Sprint Mogul Updated with Rev A, GPS

Although the Official download site isn't showing the new update, HTC has posted the long-awaited update to the Sprint Mogul, just as we predicted over the weekend. Go get it:

Direct Download from HTC America

Update: HTC is getting hammered. We'll host a mirror here for now:


Since HTC hasn't yet posted the official update list, we can't say for sure what we're in for. However, we're darn sure that we are getting EVDO Rev A. and GPS is getting turned on in some way, shape, or form . Not to mention, version 3.35.651.2 should also hopefully include yet another fix for persistent Bluetooth problems.

Update: Here's the press release for you folks that love that sort of thing. GPS confirmed for really real and apparently the Mogul is the first Rev A. Handset. Seems odd that it's the first, no?

WC Staff