regression in design. We'll have learn to live with them but let's stop making excuses please.
  • +1520 100% right
  • True, the on screen thing is really pissing me off
  • I was a bit dismayed at first, but I like the idea of less bezel/more screen with a smaller body footprint.
  • You know how many times in playing a game and accidentally hit those damn buttons... Or hand someone the phone to see a photo or watch a video and they hit the damn back button... I think ill enjoy on screen buttons you swipe up to reveal.
  • That's why i need to press twice on the back button when content is fullscreen on my Note 4. There really are some things other OEM's should copy. Everyone will benefit. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I also dont like that it's on screen buttons but you have to look at the big picture; aside from having a smaller bezel (and few other reasons), I believe this makes the devices "future proof."
    In short, if MS released these devices with capacitive buttons and lets just say, a few months or in a year time down the line, they decide to alter the main buttons (for whatever reason), then we'd be screwed ...but by having them onscreen, we're on the safe side.
    There's no need to think too far just look at the taskbar on desktop (which has been altered several times), as an example, or even the taskbar on continuum (when phone is connected to a screen); What was capacitive buttons, is now basically the taskbar but on phones which also appears and expands through continuum on larger screens.
    Maybe I'm thinking a step too far but it's very possible...but Im certain it's for the better.
  • If they are going to remove the capacitance buttons, then for the love of god remove the deadspace that was obviously reserved for them I would have not problem then BUT... These phones look stupid with that big black bar where the capacitance buttons were suposed to be (before they junked that idea) :¬( Just my opinion (1520 owner with double tap instead of swipe hardware)
  • Or at least fill them with something front facing speakers. :D
  • Yep use the deadspace and i like your idea about the speakers :¬)
  • Generally I'm with you, but apparently you do need some space at the bottom due to the connectors. Looking at the two devices side by side , the 950xl definitely did have a smaller bottom bezel than the 1520. The 950's bottom bezel, on the other hand was about the same as the 1520 which I found odd.
  • The 950 is physically smaller, so less space to cram everything in there.
  • Haha, you do have a good point.
  • They didn't junk capacitive buttons nor leave a black bar. Believe it or not: There's electronics under there. I.E: The USB Type-C connector. On screen buttons don't suddenly mean you get a bezel-less display, I'm afraid. There's still critical electronic components that have to fit under there, not much wiggle room.
  • @SwimSwim, some just think the usb cable attaches to air I guess lol.
  • Actually, it would be good to have that black bar. Then case makers could use to wrap more protection around the phone. ;-)
  • I wish the on screen button area was just a tad bigger on my 640, but don't really miss the capacitive buttons much. My 920 drove me crazy when watching Netflix in bed while my wife is sleeping... The buttons glow would ruin dark scenes in movies.
  • Yes... Must use battery saver to turn them off...
  • Continuum or Windows Hello won't be available on the 1520...
  • Managed just fine for millions of years without it... I'd trade .3" for continuum...
  • I'm having trouble deciding between the two 950 models, fortunately I have time as I'm not in either the US or UK...
  • I feel the same indecision. I'll have to go to a MS store and hold them in my hand first. Leaning towards the 950 though.
  • Both the 950 and the 950 XL are almost completely identical in specs, and the only major difference between the two is the size, so your decision should ultimately depend on whether you like massive phones or not.
  • I am upgrading a 1520 to 950xl... Definitely seems worthwhile.
  • The only thing that would bother me when upgrading my phone to it's successor is a smaller screen ... :/ Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I would even have liked it if the phone was the same size as the 1520 but that they crammed an even larger screen in there.
  • Yep..
  • Smaller screen
    Slower Processor speed
    Smaller battery
    On Screen Buttons
    These things make me wanna go away from this phone
  • Lower top clock speed, not a performance indicator.
    Oh, and 60mAh in battery difference over 3400... Please refrain from being ridiculous
  • "Clock speed is not a performance indicator" thanks for that info, maybe I was wrong about that.
    "60mAh" dude we are here to upgrade our phone not downgrade, it should be more than 3400mAh, or at least the same. But not less than the previous one.
    Even the screen got smaller too ;'(
  • What are you talking about the 950xl blowes the 1520 away in every respect exept .3 inches on the screen it's got more ram bigger better fast processor I dont know where you get your info but the 1520 processor is no match for the 950xls octacor processor .
  • The Lumia 1520's processor clocked at 2.2 GHz
    But the 950XL clocked at 2.0 GHz
  • So, you are saying core to duo with higher clock speed is faster then for example last year's i5 (dual core version) with lover clock speed?
    You need to do some learning about this...
  • No bro I didn't say that. My point is most of the apps won't benefit that full octa core, they won't even know that this phone have an octa core
  • Or you could say that the 1520 is clocked at 4x2.2 = 8.8 while the 950XL is clocked at 8x2.0 = 16. Multithreaded apps will definitely run faster, and multitasking will be more efficient. Unknown is memory bandwidth and storage IOPS - we'll know when someone benchmarks the new devices.
  • Funny.... The 1520 has fast charging... But this article says no... They are wrong. Remember it was enabled but you had to buy a different wall charger for it.
  • The new devices have what Qualcomm calls Fast charging - 50% in 30 minutes which probably means 3A charge current. The 1520 tops out at 1.5A charge current (I've measured).
  • "The 1520 tops out at 1.5A charge current" put bro you are right, I agree.
    I have measured this also. I bought NOKIA charger AC-60 which outputs 1.5A, and it charges fast, but I have a 2.1A charger and it charges very slow, I think NOKIA made some power management and security here
  • I've got a 1520 (sporting win10mobile preview) and I still want a 950XL purely for an improved camera experience, it's just the price that may be the kicker
  • The price is fine i think, if you compare them to flagships from Apple and Samsung.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Flagship devices at this price point should be fully machined devices without seams. The removable back seems cheap. The 950XL should be no more than $499. What are they going to charge for a surface phone? As much as a SP4? They'd have to at this rate. It's ridiculous that a 950XL is only $50 cheaper than a SP3 right now. Still... I paid $586 for my unlocked 1520.3. But it is a prettier, better feeling phone. Just seems wrong somehow to pay more than that for the XL.
