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The HP Elite x3 Windows 10 Mobile phone might not work on Verizon's network

Recently updated hardware specs for the upcoming HP Elite x3 hint that the Windows 10 Mobile "superphone" might not work on Verizon Wireless' network.

In a hardware specs document published a few days ago by HP (opens in new tab), the section on its cellular wireless support does not show that it will support band 13 LTE. That's the band used by Verizon, as Neowin points out, which may mean the HP Elite x3 may not be able to work on the carrier's network.

Keep in mind that neither Verizon nor HP has confirmed the Elite x3 won't work on Verizon's network, and it's entirely possible that the phone might support it after all. HP has yet to announce a launch date or price tag for the Elite x3, but it is expected to be available later this summer.

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  • So glad I switched to $40/ month at&t go phone plan. My 950xl works great on it
  • So, what I'm wondering is if the X3 will be offered by att.
  • Probably not since this isn't a consumer oriented device.
  • I know. Still, doe...
    Question, is the Lumia 950XL not a consumer oriented device? My point being that att didn't offer it, and I never understood why.
  • @Rodneyej, stop being silly lol. The 950 and XL is a consumer device as well. The x3 is first and foremost an enterprise device. As such it HP's virtual app cloud platform is it's key USP. Such a USP is meaningless for your average joe. Not so much for us techies.
  • I know it's a consumer device. That's my point. I'm trying to make that point to stress why it's dumb that att doesn't offer it. It's a rhetorical question, I should've typed it as so.
  • They didn't offer 950 XL because the 640 XL didn't sell well
  • @techfreak1 burned
  • Lol.. No, he's good.
  • I would not consider the 950 series to be consumer oriented as much as enthusiast orientated. The device weren't meant to attract new customers, just hold over existing customers.
  • True.. True
  • I thought ATT offered the 950XL? Either way, it's been well-reported here that you'll have to buy the X3 directly from HP or M$ Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Missed that it's been reported as OEM sold only.. But, no att only has the tiny 950, which I already have... And, I admit that it's actually pretty nice. Not as bad as I thought. It's tiny, but it'll do till something more substantial arrives...... And, hopefully on att.. Lol
  • So did you retire your 1520? I'm still rocking mine and it's running smoothly.
  • It went kaput... I got the 950, and it works terrifically. I take back everything I said about it.. Well, it doesn't have the most exciting design, but it's nice.. Would've preferred the 950XL, though. I'm having trouble getting used to how tiny it is (having used a 6" device for almost 3years)
  • Glad you got the 950.
    You see, criticizing without actually experiencing something isn't cool.
    950 XL with almost same sized screen of the 1520 without the bulk and edges would have been great for ya though..
    Happy continuuming ;)
  • You're right. I did overly criticize it.. Although, my biggest criticism still remains.. I wish it had that classic Lumia style build, and design language.. But, I was wrong about it being of not as good a quality of feel and poise. It's at least of average quality. Just doesn't appear to be at first glance/touch.. Almost as if it's not the same phone I saw on shelves a few months back. But, after having used it for a few hours it definitely feels valid.. We just expect more, and for the experience to not shine, and "have to grow on you after you buy it" is not good. So, I still remain that they could've did better on the overall design...
    I also was wrong about the on screen keys.. I now feel close to the opposite about them. I'm beginning to think they feel MORE premium, especially the fact that they hide when the device is locked, giving it a "stealthy" kinda look.. I just wish they would go translucent more often, or stay that way by choice... So, you're right. I'm actually impressed with the hardware as a whole. It's surely ahead of the 1520, from a technical standpoint, and runs update 2 (the latest version) practically flawlessly, which I doubt the 1520/930/Icon, ever will.... And, you're right, if I'm impressed by the 950, a device I always dreaded owning, then I would be that much more happier with the XL.... I still have to claim the 1520 as the best device to come so far, because of the initial wow factor, and it still is appealing after almost 3 years.
    And,,, that -.3" does make a big difference (this -.8" is very hard for me to get used to).... Nevertheless, reports have said that the Surface Phone might come in three versions, so I just might get my dream device yet (6.2")... The X3? I'm skeptical about that camera. AWESOME DEVICE, LITERALLY THE BEST HARDWARE ON PAPER, but the camera is SUPER important to me... BTW, the camera on the 950 blows the 1520 out of the water...
