'How We Make Minecraft' Episode 7 discusses redstone and the depth it brings to Minecraft

Minecraft How We Make Minecraft Image
Minecraft How We Make Minecraft Image (Image credit: Mojang Studios | YouTube)

What you need to know

  • Mojang Studios has a 'How We Make Minecraft' YouTube series that explores different parts of Minecraft.
  • The series drops one episode a month, each covering a different subject with a humorous tone.
  • Episode 7 of 'How We Make Minecraft' is about redstone, its origins in Minecraft, and why its complexity makes sense.
  • Redstone helps ensure that Minecraft holds something for everyone - players can learn redstone at their own pace.

One of the many ways Mojang Studios has connected with the diverse Minecraft community has been the How We Make Minecraft YouTube series, which goes over different parts of Minecraft, why they're essential, and how Mojang Studios balances all of these parts. Episode 7 is now here, and the beloved Narrator is taking a look at one of the biggest (and most confusing) parts of Minecraft: redstone.

Redstone was added to Minecraft many years ago, and has been the subject of steady improvements, changes, and additions since then. Redstone is the "functional block" in Minecraft and lets players build actual machines, and breathe new life into otherwise-stationary blocks. Redstone is also the hallmark of many Minecraft masters, who take their knowledge of redstone to new levels and accomplish incredible things inside Mojang Studios' open-world survival sandbox.

Minecraft How We Make Minecraft Image

Source: Mojang Studios | YouTube (Image credit: Source: Mojang Studios | YouTube)

Because of this, redstone can also be seen as "inaccessible" to new or casual players because of the incredibly high skill ceiling it has. However, Mojang Studios is quick to remind players in the newest How We Make Minecraft episode that redstone starts simple, and players can learn how to master redstone at their own pace. Redstone is one of the many pieces of Minecraft that ensures the world's most popular game contains something for everyone.

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