How's that Mogul Update Treating You?

When we heard that the Mogul updated was coming, we were excited. When we heard that the Mogul update had arrived, we partied like we always do when there's a ROM Update (yes, we are nerds). EVDO Rev A. (first ever!) and GPS will do that to you.

However, just like when we party too hard in real life, we're hearing that some folks are experiencing a bit of a post-update hangover. Sure, EVDO Rev A is rockin', but as we feared the GPS is a little wonky. Fortunately, it doesn't require a com port hack like the BlackJack II and the Q9h do (but really those folks just need to download MoDaCo's GPS Config). Unfortunately, some folks in our forums are reporting that the GPS has the nasty little habit of randomly turning off, or not turning on, and so on.

Our very own HobbesIsReal hooks us up with the config detail on how to get GPS going and

WC Staff