    Long story short... I didn't get the phone I've dreamed of for over a year, but the 4, or 5, goodies the 950 has to offer has made me temporarily very satisfied until the next big release... And, thats my most mature, honest, and most unbiased, opinion on the matter, so don't judge me❗❗❗
  • I hear you, I love my 1520 and hopefully holding out for surface phone but really liking the elite x3, but would much prefer a surface device though!
  • Yep, my question about the X3 is the camera??????
    What if the camera sux monkey nutz?
  • Both devices kind of sucked on launch, but now they fly on the latest W10M builds. Still a few bugs here and there, but an overall stable and fluid experience on my Lumia 950 XL. At the very least I'm not constantly wanting to throw my device at a wall like I did on launch. And the Windows Hello Iris Scanner actually works pretty great now! Unless you're in direct sunlight, where it unsurprisingly falters every time. I'd still prefer something like Touch ID 2.0, but it still definitely beats entering a passcode every time (Especially when it's 16-digits like mine).
  • So, having got my 950 later, and with it running an almost production ready update 2 build, my experience is probably considerably better than those early adopters'.... My main complaint is just the size, and the fact that att didn't carry the XL... After using a 6"device, for almost 3 years, this phone seems tiny, a bit toy like, and unrealistic.. Although, it does run like a dream... Literally the only thing it's missing is apps. That's it. If there was a 6" 950 then I probably would just wait for the Surface Phones 2, which is actually what I prefer to do. Thank god for att's 1 year upgrades'.
  • couldn't you have bought the 950XL from Microsoft? or is it you wanted a payment plan?  
  • Cost too much, this time around.. Payment plan
  • Honestly Rodney, that's why I'm still using my 1520, because I just don't think cell phones are worth $400 - $700 dollars and refuse to pay that much out right. I'm honesty starting to wish Microsoft would allow phone calls on devices 8" or less so if I'm using my tablet with a headset plugged in I could take phone calls too; of course it wouldn't replace my phone, I find myself using this 8" NuVision tablet I recently purchased from the Microsoft Store for $40+ tax and loving it! I just wish someone would make a case that has a battery pack built in like the extended pack cases made for iPhones, but for tablets.
  • That's not true. It will be made available to average consumers , else why do I see adds for the phone on YouTube and other such outlets? You can also go to the website and request to be notified when available. That tells me that this phone will be sold directly from HP. They will probably be targeting this to businesses but I can't imagine they'd turn away those interested.
  • Nobody says that anyone cant buy it. Were talking about it's availability, and where it will be offered.
  • ????? So, that means the commercial or enterprise users can't use ATT? ​Of course they do. They use the same carriers like you and me do (ATT, Verizon, Sprint). Any phone manufacturer has to sign an agreement to allow the phones to use their bands. Verizon or any other can ban a particular phone to use their band. The past experience shows that Verizon is not a fan of Windows phones (check the Lumias 950). Upon an agreement is signed, the phone manufacturer will activate the specific band. Hopefully Verizon will come down from their clouds to the real world and allow the Lumias 950 and the HP Elite to use their bands.
  • I thought that Verizon was 1 of the carriers Microsoft gave up on. Microsoft did state they were reducing the number of carriers they worked with.
  • Don't give up this. Continue with work in very successful.
  • Say What???? I'm paying $65. Not a go phone plan, however, I did buy my 640 and 640XL outright so I think I need to look into that. I'm not a big data user and 3GB a month would be fine. Thanks for mentioning that.
  • Same here...The Elite X3 looks like a worthy upgrade for my 640XL..
  • Haha. Its better than it in virtually every way.
  • The prices you guys pay for what you get is a rip off (compared to other established markets) to be honest.
  • @TechFreak1 I know, our prices are insane. You should see what we pay for home internet... not to mention how slow our connections are... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Your prices are amazing compared to what Canadians have to pay.
  • And the speeds
  • Compared to the prices and data speed I have to put up with in India (and NO carrier has unlimited free texting or MMS), US prices are amazing.
  • I pay $60 monthly for 6gb with rollover and of course unlimited voice/data/text on GoPhone.
