Sprint Mogul Updated with Rev A, GPS

Although the Official download site isn't showing the new update, HTC has posted the long-awaited update to the Sprint Mogul, just as we predicted over the weekend. Go get it:

Direct Download from HTC America

Update: HTC is getting hammered. We'll host a mirror here for now:


Since HTC hasn't yet posted the official update list, we can't say for sure what we're in for. However, we're darn sure that we are getting EVDO Rev A. and GPS is getting turned on in some way, shape, or form . Not to mention, version 3.35.651.2 should also hopefully include yet another fix for persistent Bluetooth problems.

Update: Here's the press release for you folks that love that sort of thing. GPS confirmed for really real and apparently the Mogul is the first Rev A. Handset. Seems odd that it's the first, no?

WC Staff
  • I'm feeling pretty sure that GPS is enabled... Jesse Nicholson posted this link over at engadget:http://forums.buzzaboutwireless.com/baw/board/message?board.id=SmartPhones&thread.id=3488
  • The ROM Update must be getting hit hard. It is downloading, but EXTREMELY slow. Over 5 minutes into the download with a cable internet connection, I am only 2.73 mb into the 60 mb download.
    At this rate I am going to have leave for an appointment before it finishes downloading. I usually wait a few days to install a ROm update, but I am going install this one today.
  • My installation failed 10% of the way in and now my mogul shows Red-Green-Blue colors. I tried reinstalling and got an error code. What now?
  • BTW: The error code is 328. Please help?!!
  • More info: HTC America Support will not help you if this does not install correctly. They tell you to contact Sprint. Sprint technical support does not know how to help either. They will tell you to get the phone replaced. Is there anyone that knows how to fix this without replacing the phone? Did anyone else experience problems installing the ROM update?
  • I totally missed your posts. Most of the discussion jumped over to the original thread.....
    [URL="http://discussion.wmexperts.com/showthread.php?t=162043">Rev.A / GPS Software Update Official Date [/URL]
    This happened to me to. I bet you are using a computer with Vista on it. You will need to install the ROM with an XP computer. You will probably have to have Sprint provision your phone now too once you get the ROM installed. Take read on the other discussion....
  • I updated my phone a Vista 32bit system with no problem. It froze up at 11% but restarted itself and finished the installation. In addition with GPS and REV A, it also gives you a copy of Sprint Telenav Navigation software which is very nice and allows an option in the setting to customize the X button to close the program with a single tap or with a tap and hold. The bluetooth seems to work better and the phone seems to be handling memory allocation better. There is an updated Task Manager program in the program menu written by HTC. There is a new slide down menu in the far right of the start menu task bar which has an Active Sync button, a settings button, and a memory usage meter which shows the anount of main memory that is free. They added a zip utility to the programs menu.
  • "I totally missed your posts. Most of the discussion jumped over to the original thread....." That's ok, luckily I pay for equipment replacement from Sprint. Got a new one today from them. Yes it was on Vista, funny you could figure that out. This time I disconnected the internet and any other program on my computer I thought could be running in the background. "I updated my phone a Vista 32bit system with no problem. It froze up at 11% but restarted itself and finished the installation." When I tried it again with the new phone it did the same thing, but continued until it finished this time. Thank Goodness!! I also figured out what caused the hiccup both times. My Media Center was trying to download guide data both times. Luckily it finished-out this time when it happened. Thanks for the link! I'm ecstatic about being able to use GPS with Google Maps now!