Transfer media to and from your Lumia with Nokia Photo Transfer for Mac

For those who use Mac OS, Nokia has released Nokia Photo Transfer for Mac. This enables you to connect your Nokia Windows Phone to the computer and transfer photos and video between the two devices - perfect for all Lumia hardware. It's a rather basic app that focuses on media alone, excluding music.

The real advantage of Nokia Photo Transfer for Mac is that the app also supports SmartShoot, Cinemagraph, Nokia Smart Camera and Nokia Pro Camera, as well as built-in functionality. Compatible file types include: .jpg, .npo, .nar, and .mp4. Head on over to the Nokia website for the .dmg file download.

Source: Nokia (opens in new tab)

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  • It would be interesting to see a chart of how many people who have Macs as their main computer, have a Windows Phone as their main phone. Cause the people who I know who have a Mac, also have an iPhone... Everything in my house is Microsoft. Well oke, not everything, if Microsoft had a TV, I would have that too :P
  • Well this is the idea isn't it... to make it easy for them to use a Windows Phone instead of their iPhone.
  • I have a Macbook Air and a win 8 desktop, as well as a Lumia 920 (personal) and an iphone (work). Why choose just one when you can have both
  • Yup, each system has it's advantages. 
  • i'm one of them...
    MacOS for work, and Nokia 920.
    Microsoft software on the Mac is junky and crashy, but does the work. i use skydrive to sync images/videos, so that's working fine, MS connector access my Aperture library to get the photos.
  • I'm one, I'm a student who has a MacBook pro and a 920. A few of my friends are too :)
  • We are out there.
  • I have a PC, Lumia 920, Surface Pro, and a Mac book Pro. /shrug
  • I've had an apple computer since the original iBook, and now I rock the Lumia 925, Surface RT, Apple Tv, and my MacBook Pro. I live in the cloud and love all four.
  • I don't know many people with a WP (none actually). I can safely say 90% of the people I know with iPhones have PCs and many people I know with Macs have Androids. I think more common folk are tech neutral than sites like this think. Just from my experiences.
  • I'm rocking a 2009 MacBook and have had the HTC Titan, Lumia 900, L920, Samsung Focus, and HTC surround. I was an apple fan boy but I prefer the WP platform.
  • I have a Windows 8 PC, Surface RT, Xbox 360, Dell laptop, Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X and an LG TV :P
    Gonna get: Xbox One and Surface Pro 2 Haswell style.
  • Am I allowed to be jealous of you?
  • I'm just as blessed as the others here my friend. ;)
  • MacBook pro as my main computer and Nokia 920 here. I know 3 other windows phone users that use mac as their main computer. I think windows phone appeals a lot to mac users, its a much better designed os but is behind on apps, and that applies to both windows phone and mac osx.
  • Well, in my company most people use Macs as their work PCs (free choice, but you need to be really freaky if you're one of the two persons that chose some cheesy non-Apple notebook and run Linux on that instead, no Windows users). However I'm the only true Mac user using a Windows Phone, there's another one but his new work Mac is actually the only Mac he has ever used... the rest is using either iPhones or the latest and greatest in Android devices (most actually have both as primary and secondary phone). I don't want an iPhone for two reasons: it's ridiculously expensive for just a phone (and yes, I prefer to see mobile phones primarily as phones not as internet devices with attached (and often lousy) phone functionality) it's just to tempting to play games or use any of other distractions that are only really available on iOS during work I think the mid-range Lumias offer the most bang for the buck of all smartphones... although battery life of any smartphone still sucks.
  • I have a Macbook Pro and a 920
  • Everything except my phones are Apple in my house, though am looking to pick up a surface pro to replace our 1st Gen iPad later this month. I'm glad this got released so quickly, now I should be able to pull my full res 1020 photos!
  • I have a MacBook pro and a 1020 :)
  • Well, I have a Mac and a Windows Phone.
    I don't like iPhones and I don't like PC's
    So, there you go.
  • Here!
    OSX for general computing, Win8/PS3/3DS for gaming and WP8 on my phone.
  • I have been a Mac guy since 1994. I LOVE my Mac, but I can't stand iOS. A frustrating love/hate relationship with Android for 2 years before switching to WP8. I LOVE WP8 now, too. It's not about a brand, it's about who is building a good product that does what I want/need it to do.
  • Sounds like a useful tool for PC users as well, curious choice to limit it to macs.
  • Eh when I plug my Lumia into my PC I can copy photos easily using File Explorer. I wonder if Macs can't do this and hence the need of the tool.