  • I pay $40 monthly for unlimited LTE on a T-Mobile family plan Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What plan do you have ? Are you referring to unlimited data or unlimited LTE? I have 4 lines unlimited LTE for $150 and $30 each for my other 2 lines Posted via Trump2016
  • 2 lines with unlimited LTE for $100. I've got one line that's $8 (but that's just a flip phone with unlimited talk and text) and another phone with 2gb LTE Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I still pay $25+tax with unlimited call, txt, Spotify, YouTube, wifi calling, even unlimited Internationally call to Mexico plus 2Gb data.T-MOBILE.
  • T-Mobile Service still isn't good enough for me, and they don't carry compelling windows phones for Mr, but I'm watching and waiting for when they can meet my needs.
  • That's the thing. They don't need to carry the phone. You can buy what you want.
  • Go phone plan is well worth it then. I pay $42 and change. It's $45 for a 3GB plan (with roll over now) $5 off if you do auto pay, and then they tack on taxes.
  • I'm shocked.
  • Sarcasm
  • I am was expected...
  • I wonder what balmer said that cheesed off Verizon so bad? They won't let it go.
  • Lol
  • Can you here me now?
  • Even that guy has left Verizon.
  • He likely still has Verizon service. Lol. Remember when Jessica Alba was a Windows Phone spokesperson? Someone spotted her using an iPhone. Same thing here.
  • I believe it was the Verizon exclusive Kin phones.
  • I will purchase this HP phone, but only if it works on Verizon.
  • You might have to move on, then. Sorry.
  • You can wait for the Surface Phone..
  • You can wait for the Surface Phone...
  • You can wait for the Surface Phone...
  • I've read some rumors of an upcoming version of the phone that will work with Verizon. We'll see... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Guess you won't be getting it and changing platforms since Verizon refuses to negotiate when it comes to windows Phone.... Deep down inside, you know how Verizon is, don't fool yourself.
  • Guess this won't be the phone for you then. Verizon needs to move on to a standard used be the test out the world ac quit expecting manufacturers to double sku counts to support their network.
  • Kmberntsen: Your comment is profoundly confusing at face value.
  • LOL, yeah that autocorrect sure did a number on that sentence! I'm guessing it was supposed to read: "used by the rest of the world and..."
  • Re: S_R_USA,
    Your allegiance to Verizon is one sided. I doubt that Verizon will return the favor to you/us and provide us with the Windows Phones that we want.
    It's time to test T-Mobile and ATT GSM and LTE networks monthly with no contract plans.
  • A question as an outsider from US, why is Verizon even a thing in US if they require such things to have mobile phones working on their network ?
  • Because they're the largest network. How that happened though? That's anybody's guess.
  • They heavily invested in their network, and were the first to offer 3G and 4G* speeds. T-Mobile is great in cities, but not so much in rural areas. Sprint also has a spotty network. AT&T is a close second to Verizon, but there are still pockets of the country where Verizon is the only option. Consumers don't care about GSM vs. CDMA, they care about bring able to use their phones as phones.
  • talking about 4G ..I find it stupid that not all phones work on all 4G networks due to so many band variations ... In 3G you knew every phone works, but in 4G ... oh god...
  • 4g is actually less of a problem in America than 3g and 1x because those are the two that use the different technologies. CDMA vs GSM. (I'm Verizon Wireless tech support) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No disrespect, but I hope you're not one of those techs who knows nothing about windows phone and slanders it because you don't learn all tech but instead displays bias based on personal preference.
  • That could change with 5G though because of the 3G and 4G fiasco.
  • @Zulfigar, 5G will be predominately be LTE based. To ensure compatibility with current LTE infrastructure. Once that happens, GSM and CDMA will be a thing of the past. Therefore roaming should cease to exist. But I doubt certain carriers who charge crazy roaming fees will take that lightly.
  • T-Mobile has really improved coverage in the last year or so. I travel through rural areas and get decent data coverage most of the time. They got Band 12 rolled out, which is the long reaching 700mhz spectrum. The key is having phone that uses it. Most unlocked ATT and newer native Tmo phones get it done.