  • Composite is often a superior material, just as there is cheap plastic. Look at keyboard caps, ABS vs PBT, miles of difference. Aluminum dents, bends and cracks. per weight, there are composites that are an order of magnitude stronger than aluminum (not to mention steel). And then there's the antennae - metal really gets in the way. There is the perception that shiny metal is better, but in an application where weight, strength, durability and RF compatibility matters, metal is often not the optimal choice.
  • Still want a 1530 or higher :(
  • 950 XL is like... the 1550 right? like the 640 XL to 1330.
  • No... The 1550 would be a real successor... Same size, 6.2" screen.
  • Wishful thinking Rodney. I too would have loved if they made the phone much thinner, lighter & faster (which they did) without sacrificing screen real estate but if we're being honest the 950XL is the new flagship phablet. Every other spec from 20mp camera, to the QHD screen, to the new OIS & the triple LED RGB flash is an upgrade to what the 1520 offered. Yes there are regressions like the smaller screen, bland design & annoying on screen button but it is still, without a shadow of doubt, the phone meant to replace the 1520.
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah... We know that...
    When we mention a "1550" at this point its like saying we aren't satisfied with the 950XL, and we have hopes the next 950XL will bring the coolness back.... It's not about the name at all..
  • Indeed it is. There will be no 1530/40 or 50 because this is it!
  • 13xx and15xx is dead, they're now 6xx XL and 9xx XL respectively
  • No $hizle, Sherlizle.... I'm saying "1550" metaphorically....
  • Yes true that. But we may never see a 1550 now
  • "1550" being a adequate upgrade....
    We could though... Just look forward to the 960XL, and the Surface lineup.... I bet MS has two Surface phones, and that one will be a 6" plusser..
  • Damn right I am. I've always been disappointed with my 1520's low-light performance, compared to my old 925, and now the battery never lasts a day, but it's served me beautifully over these last two years.
  • Do not forget about the Continuum
  • +950XL
  • What is the sensor size in these phones?
  • It's in the damn article. A small article too... Read it!
  • the sensor size was NOT mentioned... Read it first!
  • Just like angle. Focal length was, and it tells the 950 has it wider (for those who know it), but anyway, what a damn useless comparison chart! No info on chips effectivenesses (speed by power consuming), nothing about video systems evolution, could've mention the display types, available accessories maybe... No, go dig it somewhere else. Didnt expect that from WC.
  • Word...
  • Should be 1/2.4"
  • It's 1/2.5 for the 1520 & 950XL's is bigger at 1/2.4. Not sure about the pixel size.
  • Definitely upgrading my 1520 to the 950XL. The latter has better specs all-around, and is slightly smaller and lighter. I'm planning to order the 950XL unlocked directly from Microsoft when it's available.
  • Sucks there's no color options,,, yet.
  • Red. Only red.
  • Thie XL is the one I wanted, until I saw Da's hands-on video. I sincrely hope they get the demo units out in the shops long before release.
  • The demo units are in the Microsoft stores now.
  • What's the difference between an Oled screen and an Amoled? And does the surface pen function on the Lumia 950xl?
  • I have been wondering about the pen support as well. I wonder if they bumped that feature to make it exclusive to the termites surface phone in 2016.
  • Yes, the pen works.
  • Nice.  Did you test it at the event?
  • The only difference I know is: AMOLED = Active Matrix Organic LED, while OLED is simply Organic LED. What that means beyond that, I could not tell you! :)
  • Does the 950-950xl has Dolby support???
  • Yes
  • Upgrading. Just hope my day one 1520 makes it to the finish line. I would have preferred the 1530 as well.
  • 1550
  • But this is the 1530 . . . & the 1540 . . . & the 1550. Whatever you wanna call it. Just because the name's didn't and the screen is slightly smaller doesn't mean it's not meant to replace the current flagship phablet.
  • I'd like a larger screen phone like the 1520 with all the new specs. I bang out a ton of emails and the wider screen on the 1520 minimizes my mistakes compared to the 5.7 inch screen of the 640XL and now 950XL.
  • Exactly!!!! What's wrong with these tiny fingered babies around here❔❔
  • Some of us can't help that we have short sausage fingers! *Runs off and weeps in corner* Posted via.........deez nutz!!!!!!
  • Lol
  • Lol.... Like breakfast links.
  • +1520
  • I don't think I'll be upgrading my 1520 to a 950XL, considering the age of my 1520 and how well it has held up (still looks brand new) - the specs on the 950XL don't really blow it away.  I think I'll wait to see what Microsoft has to offer next year. After installing Windows 10 it is sort of like I just got a new phone anyway.  The iris login is the only thing kind of tempting but dropping $650 ($1300 really since I upgrade my wife when I upgrade) on a new phone isn't really very tempting when the 1520 already does everything I need/want it to do.  I think I'll upgrade my band to a band 2 instead and get a surface book to replace my aging surface pro 1.
  • And there's a smart decision! :)
  • Despite being 2 years old, the 1520 is still the fastest and best Windows Phone (until the 950/XL are actually available). It runs circles around all of the low-end Snapdragon 400 phones Microkia released in the 2 years since, including the 640XL. If Windows 10 is going to run on those phones (with only 1GB of memory, too), then it should run well on the 1520.
  • Don't forget that your carrier is going to discount it dramatically. Unless you're buying it carrier unlocked, it's not going to cost any more than $300-ish. Same as any other flagship device.
  • I only buy carrier unlocked versions to use on Cricket (it actually costs less that way, you're still paying a carrier extra every month even though the upfront cost is lower), but thanks!
  • Is AT&T going to sell the 950 XL..
  • Yes
  • If at&t carries it I'll consider however it seems to be a matter of what the carrier will do,doesn't it? As of right now it's not an option.
  • If AT&T gets the 950xl I'm definitely upgrading my 1520.
  • I'll be upgrading in January when my Next plan allows it. I want the 950XL for sure as the 1520 has ruined me for small screens. I do hope At&t gets the 950XL so the upgrade is smooth.
