Yesterday was a whirlwind day of news for Windows Phone and as such, a few items fell between the cracks. Sorry! But that’s what Thursday’s are for, evidently. So today we want to remind our friends up north in Canada who have an HTC 8X or HTC 8S that you should check for an OS and firmware update on your phone.

We received numerous tips from users noting that Bell Mobility and Rogers have both begun pushing out Windows Phone 8 1327 aka GDR2 OS updates along with the corresponding firmware to their 8X and 8S devices.

Both Rogers and Bell users for the HTC 8X and 8S will also get the coveted Data Sense feature. Meanwhile Bell has detailed the update for the 8X and 8S on their website (1,2) noting improvements to battery life, camera, photo viewer andText and multimedia messaging.

To see if your HTC 8X (or 8S) has an over-the-air update waiting, simply navigate to your Settings and select Phone Update and then ‘check for updates’. The process will require a Wi-Fi connection and could take up to 20 minutes due to the process requiring a backup of your contents.

Thanks to all of our Canadian readers who tipped us!