  • While every other carrier was focused on population centers, they went out and bought up all the carriers that supported rural America, like Alltel, and their network became massive and covered the majority of the country. Rather than having to build their network from the ground up, they just had to invest in it and upgrade the equipment that already existed.
  • Right, they are huge, so they sell a shot ton of thier own phones.. Obliviously, if millions of American's are buying Verizon's phones, then their isn't an issue with people who choose to use Verizon, and phones not being compatible. This can't be a serious question, and the average consumer (much greater majority) does not buy unlocked phones... Same goes for att, T-Mobile, or any other carrier.... Your question is like asking how the iPhone is popular if it doesn't use a USBC port.... Well, they come with a iPhone charger, just like Verizon branded phones come compatible with the network.. Lol
  • "The average consumer does not but unlocked phones" You forgot to add IN THE USA. Because the rest of the World does and carriers have no say in the mobile market. Also, none of them uses CDMA anymore. So Verizon and locked phones are a USA-exclusive problem, mate. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes, I did mean in the US. We're talking about a US carrier, I live in the US, and I know not of what it's like in other countries... Most of my comments are in accordance to the the US market... Basically, I'm mostly concerned with what goes on here in the US with WM... That's where I feel it needs to improve the most.
  • I tink you'd find that t-mobile has a lot of users with unlocked phnes. I've been with Tmo since 2005 and have only had one phone that was not unlocked.
  • Because people believe their phones won't get any coverage if they don't use Verizon. I've not been anywhere where I don't get coverage if one of my friends on Verizon also has coverage. That's from here in Los Angeles, to my hometown in Kalamazoo, MI. People should just leave, but VZW commercials say your phone will be useless without their "largest network".
  • I'm aware people's mileage varies but I've been in a few different situations where I had coverage with Verizon and other people didn't with at&t or T-Mobile. Back when I was on tmobile, I had the the same issues whereas people on Verizon had no trouble. For example, at my high school in a well populated area, I couldn't get a signal inside but other carriers could. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I've had that issue with Verizon on business trips to smaller towns where Tmo and ATT worked but Verizon did not.
  • I'll add this. The FEW times where I've seen someone complain about AT&T coverage, they were using an iPhone and I would be standing next to them with coverage.  Sometimes, it's the phone...
  • On T-Mobile, but would switch to AT&T if necessary. I wouldn't ever go to the Sprint/Verizon type networks that limit device choice.
  • The X3 is unlocked, it'll work with T-Mobile Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I am very confident it won't work. On the spec sheets it very specifically points out that it doesn't support CDMA for voice, text, or data. That puts the nail in the coffin for this one. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Agree,, not good. Microsoft (and partners) have always been bad at somehow getting their mobile devices everywhere. Nothing ever seems 100%, not flawed, or set up for success.
  • Because bowing to big red and giving into carrier demands is abit larger than making a phone that simply works on gsm bands used by the others
  • "Bowing to Big Red",,, Giving into Carrier demands"... Seriously? Are you just repeating the norm, or does that even have any basis here. I mean, what exactly does that mean for MS, and what does that even entail? How, why, and even if that is an issue? What's the downside of whatever you mentioned as speculation? Basically, what merit does that line of thinking even hold? Is it true, or can it be justified as reason?...... Do we just repeat things without even knowing why? Please explain.
  • Again, CDMA devices need certification and authorised access to the aforesaid network. To do that you need to CDMA carriers to play ball (you need the CDMA carriers co-op in order to get the devices certified) and not get in the way of updates for instance.
  • This is not an MS issue at all since this is an HP phone. Despite VZW being huge here in the US GSM remains dominant. The 950/XL both had Verizon compatible band just VZW refuses to allow activation on their network. You know that **** already Rodney.
  • I agree with you, but wouldn't this be the responsibility of the OEM to put the radio bands into the device and not Microsoft? Also do think Verizon should maybe try to work with Microsoft/HP and let the kin grudge go? That's been over ten years ago.
  • Do you know why I put MS into the equation?? Because it's reality, only fair, and only happens with their product. I have to hold them accountable to a certain extent. The iPhone is on all carriers, and the Note, and Galaxy, devices are as well. A device running MS's OS is not.... We have to ask MS why? That's just strait up logic.