  • I played with 950XL at last night's celebration event in NYC. Three things I like that will make me upgrade from 1520: 1) The phone is much more comfortable to hold with one hand, even with the big screen, 2) The camera launches lightning fast, it came on instantly as soon as you press the camera button 3) The triple LED flash is awesome, it really makes the picture look natural even with the flash. If I can add one more things is that the processing times is much quicker, its still there after you take the photo, but it's much quicker than the1520 (1520 takes a while to process HDR photos). Of course, I know this will improve with the final build, but the 950XL is much quicker at processing from what I saw. 
  • This is my deciding factor, I love the camera on my 1520, hate how long it takes to process shots though. 950XL it is!
  • That's one of my bigger questions: Does the 950XL seem and feel like a much smaller phone compared to the 1520? It'd be awesome if it felt like a smaller phone compared to the 1520 all while only being just .3" smaller on paper.
  • It definitely does feel smaller in your hand in a very good way for me. The 1520 has always felt like it was just on the cusp of being too big. Little things like streching your thumb all the way to the left edge of the screen were always uncomortable. The .3" on the diagonal and what I believe was also less space around the glass made it much more comfortable to hold and I felt like i was able to reach more of the screen comfortably with one hand. I held them side-by-side and it looked to be somewhere around .25" narrower than the 1520 eyeballing it.
  • Awesome!  I'll look forward to being able to play and use the 950XL.  I'm glad to hear from someone who got to hold and handle it that it does feel much smaller than the 1520 while not sacrificing on the benefits of the size of the 1520.
  • I can confirm that it feels way smaller. I was able to touch the tips of my middle finger and thumb when gripping the width of the phone. I cannot get close with the 1520. I can honestly say that the 950XL can be handled easily with one hand. While the screen is big, the width of the phone is smaller than the 1520, which is a good thing. 
  • Awesome! The camera on my 1520 is plenty fast for me, but faster is always better. Plus I'm looking forward to a slightly smaller phone.
  • Oh yea definitely planning to upgrade to 950XL. Lumia 1520 is great but has issues which I seen solved on windows 10 but common 950 XL has octa core 64bit. Perfect for gaming ^^
  • The 1520 is such a better looking phone though.
  • You have to see the 950XL in person. Its lighter and thinner
  • Yea that's phone these days.
    Doesn't mean that's better Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Its subjective for sure, but in person the 950XL looks pretty good. 
  • Agree....
  • If you have to see it in person to appreciate it, then the 1520 is definitely aesthetically better...
    The 1520 looks good on paper, pictures, in your hand... It doesn't need any special situations to appear desirable...
    MS should've just taken the 1520, crammed it with the new shit, and called it a 950XL... That would've been a valid successor to the 1520.
  • I know very few people who think Nokia phones look great. However I've heard some nice comments concerning the L830. I have a white 928 and although I think its pretty but I have yet to find a non Nokia user that agrees with me.
  • Are we confusing what they actually think, vs what they are willing to admit????....
    Got a lot of sheepish haters in this world.
  • This. The 950XL looks like trash compared to that gorgeous 1520. I'll be waiting for hopefully a better looking surface phone
  • Good thing that there's more than looks to life. And definitely smartphones.
  • Yeah, in this case it's a good thing.. Lol..
    In all honesty, the XL isn't that bad looking... Just slightly uninspiring.
  • I have a 1520 with Qi, 32gb, SD card, 20mp camera and Windows insider. What all am I missing? The liquid cooling??? Lol
  • Liquid cooled octa-core snapdragon 810 which is like 30% faster, less battery use. Missing a OLED screen, missing higher def screen resolution. A better low light camera, better camera sensor... Better OIS...
  • And a better OS. ;)
  • Display-wise he's not missing anything at all, it's heavily in advantage instead
  • The camera in the 950XL will be MUCH faster and better than the 1520. Same number of pixels (roughly), but the Snapdragon 800 in the 1520 wasn't really equipped to handle all those pixels, so you had to wait a while between shots. There won't be any waiting on the 950XL, unless Microsoft totally botched the camera software.
  • Iris scanner. I saw a demo of how it works, and its almost instant. It unlocks your phone super fast. 
  • 3 gigs of ram, swappable battery
  • I'm going to make the jump only if AT&T sales the phone. I don't have $650.00 just chilling in my pocket... 
  • I am SO waiting to upgrade from my Lumia 1520 to the Lumia 950 XL!!!!
  • I have the 1520. I just don't know if I'd prefer the 950 or 950xl. The 1520 is still a good looking premium phone imo, but it's time to get an upgrade. I've been living with the rapid fire touch bug for sometime now and my ois has given up on me, probably because I've dropped my 1520 several times. I'm not a big fan of the design of the new Lumia flagships, but maybe that was intentional? The option of switching out the back plate has wet my appetite enough for me to get either phone. Hopefully third party OEMs will have a back plate to drool about by the time these flagships roll out.
  • I love the 950 XL so much except that the price is too steep!!
  • This is a little OT, but George, will you or Dan (or anyone else) be doing any kind of feature on the third party backs? I'd like to know more (e.g. Do they allow for Qi charging, are there more than 3 options etc).
  • Yes they allow Qi charging. Yes I saw brown leather and metal, red and gold, black and metal, two kinds of white and metal. Maybe I saw black with dark metal too can't remember...
  • Sounds great, thanks!
  • Plain red?
  • Red cover with gold metal
  • Any of those come with the Windows logo? I hope it does. I think MS made a strategic mistake with the Mozo covers in not pushing to have the Windows logo displayed front and center. Imagine you are showing off your phone and a bystander finds himself impressed by it. Without the Windows logo how will they know the phone that impressed them is a Windows Phone (or an MS product)? Worse, without the backing of a big name like MS or Apple or Samsung, your phone with the fancy metal and natural leather backplate ends up looking like a (literal) no-name Chinese knockoff.
  • Despite the horrible naming scheme (just go with Lumia xxx Kids for devices smaller than 5-inches) and the OLED, there really isn't a choice if you want the best experience. They should've gone with 6-inch and 5.5-inch devices and went with a design that had flat side so it'll be easier to hold.
  • that's your opinion... a 5.5" phone is not in any way 'normal sized' phone compared to other OEM's Plus-es or Notes or something  
  • I get your point that MS should market itself as one step ahead of the competition because we all know 5.5 and 6.0 is where everyone is headed anyway. My guess is that MS downgraded so they will have somewhere to go with the next gen models. There's a ceiling after all for screen sizes and they have to make money too. Still, I wish they went the Surface 4 route by keeping the 6.0 screen but chipping away at the bezels.
