How quick can you get a WP7 app to the Marketplace?

How quickly do you think someone could take an idea, build a Windows Phone 7 app, submit it to the Marketplace and the download & install it? One, two weeks? How about 5 days? Jarno Peschier (peSHIr), a .NET and general programming enthusiast, did just that. He developed an app for 3D Masters, a 3D Model Helicopter Competition, in just 5 days from conceiving the idea.

On July 15th, Jarno received an email from 3D Masters detailing the availability of an iPhone app for the event. While engaging in discussion between himself and the director of the event, Jarno eventually decided to develop an app for WP7.

Five days later (today) and the 3D Masters app is readily available on the Marketplace. It really is a neat little app for attendees and for the approval process plus development time to accumulate to under a week is pretty impressive. You can check out more about the challenge Jarno faced this week by visiting his site below and download the 3D Masters app (opens in new tab) from the Marketplace for a minimal fee.

Source: peSHIr (opens in new tab), via: @gcaughey (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I did my very useful but simple and 100% free app, "Quick Contact Info" in 2 days. Which was shocking to me, because at the time it was taking on average 7+ days for my apps in the review process (even those simpler then quick contact info), but this went through in one day!
  • Sounds like maybe MS might be getting the process down along with the times.
  • Don't know where you guys found that fetching baby picture of me, but thanks for my 15 minutes of fame on this site. ;-)