  • The answer is simple. People don't want them so they do not sell. Microsoft would love to have their phones be carried everywhere, but Verizon has no reason to waste their time with a dead platform. Why would they waste shelf space on a product that has proven to not sell? Six years later and Windows phones can't even capture 1% of sales. This is all on Microsoft for creating a platform that is not compelling. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes seriously. The 950 and 950XL HAVE Verizon supported antennae, but Verizon requires millions of dollars worth of "testing" before they will allow it on their network and also require you input a MEID so they cam control and sell your CPNI if you don't opt out of their control and consent. So yes, seriously, Verizon corporation say they are progressing technology but in reality they ony want to pad executives wallets and bonus and make their peon call center and low level workers hostage to their psychological torture and abuse.
  • So, you work for Verizon?
  • Worked
  • If that is true, then WOW!
  • Here come the proclamations of death for this device....
  • Death isn't fair, but you got to admit that it's a 50% shot a "death" (unsuccessfulness) for this device... Not that anyone expected iPhone like sales, but MS, and their partners, never fail at not doing WinMo to it's fullest potential.. They hold it back.
  • Isn't there a chance that since verizon didn't agree to sell this phone, HP didn't bring in the support for CDMA??
  • Very likely
  • Likely
  • I don't know what HP's plans are world wide, but if this is meant to be a world phone, then your not talking about 50% of the global market, just 50% of one area. GSM is the majority side by far worldwide.
  • Good point, and that further solidifies my own.. Never thought about it like that... But, yes I was just considering the US, at this point, not the entire world..
  • Thank you. It's fascinating(?) how often folks from US seem to forget/ignore that
  • Great not this again...
  • This is being discussed in the forums of course...  
  • As far as it comes unlocked I am fine.
  • It makes little difference. Verizon doesn't give a rat's ass about WP in any event. I'll be mildly surprised if Verizon supports the Surface phones when they come out.
  • Honest question because I want to know... What evidence do we have (so far) that att will support an alleged Surface Phone❓
  • At least AT&T supports the 950 &950xl. It's far more likely that they will support the Surface phone than Verizon.
  • Yes, I do reason that as well, but I'm asking about evidence.
  • Someone's got to support it, otherwise they may as well not release the phone at all. We know sprint Verizon and T-Mobile only carry low end windows phones while ATT has carried low, mid and high end windows phones.
  • Hopefully so.
  • No evidence exists for any if this conversation yet. Lol. I'm so glad I have no care at all for Verizon or it's services. Just keep supporting GSM and all is right in the mobile world.
  • True.. Hahaha
  • We don't even have definitive evidence that this Surface Phone, exists. Are you suggesting that Microsoft could go the 950XL route and only sell it directly? That's how the Surface started, right?
  • Well, I'm not suggesting it, rather stating that as an option.. An option that I don't like, because the only way I would be able to spend $700+ on a new phone would be though a carrier plan... I have too many other things at home to drop money on than a phone. Lol. So, I hope "it" is available through att, for my sake, and for the phones sake available everywhere.
  • Save up, 10 dollars a week or something. The alleged surface phone is about a year out approx.
  • The fact that you mentioned this makes me believe that Americans don't know how to save for something.
  • Or, could it be that a phone isn't priority, and as an adult we have other things to focus on.. I have a two story house, with a huge yard, a truck, and a Mercedes that need to be replaced soon, and a brand new Harley.... Saving?... Saving for home repairs, saving for engine mods on my bike... Literally, saving for a vacation this summer.... No, I'm not 16 like a lot of you guys.. I don't have a piggy bank labeled "phone fund"... Lol. Not priority, which has been mentioned before.
  • What about paying for it with credit? A decent APR and it would probably work out to your favor if you aren't paying an installment plan on top of any sort of subsidy (don't know your plan). Or maybe MS will go the Apple route and offer it on a 0% APR installment plan directly to buyers.
  • Why finance it with APR, when it's possible that att will finance it for free??? Lil.. We'll just have to wait, and see.
  • Wrng again, newegg offers payment plans, hell some CC companies even offer payment plans for select purchases. I am waiting for this to drop so I cam buy one, and if (hoping) newegg will sell it like they do the ASUS Zenfone, another device with zero marketing besides tech word of mouth and their own website, and I will put on a 6m or 12m payment plan. Screw carrier bullying and forced plans where they restrict consumer freedom.
