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HTC 8X receiving Update 3 around the world

Earlier today, the Lumia 1020 picked up an update that helped address some imaging and touch issues with the phone. Not to be left out of the conversation, the HTC 8X is reportedly received Update 3 around the globe. You read that right, Update 3 is rolling out to international versions of the HTC 8X.

Update 3, previously known as GDR3, is rolling out to users all over the planet. We’re getting reports that an over-the-air (OTA) update is showing up for some folks that brings their unlocked handset the latest version of Windows Phone.

As you know, Update 3 can be installed on developer unlocked devices right now. This rollout marks the second rollout the general public is receiving. Last week another HTC device, the 8XT on Sprint, received the update.

Update 3 is notable for bringing support for 1080p displays and quad-core processors. In addition you’re getting things like driving mode, Bluetooth fixes, improved support for custom ringtones and more. Head to our Update 3 page for the latest.

Have an HTC 8X? Check to see if you have Update 3 available for your device and let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to mention which region/carrier you’re with.

Thank you everyone for the tips!

  • Good to hear. I just wonder how long until my 822 gets it.
  • Get the developer preview, works perfectly on my 822. :)
  • It's honestly not worth it. It's too buggy. It's Nokia black that's cool.
  • Hmmmmm......the Update 3 developer preview actually IMPROVED the operation and performance of my Lumia, so I'm not agreeing with that at all. I urge everyone to give it a try.
  • The bugs are too bothersome for me, even with the new features. Once it is improved, then I'll be happy. Right now, I honestly don't suggest for anyone getting the developer preview.
  • It works good on my phone. What are these "bugs" you speak of?
  • Yeah, no bugs with my 925. Very curious what they are.
  • I've had no bugs on my Ativ S either.
  • When I click on messaging, and go to my mom, or just press the plus and text her, it closes the messaging app. :'( Edit: Also, sometimes cellular doesn't work. I was on 5 bars of LTE, and nothing was loading. I had to keep messing with stuff for it to work again...for another two minutes. Sigh.
  • Weird i have the preview installed and it's working normally.
  • Its not a preview, its the final product but doesn't come with the firmware. It made my 928 more stable
  • You'll find this thread surprising then.
  • Did you try texting his mom? :P
  • Man, I have update 3 and it's working flawlessly here. No bugs at all. Maybe you should try to reinstall the phone?
  • If you mean restore, I'm not going to do that.
  • Better to just complain rather than potentially fix the issue?
  • I agree with you, I don't do previews. I don't mind waiting.
  • The update actually solved many bugs like the music category loading slow. When I swipe now, its like a thousand songs come up instantly..previously there was a bit of a lag.
  • I lost all my SMS messages, for one.  And there is much lagginess.  When my phone (L920) is sitting ont the wireless charging base, it'll chime as though it has been taken off and placed back on.  I had a message that I needed to "close some APPs to continue" which I have never seen before.  And there are connectivity issues that weren't there before.
    It is buggy, for sure.  If you aren't experiencing them, that's good for you!  But they are definitely there.
  • I tried it on my lumia 520 and it got stuck in the 100 % of preparing my instalation but i can use the phone normaly i just formated it
  • It gets stuck for a while but u need to be patient
  • I have the preview on my 920, no bugs here.
  • How can I avail update 3 preview? thanks
  • You have to be a registered developer. You can sign up to be one.
  • After signing up. I have to download the Preview for Developers app?
  • Yes but be careful. Even though people are saying no bugs, the story may be different for you so it is all at your own risk
  • whats the worst case senario that might happen?
  • Update 3 installed yesterday on my Lumia 920. Works fine. Extends battery life. Thanks guys!
  • There's also a free way too. I downloaded some software to develop apps, can't recall what it is offhand. Anyways it's free and allowed me to get GDR3 on my 928. After you have the software, download the app to update here:
  • Samsung sucks salty balls.
    Still no update 2 in Norway.
  • Well HTC is very quick to deliver updates here in Norway. Im downloading update 3 now
  • Samsucks.
  • Nokia as well I haven't received amber on Lumia 920 yet
  • I have it on my ATIV S. Just search gdr3 on WPCentral and download the developer preview app. In the app you can sign up for free. Then search for update and it's there.