  • I have an AT&T 1520, so it's really like a 1520 with its hands tied behind its back (thanks, AT&T!), so I will gladly upgrade to 32gb, to a faster processor, more memory. . . . . I had a chance to look at the 950XL and the 950 last night as well, alongside my 1520.  I don't begrudge the loss of a little screen space if everything else shines.   Can't wait to try Continuum.  The intersting thing to me was having a 950 in one hand with a 950XL in the other -- the XL was a no-brainer choice for me.  
  • Was there to last night, did the same as you by holding the two in both hands and the xl feels much better when you are used to the 1520. What I did like from the "digital" buttons is that you can slide them away which gives you almost the screen size from the 1520. I also got a kick out of the fact that I never saw so many 1520's in one space during the day. XL for me and the 950 for my gf for sure. The camera is awesome(much faster then my 1520) my gf who has the 1020 for the quality of the camera was also sold @ the 950's performance. Can't wait till they are available. Great event Microsoft we really enjoyed the day
  • My wife will likely upgrade to the 950 also. She doesn't want to give up her 1020,but the camera performance is starting to be a real negative when the 950/950XL will likely be on par. (minus the added oversampling)
  • The 950XL weighs less than the 920? Ugh
  • L920 is a Tank. I sometimes use it to hit Jerks in the Head,Don't think L950xl would de good.
  • I love my 1520 but I'm afraid it has to go. Two words. Phantom tap.
  • Yeah.. That's stupid annoying.
  • I don't know that all these comparison articles matter much if the phones aren't available via carriers. Keeping the dream alive while the WP loyalist wander aimlessly. Thanks, but let's have an article ripping MS for not making the phones with the universal apps universally available.
  • Actually, Microsoft does make them available. If you want to blame someone, blame the carriers who decided not to carry them.
  • Im keeping my 1520.  dont even look forward to upgrading to 10, I have the preview and it is a cappy comprimise to looking like android.  I really hope they have a 6-inch screen come out, so will wait to see the OS look better and a better looking phone.
  • You do realize it's a preview OS? Judge the phone when you actually can use it in demo stores.
  • The look of the os will remain as it is now, he has many points
  • Should I get rid of my 1020 for the 950XL?
  • I wouldn't "get rid of it", but still purchase the 950XL. I didn't care for the 1020 too much overall, but I still kept it because the camera is still useful and currently use the M8 until I decide which one of the 950 series I want.
  • Purchase Intel i5 quad processor + 1-2gb ram & install in it Bam Bam Bam.
  • I understand it's 6" vs 5.7" in screen size, but can anyone (anyone who was lucky enough to hold amd handle the demo devices) say whether the 950XL actually feels a lot smaller in the hands? Likewise, does the 950 feel substantially smaller than the 950XL?
  • It feels smaller and lighter but it really feels good. The 950 feels and looks small if you are used to the 1520 but both phones really have the solid Lumia feeling. I can see Microsoft has two winners here.
  • Yeah, I figured the 950 would feel small (even though it's not really "small" by any means).  After owning and using the 1520.3 for 2 years, a lot of phones seem so small even though I know they're not.  This is good to know and I'll most probably get the 950XL.
  • Yes, I found the 950XL way more comfortable than my 1520 to hold without compromising that much on screen size. Similarly the 950 felt good too, but admittedly I didn't spend as much time with it because I was more interested in the XL after having a 6" phone (but always feeling like it was a bit unweildy) for the last 2 years.
  • This is great news!  I love the 1520.3 but even I'll admit that it's pretty big and hefty.  I love it but sometimes I get frustrated with the ergonomics of it's one hand usage.  Thanks for sharing your hands on experiences with the 950XL and 950!
  • I am not feeling the love for the new phones, regardless of spec. I just want proper apps. I've been with ms since windows mobile. Was hoping for Android/ Google apps announcement. Anything that allows me to D/L BBC progs or official HSBC banking app will do!
  • Can't wait for the new Lumia 970 in 2017 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's what I'm saying... Hopefully, by then MS will get its balls back and gibe us a nice 6.2" screen in a package the size of the 1520.
  • I'll have had my 1520 2 long years this December. The choice to upgrade is extremely easy. Looking forward to all the upgraded hardware. Looking forward to a slightly smaller screen (now will be able to text one handed!), looking forward to onscreen buttons (less miss presses!). Not looking forward to the limited and bland color selection. I get there will be 3rd party options to change that but I actually like having the MS logo on the back plate. I want people to know or at least be able to guess the phone I have.
  • Having gone from the original Samsung Focus to a Lumia 900, then the Lumia 1520 when it came out, I am really enjoying the 6" screen.  While the 950XL is just a bit smaller in size, all the other specs make it still seem worth while.  My 1520 is showing signs of wear, like phantom tapping sometimes and the navigation buttons don't light most of the time.  I unlocked my 1520 for T-Mobile, and since Microsoft has already stated that they're selling the 950 / 950XL unlocked, I will probably get one, but not until after I replace my Band with the Band 2.
  • I am waiting to upgrade my lumia 1520to lumia xl,if at&t sells this phpne
  • Exactly why I'll be moving to the xl. Short of these there is little reason to upgrade.
  • I hope the 950XL doesn't have screen burn spots like the 1520 I had and the 640XL I have now. And also hope that OLED screen doesn't look foggy white when you tilt it to the side.
  • Mine has two!
  • I'm afraid they will, like every oled panel, that's why they are cheap and apple don't use them, I know I know... But the one thing they have top notch components is display panels, sorry
  • I'll be replacing the back cover with a metal+leather finish.
  • Is this screen better guys? Or can it still have burn in marks like the 1520 did? IPhone never her that problem.
