How to send full resolution photos on Windows Phone using

When you email photos from your Windows Phone device, it is downsized for faster transfer. What if you want to share full resolution photos taken with the 41-megapixel sensor on the Nokia Lumia 1020? What if you want to send the high-resolution photos to your computer without using the USB cable? Read on to find out how to do it by using the application. We also have video to show you how it’s done. is intended to be a mobile sharing app for your Windows Phone 8 device that lets you discover other members nearby and share photos to the network. It was announced for Windows Phone at Nokia World and is also available on other major app stores. gives you an option to send high-resolution photos, so we’ll be using this app to send those high-resolution photos to ourselves or other people via email.

When you open the app for the first time, it asks for your email address. Don’t type your primary account! We’ll explain in a bit.

Photos from your camera roll are shown by default. Change that to “Hi-Res.” When you click on a photo, check the file size on the upper left corner. Notice how much bigger in size they are? High-resolution photos are about 8 to 10MB each compared to 2MB file sizes for the 5 megapixel photos in the camera roll.

Clicking the share button below the photo displays who you can send to. Other users who are nearby will show up on the list, but we rarely see that happen. Your contacts list is also available. Select yourself if you simply want to send those full resolution photos to your email inbox. Remember when we told you not to type your primary email account in the settings? That’s because if you entered your primary email and send the photos to the same email account, it will be sent to the app inbox, not your email inbox.

You can send multiple photos, too. There are two ways to do this. You can click on the plus sign to the right of the first photo or you can click the select button in the photo selection screen.

If you want to send photos to more than one person, just tap on each recipient in the contacts list. 

One thing that we’d like to see in this app is the ability to send photos to any email address. Currently, only the email addresses in your contacts list are available. If you want to send photos to people you just met, you’ll have to insert their email addresses in your phone book before using We also noticed some crashes when opening full resolution photos.

Once your photos and recipients are selected, click the send button at the bottom. You can also use a flick gesture like throwing a frisbee to do the same thing.

The email sends has a thumbnail attachment for preview and a link to download the photos. They also include a note saying the files will be available to download for 3 days.

That’s it! That’s how you send full resolution photos from your Windows Phone devices. We wish Microsoft made things easier by having an option in the email app to send photos in different sizes. High-resolution photos take up a lot of bandwidth, so we understand why they would prevent users from doing this. Having a choice would be nice, though.

If you plan on sending photos in full resolution, definitely check out and follow this guide. The app is free at the Windows phone store.

Does this method work for you? Do you have a better technique? Let us know in comments!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Thirsk
  • Not allowed to do this on an 822?
  • Why would you need to? 822 doesn't resize photos for faster transfer..
  • Not true.  I have an 810 and I just took a 4:3  photo with Nokia Camera and the fie size is 2.1 MB / 3264 x 2448 but sent via email it was reduced to 438 KB / 1632 x 1224.   It should be 2150.4 KB/2.1 MB
  • I Downloaded this app when it was announced but never used it. I will be giving it a shot now though.
  • Value added read. Thanks!
  • WP's handling of photos really pisses me off. I didn't even know they screwed your photos with email. In WP7 SkyDrive uploads were limited to thumbnails. I don't even know if I should trust WP8's "best quality" setting. Without wireless sync, you need to connect the phone to pc. Apps can still only write jpgs to the library, presumably reconverting even files that are already jpg, lowering quality even more. IE and powerpoint support GIF playback, but the photo viewer doesn't. The list goes on. God dammit this made me irrational angry.
  • Nokia Refocus is now available!
  • "We wish Microsoft made things easier by having an option in the email app to send photos in different sizes. " ^ This. Really there's so many times I want to send someone a photo and don't need to send them the full size image, the option to resize and compress an image would be wonderful. I guess MS feel it should be as simple as possible "pick and send", but I think the option would be great. So many people don't understand computers and send massive files when a small image would be faster and conserve bandwidth. I'm sure they could build a send dialog with resizing options that could clearly explain the benefits of resizing. Is it possible to write a "share to" app that would allow this? Anyway, kind of the opposite of what is offering here.
  • This application has a one star rating in the UK store which isn't very encouraging. It's been badly rated mostly because it crashes a lot. However I will still try it out
  • First question can't u share the full mega picture photo with SkyDrive, second question is why does my 8.7 mega pixel Lumia 925 only give me 1.9-2.2 mega pixel photos I don't get it....does anyone know??
  • First question: you can do it on settings. But only share full megapixel over WiFi connection.
    Second question: it is not full megapixel when you share over Whatsapp, email, etc. It happens to me too. It's suppost to be faster than do it with 8.7 megapixel.
    I think Microsoft should release an update and let customer choose between full megapixel or compact. I have unlimited plan of 4G, so I don't care about the size.
  • I'm using HD Photo Viewer app which allows to send emails with full resolution photos.
  • But the recipient may not have a 4G unlimited plan and every full resolution image you send via whatsapp will make the guy with 1GB 3G plan hate you.
  • LoL
    Haters gonna hate Kidding
    But that depend on person settings to download high images or low images..
  • flickr and other photo sites allow upload via email. i added my flickr email to my address list and tested this. i made sure to select hi-res photo and what arrived was a thumbnail smaller then the the 5MP version of the photo. i also tried facebook and nothing arrived.
  • The attached file in the email is a thumbnail, so that could be the reason why Flickr is not showing the full-res photo. You have to click on the link in the email to download. Please check the the screenshot in the post.
  • I save to SkyDrive then access it from the Win8 SkyDrive
  • Amen to that!
  • How do you do that with 35 and 38 megapixel images? I can only figure out how to do that with the 5MP interpolated images.
  • Yeah, it would be great to have the choice ! It would be great if WP don't concider us like dumbs and limit all features on the phone ! :/
  • i think it is nokia not WP
  • Get an Android.
  • When you save to SkyDrive does it save in full resolution?
  • Depends.  For lower resolution phones like the 920, yes.  For the 1020 you can only upload the 5mp file to skydrive, not the full resolution file.  There are currently one 3 ways I know to get the full resolution file off the 1020. Connect it to your computer At&t locker - horrible service that won't let you multiselect and download amongst many other usability issues. Now this phrizbe service... whatever it is. Not sure how phrizbe is pulling it off.  I haven't found the api yet that allows you to get to the full resolution files on the phone.  I'm not really sure why you can't already upload the full resolution file to skydrive...
  • So you want me to upload my hi-res image to server? Hell NO!
  • I uploaded a 11.8 mega pixel sent it to my wife's email and it was reduced to 8
  • I think the 11.8 (inches) is an exaggeration,  you're lucky it was reduced to 8 instead of 5, what it really is. Your "wife"  ?   ;-)
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  • Does Anyone know why i uploaded all my Video Files to skydrive and lost all its quality... Terrible and unbelievable. I set up to transfer full quality video but the quality was lost.. And know?
    How can i upload full res videos? Is there any way to "recover" past videos quality because i've deleted them all =/