  • I have an iMac but also a Windows 8 desktop, a Windows 8 tablet, a Windows 7 laptop. I can't see myself ever getting an iPhone. I see them as the mobile phone equivalent of BMWs -- undoubtedly decent enough but they're just ... not me.
  • Sorry, that was supposed to be a reply to pr0phecy ^^
  • So you actually replied to yourself?
  • What an embarrassment to Microsoft.
  • How so? MS has had the Windows Phone Connector for Mac for years. 
  • Why did Nokia make this tool?
    Because Microsoft's sync clients are complete jokes.
  • Joke is an understatement here...
  • There's also this lame issue of WP8 API that apps can work with pictures but not videos from your camera roll. So they can e.g. upload pictures to Dropbox but they cannot upload videos. And that's not the only silly / missing thing in WP8 API. MS should try better if they want to catch up with Android and iPhone markets.
  • Agreed. We need a good video editing app (not just a trimmer) and the API restrictions prevent it from even being possible.
  • I am one of those that has a MacBook Pro and a Windows Phone. I'm unsure of the need for this? I just hook up my Lumia and startup the Windows Phone for Mac software to sync, iPhoto opens as well when new pictures and videos are part of the sync import and imports them into iPhoto. iPhoto then adds them to my Photo Stream so when I stoke up my AppleTv I can watch all the new photos on its screen saver feature. Nice looking at all those perfectly taken photos on a 58-inch plasma!!!
  • What about a decent app for Windows 7! Nokia suite and Zune were superior to the crap program we have now!
  • Oh yes, how I miss Zune indeed :(
  • Wow, PRISM/NSA would love to see the comment section of this article. So much personal property info. Oh and also that guy who is your "friend" on facebook who has been thinking about robbing you and selling your stuff at a pawn shop. Now he knows exactly what you have. Someone please include their windows password, bank account number and ssn next please.
  • Tin foil is your friend, I'll bet.
  • Right. Because PRISM doesn't already know the computers and phones we own. Did we all buy them with cash? Or did we trade them for a bicycle? Maybe learn a little more about the program before getting all koo koo
  • I have a Mac and hopefully Lumia 1020 when it comes out in Finland. What new does this program bring to user. I mean, why the finder + drag drop is not enough to copy new photos/videos to Mac.
  • Basic functionality is good. iPhoto is too damn complicated and stupid. I always prefer basic apps.
  • Well my excitement was extremely short lived... immediate crashing on OS X 10.9 beta builds. :-( 
  • I have the same problem with Mavericks GM
  • This is great news, because I'm likely buying a specced out 13-inch Macbook Air, with the new Intel Haswell chip, sometime this weekend.
    Although a Lumia 620 that I have access to isn't my main device (that'd be an SGS3), it'll be useful to be able to easily sync it to my new Mac.   It's been kind of a mixed experience on my Win7 desktop.   Really, really, *really* miss the easy syncing of the Zune software.   Worst decision by Microsoft, regarding their mobile platform, by far.
  • I'd take a Windows flavor of this IFF it can transfer pics without changing the date stamp of the file AND will remove the pic/vid from the phone when it's finished. Both of these are failures of the Windows tool.
  • I have always been a Mac user and never owned a Windows PC. I own a MacBook Pro and still have my Titanium PowerBook G4 going. When it comes to computers, unless Apple really drops the ball, I'll probably never switch. Although, I'm really excited about WP and what Microsoft has been doing with 8.
    With smartphones, I feel less allegiance though. My history so far iPhone 3G -> Google Nexus One -> HP Pre 3 -> Lumia 900 -> Lumia 920. Not that I am anyone of importance, but Microsoft and Nokia should feel good to see that they are the first to get my attention twice in a row. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed to win a 1020.
    I don't really need the Nokia Photo Transfer for Mac, since it's a little redundant for my needs. Windows Phone Connector combined with iPhoto handles my back up needs nicely. My DSLR work is done with Lightroom 5, since iPhoto chokes on RAW.
    P.S.- In regards to ecosystem loyalty, I also own the Nexus 7, Apple TV, Roku 3 and awaiting the Chromecast. Why be dependent upon one company?
  • can anyone tell me why i cant see my pictures or albums, actually i cant see anything on my nokia 930 when i conect it to a macbook pro.  Its fine on my pc.  Id be interested to see which company is being the idiot here.  Is it apple blocking this or is it microsoft,  No offence but i sometimes just want to drag and drop, i dont want to always go to the onedrive.  A usb from my phone to the mac should be sufficient.  Any one know the answer?  Also why cant i select the size of a photo like apple do to send a picture ?  Will this option come soon?.