  • I love my 1520, it has impressed even the most stubbern iPhone users. The determining factor is look and feel (fit and finish). When I go to the AT&T store and hold it will I be impressed enough to pay $659 out-of-pocket? That is the question to be answered. Pros: Better flash Quick-charging And the Windows Hello Cons Size is smaller, I like the 1520 size Removable back and battery, I think quality suffers when you have a removable shell Am I interested absolutely. Could I decide to wait to see if the rumors are true about a Surface phone? Yes, especially if the first impression I get once holding the device is the same as the 640XL. I want a high-end phone that makes Android and iPhone users ask what is that and say WOW that is nice! Like they have with my 2-year old 1520.
  • Why do care what android or ios users think!? Lol. I mean, I feel u but looks won't make them envious of your WP. They might say that's cool but they are not giving up their iPhone or galaxy. Windows ecosystem must grow strong enough 1st.
  • Who, you ask❔ Ummmmmm, lets just say MS cares... SMDH. Duuhhhh
  • I actually like the removable backs and the third party designs look great. Replaceable battery is a huge plus.
  • **The AT&T version of the 1520 had 16GB of storage. (at least the one I got)
  • Yes it did, and no Qi. ATT really blew it for me with that phone and largely why I stuck with my 920 to this day. Next phone will be the 950xl.
  • Staying with the L1520 until 2016. With the line up of Surface Pro 4 & Surface Book, fingers crossed for a Surface phone before spending!
  • Tha Surface phone is rumored to be an even punier 5.5".....
    Hopefully, they will make two Surface versions. 5.5" & 6-6.2"
  • Wish they would have kept the 1520 design and made the back removal like the Lumia 730. (classic design) but I gotta say i to will be retiring my 1520 for the 950 xl
  • So expensive! I can't afford Surface + Phone :'( ​I've got a cracked 930 I want to upgrade to a 640xl new $400 or 1520 preowned $400?? Anyone have experience with the 640 xl on W10? How does 1gb ram fair?  
  • I got a 640 W10 and it actually runs pretty good. Suffering from the glitches as every other Lumia. So I expect the 640xL to run just as good or even better
  • Preowned 1520... No brainer if those are your two options. But you could just replace the screen on the 930.... That would be much cheaper.
  • I'm upgrading, definitely. Mostly because I have to use my Microsoft Insurance before May 2016.
  • I have a 1520 with the display defect. I got it from the microsoft store. IF I wait till release i can trade in my 1520 to get the 950xl for free.
  • Really!? Nice
  • I shall wait for an Intel or SD 410 mobile and hope they come soon. SD 810 was doa hence requires over design...
  • So THATS why when I bought that expensive ass TYLT wireless car charger, my 1520 didn't work. That's stupid. How do you just remove a certain feature just for a carrier? I was completely unaware of that
  • AT&T gimped it and halved the storage.
  • I have a 1520 and a 1320. Both are fine phones. With that said the 1520 has proven to be far more fragile and finicky: The 1080 p screen of the 1520 is noticeably better than the 1320 screen, but the curved glass makes is to hard to put a screen protector on... The phantom tap on the 1520 is annoying and not present on my 1320. The sharp corners of the 1520, even inside the case, has caused it to catch and warp. Never been an issue with the 1320... And the SIM tray design flaw is just not present on the 1320 because of the removable back... I welcome the 950xl. I welcome the flat screen and removable battery and removable back and properly designed dual SIM slot... I am unhappy we don't get a stylus or fingerprint reader, or in dreamland, a physical keyboard... But at these semi-reasonable prices, I can almost overlook these shortcomings...
  • Hell yeah... 950xl
  • Something I haven't seen asked or mentioned is Hey Cortana! Do both versions of the 950 support Hey Cortana?
  • True
  • No reason why they shouldn't.
  • When in India? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Been using the 1520 now for a year. I miss the Qi charging but otherwise I love it. That being said, I'll be placing my order for the 950XL as soon as it's available.
  • I just wish at&t would carry the XL. It seems that I'm going to have to get it from Microsoft. I'm simply in love with my 1520 and I'm not getting rid of it any time soon. I think I'll place it back in its box when I retire it.
  • I own a 1520. I would love to replace this with the 950XL. Love the continuum feature and replaceable back cover. Hope the camera speed this time is as blazing fast as the iPhones when taking pictures. #2cents
  • ATT version of the 1520 also had 16gb Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I got the early ATT version which has 32g
  • I dont change my 1520 for 950xl.
    The diference doesnt worth for me. Have a good camera, good baterie, Windows 10 coming. Nope
  • Well to be fair we still haven't seen the image quality from the Lumia 950XL other than what Microsoft claimed. Not even sample images on the product page. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have a 1520 currently and plan on upgrading to the 950XL as soon as it is available.
  • I'll stay with NL1520 until they release a "surface phone"
  • I paid off my 928 and purchased an AT&T 1520 to use on TMobile since they didn't offer it. I would love the 950XL simply for continuum, camera and faster everything. Not to mention the phantom swipes on the 1520...its getting aggravating. I was thinking of an iPhone until the 6th rolled around. Giving MS the benefit of the doubt and sticking around. want the link for my 950XL gofundme campaign? Lol
  • Damn, this place is just as full as fanboys as any Apple website.. Is this what MS turned into?
  • Well, er, yes...this is Windows Central? What were you expecting?!
  • This site, fanboys and an entire company? Really dude, are you one of those retards who say "we" when they talk about a sport team?
  • Where would those people who like MS products go to read news about them, then? The Verge???? Of course this is a site centered in MS productsm,and by and for people who like them! Is this hard to grasp??? Why are you here?
  • Awesome
  • Screw the 1520 its got screen problem pissing me off lol
  • Photo samples from both phone please
  • Definitely!
  • My opinion is that if you own a Lumia 1520 a phablet, that was built with a performance in mind And build as a phablet, not a phone or an XL or enlarged version of a phone. The comparison here is not relevant. The comparison is to an XL phone to an aging phablet. The 1520 still holds it's own. I'm running windows 10 mobile on it and it rocks. When Microsoft releases a new phablet not an enlarged phone, then let the comparison do the talking. On the meantime I'll hold on to my 1520 and wait for that surface phone.....????
  • Love my 1520. Is the Polycarbonate the same on the 950 or is more like the plastic feeling 640xl? Looks a little more plastic to me.
  • Nope.... 1520 Simply rocks
  • Listen to yourselves upgrading from 1520 to 950? Sounds more like a downgrade.... Hardware specs changes are minimal.
