What do you think of Windows 10 Mobile build 15226?

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 Mobile efforts have been nothing short of disappointing. Each new Insider Preview build includes no new features and only bug fixes that could have been issued as cumulative updates rather than whole new builds. Regardless, we're still installing the new builds, and we bet you are too. How has the new build been holding up for you?

I've not noticed any good or bad changes. It feels the same as the previous build. However, some users on our forums noted some lag and battery drain issues. Some users have also noticed that an issue with Bluetooth audio has been fixed, which is great news.

Well, installed last night and, so far, have noticed the following: - dismissing alarm on phone does not dismiss it on my W10 laptop, as it did previously - phone has frozen twice, requiring soft reset each time - extreme lag typing this post 950XL DS


Build 15226 is Microsoft's latest "feature2" build for Windows 10 Mobile. The feature2 branch is devoid of any new features, with the company only focusing on minor bug fixes and under the hood improvements from here on out.

But we're curious about your experience. So hit the link below and let us know in our forums.

From the forums: Windows 10 Mobile build 15226 Discussion (Fast Ring)

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