How to easily beat Ashina Chained Ogre in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an incredibly challenging game, and a lot of the time you have to either upgrade skills or purchase items from vendors. However, the most difficult part of the title has to be the boss battles. A lot of the enemies attack without much force, but sometimes you run into exceptions like the Ashina Chained Ogre.

The Ashina Chained Ogre is deadly if you get too close to him in a claustrophobic room. It's best to use projectile weapons to damage him.

It will only take you a few minutes if you throw shuriken stars at him. This is an easy fight if you follow the technique shown in the video.

  • In order to get to the Ashina Chained Ogre, you have to drop down from the Ashina Castle Upper Tower Antechamber where all the blue samurais are.
  • Doing so will immediately trigger the fight, so instead of attacking the indoors Chained Ogre, open the door to the right.
  • Now, run past the Chained Ogre until his health bar disappears. This means that he's looking for you. Now, run back and stealth attack him from behind to knock off one health bar.
  • You'll be protected from his attacks if you're in a doorway. The room has two exits, one to the left and one to the right. The exit on the left leads to the Old Grave Sculptor's Idol, but before that is a small door the Chained Ogre can't cross.
  • There are two ways you can approach this. Either hide in the small door on the left and attack him once in a while when he passes by. It'll take you roughly 10 minutes to kill him this way, but it's easy and oddly relaxing.
  • The other option is to use the enemies outside the door you just opened to chip away at his health.
  • The Chained Ogre doesn't have much health, so even throwing shuriken stars will kill him.
  • I chose to just stand far away from him and throw shurikens at him until he was dead.
  • This isn't a difficult fight if you choose to use long-range damage.
  • If you run out of Spirit Emblems, use the Ceremonial Tanto to get more.

It took us quite a while to figure out how to beat this boss, but once we did, it was rather easy. Hopefully this walkthrough will help you just as it helped us.

In our review, we said, "It's definitely harder than Dark Souls, but the sense of satisfaction you feel after defeating powerful titans is a reward in itself. The more you play, the stronger you become. The story and gameplay take you in new directions, but Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice's difficulty may limit its appeal. Unlike previous FromSoftware games, it lacks multiplayer so you can't summon allies to help you."

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