  • Going to wait until next spring. I'm planning to upgrade next May... The 950XL will be an option to consider, however I will scan the market for other options on the android front. If I decide to stay with w10m then I'll buy the 950XL or the surface phone (pending to release and specs). The only thing for sure is that May is going to be the month to make the upgrade, and the choice will be one of the available flagships at the time. I like wm (I had one 625, one 635, now I have one 1520 and one 535), however unless w10m gets more mature, I'm considering the change to android (ios no, I also bought an iphone 6 plus last June, and sold it one month later - I didn't like ios)... Let's see and wait until next May... 
  • Having the AT&T version of the 1520, I'm upgrading ASAP!! No Qi, abysmal 16GB internal storage and the dreaded "Phantom tap" that affects everyone. Aside from the slightly smaller screen, the 950XL destroys the 1520 in every way. The CPU comparison is misleading as well. The casual observer will see the CPU comparison as Qualcomm 810 vs 800 and think it's a measly upgrade when in fact there's no comparison at all.
  • Dilemma: I love my 1520 and it's been a top performer since day one (although my 5S-owning friend, also on EE, gets 3G or 4G in places I can't - annoying) and I can't imagine going back to something smaller than the 950XL. An improved camera is tempting, not that I have any complaints about photo quality, in the main because the only real let-down about the 1520 was video recording, which produced very average results even in 4K. For me it's all about Windows 10; if it performs well on the 1520 I may hold back and see if the rumours of the surface phone come to anything and, given its price, if there are any good deals in the new year (I'd prefer a sim-only deal to a contract). Of course, every year iPhone owners upgrade to devices that are not significantly better than the last generation while we've had to wait two years for a genuine 1520 alternative, so maybe it's time. Also, pains me to say it, but I'm not sure I'd commit to the 950XL if Windows 10 doesn't bring with it a slew of new apps that are currently not available on the platform - without some degree of app parity it's tough to see how even a phone as obviously powerful as the 950 is going to make any kind of impression when you can buy a phone for half the price on a different platform and have everyting you want or need.        
  • I love my 1520. I do agree that the camera is a bit slow on the launch, but I'm hoping updates to the software and official release of Windows 10 Mobile will fix that. Beside that, I'm good. I will likely upgrade my Band, before my phone.
  • Definitely thinking about it.
  • +1520
  • My 1520 on IP still has had a noticeable amount of lag and issues doing some things. Some of that is cause W10 isn't released and firmware too and some is because it's just an older device and a more fluid experience will be had with a newer device. I could wait to see how long Att and Microsoft both get me what I need from them, RTM software and firmware or go new. Ok prob go new.
  • When they hit eBay and are alot closer to affordable for me, yes sir. I paid about $180 for my 1520, so I know I'll end up with an XL eventually. If I've ever learned anything about tech, it's that it is actually OK to be a generation behind.
  • I will get the 950XL but im not going to set my 1520 aside (will be my secondary windows phone).
  • Is 950XL dual SIM?
  • In some countries there is DS available
    Like India, and China I think have DS version also
    Here is the link of DS India
  • I have the AT&T version of the 1520 as my private phone and the 920 as my company phone. I will upgrade to the 950XL if a Dual SIM variant becomes available in the US and I can combine my two lines into one phone. If not, I'll probably wait and see if the Surface phone has dual Sim.
  • Another thing to note: The AT&T version of the L1520 was crippled with 16GB instead of the default 32GB.
    I will make the L1520 my photo camera and the 950 my daily driver.
  • Really? I'm running a 32Gb 1520 from AT&T. It was available but only in black.
  • My version was the original. 1) Crippled to 16GB storage, but with MicroSD. 2) It still has the touch screen issues, despite all updates, formats, etc. 3) I'm rocking a yellow L1520 so it was one that was stuck with the defects and storage. 4) AT&T didn't release the 32GB version until a year and a half later.
  • Mine has touch issues also. Sent it to Nokia Care, after 2months its good to go again.. But the GPS was not working properly after the screen issue was fixed. I use GPS and maps a lot, thanks i had my L925 as a back up I bought for 75% discount.
  • I'm using the 1520 and plan to upgrade to a 950xl. Woooooo!
  • RIP Nokia's glorious designs.
  • I think I'll stick with my 1520 for now. Never a problem with it since day one. If the rumored Surface Phone appears then I'll upgrade.
  • Chicken and egg situation. If everyone waits for the fabled surface phone (next flagship Lumia) to be released and sales are low, the universal app development will be low as well by that time. This still makes the windows ecosystem unattractive for mobile. Every ecosystem needs loyal consumers to grow with.
  • I hope it will be available in Japan in December. If no luck, then I'll be waiting up to January to March next year in the Philippines.
    It's a asure buy for L950XL.
  • I love my 1520 running windows 10 , but my proximity sensor doesn't work without me pressing down on the top right corner of my device. The 1520 is such a iconic windows phone that I my just wait it out for another 6 inch plus phablet.
  • I will hold off I want another 6" screen and I am hoping we get a true flagship phone with a surface pro phone :)
  • Yup
  • My last Windows Phone was a Lumia 1520 and I loved it.  I did think it was a bit too big, but I got used to it eventually.  I would love to see a side by side pic of the 1520 and the 950XL, (an actual pic of the two phones and NOT a side by side render), to see exactly how much smaller the 950XL is.  Regardless though, the 950XL is most likely going to be my next phone!
  • Thus phones are both beautiful. Perfection.
  • Since I bought Lumia 640 XL, I feel that 5.7" Screen is the sweet spot for smartphones nowadays. It's big, but still manageable. 5.2" or 5.5" feels like it can be better.... It's just my opinion though. Still, 950 XL is a dream phone.
  • I will definitely be upgrading my 1520 to the 950XL, faster processor, more RAM, Iris Scanner, etc. After having the 1520 for so long because MS hadn't released a new flagship, it is finally time.
  • Going with the 950xl fur sur
  • Does the 950 screen have the same outdoor visibility as the 1520? That was one of the main selling points that brought me from Android to Windows in the first place. I'm pretty happy with my 1520.3 but I'd consider buying the 950 if TMo fires up a 700mhz tower (band 12) near my office.
