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The NZXT H1 isn't your standard case where two side panels pop out, and you're good to go. This compact Mini-ITX chassis allows you to remove all panels to gain uninterruptable access to what's inside. While it's not difficult to open the case up, it may not be immediately evident as to the correct way to go.

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  • Build it small: NZXT H1 ($350 at Amazon)

How to open up the NZXT H1

  1. Gently pull the front glass panel away from the main case from below. NZXT H1
  2. Gently pull the rear panel away from the main case from below. NZXT H1
  3. Pull up the main panel that covers both sides and top. Lift it off once it's at the top of the four runners. NZXT H1
  4. Unscrew two screws holding in the AIO cooler.
  5. Swing the bracket holding the radiator down, paying attention to the tubing. NZXT H1
  6. Remove the bracket that shields the SSD tray. NZXT H1

You can now easily access all parts of the NZXT H1. To put everything back together, simply follow the above steps in reverse.

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In order to mess around with the NZXT H1 and build a cool-looking PC yourself, you'll need to buy one.

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The H1 from NZXT is the case maker's most compact option for system builders, allowing one to create an exceptional Mini-ITX PC build. This case includes an AIO cooler and 650W PSU.

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