Well that didn't take too long. Just 24 hours after we posted about Verizon warming up to Microsoft and Windows Phone 7 comes an official advertisement for the HTC Trophy 7 coming in "early 2011".

Like Sprint and the 7 Pro, this is an early program for Microsoft employees to pre-order the device, but either way we can expect it for us regular folk sometime soon after.

The good news is the phone is a also a quad-band GSM world phone, perfect for you globe trotting business peeps. The bad news is that it's the HTC Trophy. While a solid little phone with generally positive reviews, it is pretty much the runt of the litter with a 3.8" screen, 16GB of memory (not bad), Wi-Fi and a 5MP camera (the Mozart with the unibody design and 8MP camera is the upgraded version)

But hey, at least we know Verizon is now on the up and up with WP7 and that's always good news.

Source: Engadget