  • 950 wins this one with three words alone: no touchscreen problems
  • Definitely getting the 950xl. I just wish the didn't downgrade the screen size. The biggest screen I can fit in my pocket the better!!
  • It mostly depends on if I have the money, lol.
  • I've had my 1520 for over 2 it!! As long as AT&T offers the 950XL I'm going to have to go with the latest and greatest...950XL. It will compliment my SurFace Pro 4 I just ordered.
  • Has Microsoft fixed the shutter lag issue that's plagued Lumias? They mentioned something that there will be no blur in photos anymore. What did they change?
  • Is the 1520 getting cheaper? I'm looking forward to get one
  • I'm ready, willing, and able to upgrade to the 950XL. Consider it done... I'll be at my local AT&T store the day it comes out to pick it up. Might even be first in line. But I don't see a line forming for this one. Still... that won't stop me from starting one.
  • Yeah definitely
  • I love my 1520,but I'll be upgrading for sure. Can't wait. 920,1520,soon to be 950XL as well!!
  • Does anyone know if the 950xl come with the accessories (display dock) or it will be sold separately?
  • I don't see a good reason for switching to 950/950xl. If anyone think "yes", then what is the difference between Apple and Microsoft phone?
  • In many ways it's just an interface preference. I've always preferred the photos my 1520 takes over my wife's iPhone, but then she always gets a usable shot whereas sometimes I don't; but, continuum aside, the 950/XL will be running genuine Universal apps in a genuine desktop OS and that's a big leap over the fruit.
  • I just bought my 1520.3 this past January, so as much as I dig the 950XL, I couldn't possibly justify replacing a $550 phone after 10 months. ...that's money that can go toward a SurfaceBook. :)
  • Does anyone have info about led notifications?
  • I find my 1520 a bit to big for a phone and keep my 920 as my primary phone because of size. So, when I upgrade, it will be 950, not XL.
  • If the 1520 didn't have that unbearable touch screen issue and a less-than-spectacular front facing camera, I'd definitely stick with it. But the 5MP FFC with the iris scanner and upgraded processor/RAM are very enticing. Not to mention the higher aperture!
  • Hear him! Hear him! Praise be for f1.9!
  • Still love my 1520! But that 950xl sure is looking sweet! Will probably pick up for continuum.
  • The thing about Continuum is, do I have a screen/mouse/keyboard combo just lying about that isn't already connected to a desktop? Nah. Am I going to buy a decent screen just to plug my phone into? Probably not. Am I going to rewire my work hotdesk pc every day just so I can use my phone? Nope.'s nice, but...
  • I'll be upgrading to the 950XL. I love my 1520, but the 950XL has some great new additions.
  • 1520 battery is only 3000mAh, not as listed here... I won't be upgrading mine to 950 XL. Waiting for a true replacement with 6-inch display again or I'll buy the mysterious Intel device eventually. I'm thinking of buying a 930 cheap and using it in conjunction with my 1520.
  • I bought Lumia 640 xl in May but I don't think I will go for the high end Lumia 950xl. I am not pleased with the way phones are released every damned months.
  • Price on contract will be the decider!
  • My 1520 has Qi just saying. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes
  • I like my L1520 and can't go to smaller screen
  • If the digitizer works better. I love my 1520, but, too often it can't tell a touch from a poke. So it tends to open things when I'm trying to just scroll down the screen. If a picture in a news feed fills the screen, forget about it. Almost, no matter what, that picture will be opened two or three times as I attempt to scroll down.
  • Thanks for this article George! I don't know about the upgrade to the 950XL. I admit the950 XL has a lot of mouthwatering features.I think coming from the 1520 I think the camera's, removable battery, continuum and the usb c potential will be the most interesting. I think the most exciting is continuum. I think that was all along the major feature I was missing on my 1520. Before this I owned an htc HD2 with windows mobile and could use a bluetooth keyboard to use my smartphone as a screen to type documents on the go. That was immensly useful. Typing and editing documents with office mobile on a smartphone with a virtual keyboard was an exhausting and frustrating experience. Wordflow has helped somewhat. But for real productivity it still can't be the use of a physical keyboard in every day life. The typing on a smartphone is a very visual and visual instensive experience. You actually have to see what you are typing. I can blind type and that offers some creative freedom to focus on your thoughts while the fingers do their work without you having to focus on the screen per se. It's less straining on the eyes. I feel less tired. I think therefore continuum is the most interesting. I was hoping the lumia 1520 would be capable to handle continuum, but microsoft has made it clear that it's most likely not up for the task. That will make the move the 950XL inevitable. The second aspect is that for such a big phone I was expecting stylus support to be next evolution of the lumia 1520. Unfortunately this won't be supported as far as what is known to date. If rumours point to no support for a surface phone with stylus support, then it would be a less difficult choice to make the jump to the 950XL. But then winodws 10 will have to be ready for prime time, stable, secure and polished. Lots of things to consider!
  • The only thing that keep me from updating, apart the obvious availability, is that wp8.1 is an optimized OS that works well, while w10m is far from being ready, at least to my standard. That's all. I might wait next year...even though it will be hard seen my GAS
  • I'm really tempted. I think an important spec you missed is the fact the 950XL's QHD display is amoled. That, allied to the SD810's battery saving benefits should net the 950XL better battery life than the 1520 despite having more pixels to light up and a slightly smaller battery. Hopefully, that battery life is as epic as the 1320's. I'm tempted, really tempted to upgrade but I'm still having a hard time with the idea of getting a smaller screened phone (no matter how slight the difference) after being spoiled by 6 inches of display.
  • I would love to upgrade. But in Canada the xl will retail for $849. A pretty steep price imo.
  • Having just dropped my 1520 and cracked the screen, do I change my screen for £120 with Vodafone or just wait and pay out my contract for the 950???
  • Honestly, I'll wait for the next generation Windows 10 phones. Lumia 950XL is a great phone but when you look at the competition, to me, it doesn't stand out much. Since this is their first wave of smartphones with windows 10, I believe the next wave will be much better. I'll stick to my Lumia 1520 for another year. 