  • Damn!! Why I gotta be wrong again, mate??? Lol. It's like that❓
  • if you own that much high-end stuff, but have that little amount of margin of profit... you're overspending already. at that point, you should probably aim for less than a mercedes.
  • No, wrong attitude towards spending money, and you will never have anything nice that way...
    Let's see.. Vacation vs Phone?? Tuff one..
    Let's see... Home repairs vs Phone?? Tuff one..
    Let's see.. Maintain truck, and car, or buy a $700 phone.. Lol. Tuff one..
    Yeah, that extra $25 a month won't effect much, but I just don't have $700 to drop on a phone. Do I literally not have it? What do you think?.. Yes, I do, but that's not how I prioritize.... Especially when I have over $1k aftermarket parts to buy for my bike because "It's my BIRTHDAY!!! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!... Lol!! And, NO! When I finish school I will by the car I want. That's a promise I made to myself.. New roof on house, paint house, new AMG C43 Coupe!! That's the bigger picture❗❗❗❗❗❗ Life is great, dude!!
  • They don't have to support it in any official capacity as long as the phone supports GSM. Now to make it easier on customers, ATT could add the phone into their system so that unlocked phones work like branded phones. It took a bit of time for the 950XL to get full support, but it works fine now without branded support.
  • Honest question, not trying to troll: what evidence do we have (so far) that there will be a Surface phone at all?
  • @Madrid_man whether or not there is a Surface-branded phone coming, we do know that Microsoft is working on something big for Windows Mobile Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Basically, the surface team has been handed the responsibility of making a phone to show off windows 10 mobile, we don't know that it is going to actually be a "surface phone" its just what everyone's calling it for now until we have more details on it, its more of a codename really. But we do know the surface team is infact making a phone.
  • And to expand on your comment:  Mary Jo Foley, who covers Microsoft for Zdnet, has reportedly heard from her sources that a 'Surface Phone' may end up being more of a small tablet / large phablet, that can also make phone calls.
  • Well, that would suck. One does not simply stuff a tablet into their pocket.
  • AT&T has supported their Lumias, including the 950 and 950XL. No reason to think that would change with a premium Surface phone.
  • If the Surface phone comes in the GSM variant then AT&T doesn't have to support it, pop-in an AT&T SIM in the unlocked phone and it should be ready to use...similar to the unlocked 950 and 950 XL.
  • I think Microsoft is planning on going it alone with their phones. Undercut the carriers and sell the phones themselves. Maybe even with some kind of subsidy or payment plan. Maybe things will change with more OEMs and app developers supporting W10. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You know, I've always had the crazy idea that MS could act as it's own carrier, selling their phones, and partners phones, running WinMo,, backed by att service... I've said this for years.. If their phones, and rates, are competitive enough a specific consumer (likely one who doesn't need, or care, about apps) will bite.. Once the market for MS plans rises, then total market share, and developer support will rise as well.. This store "Microsoft Mobile" would feature all of MS's mobile products, and offer plans, packages, and special rates, for subscribers... Store associates would have no choice but to push WP because of incentives, and exclusivity on the shelves!!! Lol. It's a master plan of epic proportions!!
  • We have historical record.
  • Do you mean "support" as in sell it? Or "support" as in the phone will work on its network? It's virtually guaranteed to work on AT&T / T-Mobile network as it's pretty much the defacto world standard. In regards to making a phone, from a US perspective, it's either: Make it work on AT&T/T-Mobile, make it work on Verizon/Sprint, or both. That's extremely simplified, but pretty much the way it is. So, the evidence that the alleged surface phone would work on AT&T is pretty much any phone these days, particularly Windows phones work on that standard and will be supported. Now, if you mean AT&T will brand and sell it? I dunno.
  • Who's at fault for this kind of stuff in general? Are the more internationally used LTE bands unavailable for purchase in the USA? Does the FCC have the ability to help carriers align so they're not unique?
  • Should this end up as fact VZW is going to wish they played nice with Microsoft when Windows Phone market share sky rockets
  • I like your optimism but my cynicism doesn't see that as likely
  • The bottom line is that Verizon is full of crap and needs to get over themselves before it's to