  • At the moment I don't really think ANY phone stands out for me, regardless of platform. I do really like the 950 and 950 XL as they are well spec'd phones running my OS of choice. I'm sticking with the Lumia 930, it's nice and fast compared to my 1020 I had previously and the differences are small for me. If I wanted a brand new expensive phone right now though, I'd be happy to go for the 950 or 950XL. I always used to get the latest phone available as soon as my contract was up, and I can afford to; but for as long as I don't want a new phone I'm just gunna stay put
  • I guess im not the only one waiting for a surface phone instead of those cheap looking 950's
  • I am fully ready to make the switch but the only thing in my hearts way is the possible surface phone how quickly will if at all a surface phone become a reality then id wait around for tht as long as they drop it quick enough cuz who knows maybe they scrap the prototype they maybe r working on and rework there whole idea on the surface phone im cool with my 1520 but if they drag there heels on a surface phone ill have to get a 950 xl and just have the 1520 nd 950
  • Keeping my Icon until next holiday season (2016) because I am not yet convinced that Microsoft is giving it their best. I would like to see a state of the art Surface Phone. Also, where are the USB -C ports on Surface Pro 4 and surface book? I hope that they are there and I just missed it.
  • 950 trumps it :-)
  • I had the 1520 and was the most expensive phone that i ever bought. It was also the less resistent so no more +5 phones for me. It was a nice experience to have it but the diffrence betwen 1520 and 640 is not very diffrent. I love microsoft but i think the next phone will be an iphone because the lack of the apps of windows and for the way that they update. I will never change from Windows Pc to Mac.
  • I don't know what it is about people and apps, I could care less about most of them. Give me my ESPN and MSN Sports apps and I'm golden.
  • I'm planning in switching to the 950 from my 1520 because with my time with the 1520 I've made a decision... 6 inch is too much for me and I don't think 5.7 inches is the solution, so I will choose 5.2 inches :D
  • I still really like my 1520. I had the 930 before that. I've had no problems with either phone. I'm hoping there will be a place I can actually see and mess with one before I buy. It's one of things I hate about the cell phone business. You go into a store and all you see is iPhones and Samsungs.
    I'd like that to change.
  • As of right now, I'll still keep ahold of my 1520 for the time being because my upgrade isn't until next November. I'm on the Next plan from AT&T and I'm not about to drop $949 to get the unlocked 950XL and buy out what I owe on the 1520.
  • I love my 1520, and my upgrade is in march so ill wait for the surface phone
  • I have 1520, I like it because of its big screen, easier for me to handle. The new 950XL is it as big as 1520? Seems smaller.
  • Am I the only one here who feels that Lumia 950 XL lacks the class and finesse of Lumia 1520? Posted via my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which isn't as much abandoned as any Windows Phone on the Windows Central App for Android
  • From what I've read the 950 and 950 XL are very nice in person. The glass on the front of the phone and the way it fits to the body is supposed to be quite impressive compared to how they look.
  • This or the 950 may be the phone I upgrade to in about a year. I decided to switch from getting the latest available phone on contract every 2 years and bought a used Lumia 930 recently to replace my Lumia 1020 - I'd love to own the 950 XL but trying to do the sensible thing and stay on a SIM only deal, considering the new features are mostly nice to haves for me. Continuum looks awesome, but I mostly have my SP3 with me wherever I go, and at home I use my Desktop PC for more power, so I'd probably use Continuum mostly to show off Windows 10 Mobile to people at this point.
  • Has everyone forgotten that this is really MS first release of a "Flagship" phone...are we really thinking they will get it right on their first try? If they do, it will be the first example of them getting it right at first attempt. They have kept us waiting so long for a flagship that many of you sound ready to hand over your money without seeing what kind of reviews the consumer comes back with after these new phones have been out for a bit.
  • Not necessarily related to just this phone - But does anybody know whether Windows 10 Mobile will support using a Bluetooth mouse, not when using Continuum, say if you just had your phone but no monitor/TV for using Continuum?
  • I would honestly consider keeping my 1520 a little longer if it still worked. Admittedly I dropped it once on the corner and the screen separated from the glass a little, but since then touch has become selective, I can hear on phone calls but not talk, not hear on speaker but my voice goes through, two of three capacitive buttons no longer light's a gong show. The 950XL cannot come quicker (in the mean time I'm trying to survive on a 635 which is killing me)
  • Yes, hands down better. Lose a little screen real estate, but I find the 1520 just a tad too unwieldy so this isn't an issue for me. In fact, I welcome the change.
  • Love my 1520 but it has done its job, L950XL here I come :)
  • 1520 looks Majestic
  • 1520 is a BEAST! NOTHING can replace it!!!!! 950XL does not have that beauty! 1520 is the TITAN phone. I don't need "iris scan" or making my phone - "PC"... So I think to keep my 1520 whatever what's happening!
  • Just give me the successor to 840 fast!
  • I have a 1520 for a year and a half now, due an upgrade early next year was sorely tempeted by both this and the rumored Surface Phone but the App gap is killing me! (2nd rate apps, third party apps only, or no apps at all.) I've been fighting the good fight for nearly 4 years now, 900 then 1520 - had both my kids on Windows phones but the app gap killed them off - iphone and android now, both college students at this stage. So I might have to defect to android - with great regret. My son who was as big a WinPhone fan as I was (had the 1320) tells me android is not not as slick to use, laggy and buggy but it has all the apps he needs (as a 19 y/o Snapchat was the one that finally killed his WinPhone - all the student at his university communicate on it). So unless MS can do something about this it will be with a very very heavy heart that I change over to android
  • Just switch I'm going too but doesn't make less of a MSFT fan.
  • Hi guys m, what's the difference in Lumia 940 or 940xl and 950 or 950xl
  • I've got one or two of each and love them both. The Continuum docking is really very good and any smart tech savvy individual who is in and out of the office will absolutely go bonkers for this feature. Smooth ,accurate and easy to figure out, and in reality I really believe this is the future of computing for the masses. Now if only someone could incorporate a hollographic display that emits from it then its bye bye Apple,  and say hello to MSFT at 500 smacker roonies a share.    
  • the screen was better on the 950XL, but that's about it. Lumia 1520 is still the king and I purchased another used instead of of the 950XL which has horrible focussing issues (I trield 2 of them. Horrible)