    I will say I've only had my ATIV S for 2 days now. When I was laying in bed reading my emails the screen kept blinking on and off. Not sure if it was the phone or OS I did a power cycle and it stopped. Besides that it's worked great.
  • Mine too, (the blinking screen).. My L920 always blink when I'm calling someone.. Looks like some electromagnetic interference to the screen..
  • You can get GDR2 and Update 3 preview by modifying a value in the registry, check out this thread from the forums:
  • Lets see if they slide in another one for the Lumia 925
  • When can we expect this on the 925?? I recently changed to it from an 8X as its a much better handset =)
  • Only thing the 925 really offers over the 8X is LTE connectivity,bigger screen, and a touch better camera. Those however do make all the difference for some people.
  • More storage for some handsets
  • Not just bigger screen, but higher resolution as well.
  • You mean a way better camera ;)
  • For me I prefer the feel and design of the 925 over most WP's
  • And Nokia exclusives =)
  • where is the update for my ATT 920? sarcasm intended
  • Yeah yeah well I have unbranded Lumia 920 from UAE and haven't got the amber update yet
  • If you use Kid's Corner, you don't want it.
  • Why ?
  • Any word from Tmobile 8X users? I haven't seen anything yet. Gonna double check settings right now. Edit: Nope
  • Nothing for Verizon yet. Jeez. Nice one, HTC. 'Tis good to see.
  • For what it's worth I've been running the developer preview linked in the article on Verizon for a week now.  No problems; major improvements even with bluetooth functionality.  Just folow the link and put 5 minutes into it (phone will be offline for ~20).
  • I'll wait this one out. I might do the 8.1 Preview since that's a bigger update.
  • Recieved an update here in Croatia, although I had developer Preview. My battery life with Preview GDR3 improved a lot.
  • Again? Wow, I thought my 8X VZW running GDR2 had awesome battery life.
  • I have a 8X and a 928. I did preview GDR3 on my 8X and it runs longer and is more stable. Can't wait until Verizon pushes GDR3 as my wife didn't want me to install the preview on her 8X
  • Haha, my wife didn't want the developer preview either. Glad that it improves the battery life.
  • I have install GDR3 as developer.
    So what you are saying is that I will also receive the official GDR3.
    Is there any differences between them.
  • I've the developer GDR3 and the only bug I notice is my battery life, lest than 5 hours with surfing and videos and the phone get hot often (l822)
  • No, the Preview is actually a final release of GDR3. You probably will receive a firmware update soon to accomplish the update (OS + firmware). Mine 8X is with a Preview from 15-th october and just received and installed a firmware update from HTC. Everything is fine. One small glitch (happened once) that disappear when restarted for these 15 days (screen messed up and phone blocked at the end of a call maybe on 25-th october - this is not repeated anymore).
  • Wait does this mean carriers dindt have a say on when to release it?
  • The carriers didn't have a say. The update is for unlocked phones.
  • For all the people asking for a date for theyr nokia: early next year. So stop asking the question over and over again plz...
  • And you know this how?
  • Elop told him
  • :P
  • Didn't Elop say that in Nokia World when he was talking about Black ? He said Black will be available early next year.
  • Yes he did. He said early next year. That must mean Q1 I guess?
  • Great to see this. Not in a hurry anymore, my expectations are firmly grounded after the last debacle :)
  • No update yet in UK. Unlocked HTC 8X on 3 network.
  • I got thw update this morning and i'm also on the 3 network, i'm actually surprised to get the update this fast as it took a long time to get GDR2.
  • Installed just now in my 8X UK unbranded. Works fine, also fixes volume issues. Took considerably less time to install GDR3 over GDR2. My battery life improved since the WhatsApp updates, I get 2 days out of normal use again now, let's hope GDR3 can improve on that.
  • Volume issues? Did you have the music fading in at the beginning of every track? Please tell me that's fixed. It has been happening since gdr2 on my 8x, and it drives me crazy.
  • I haven't tested that but yeah my music did previously fade in for a couple of seconds at the start of each track. Volume issues as in my 8X had a lower volume output than my friends 8X even when set to 30. 2 days of normal use including WhatsApp, Facebook, WPCentral remembering to switch off mobile data when not required or where there is WiFi.
  • 2 Days?! I'm lucky to get 15 hours out of my daily usage.
  • Two hours of active tweeting and battery is dead, using mobile data. That's how good battery I have. :)
  • I can confirm battery life has improved. Leaving data on doesn't drain the battery as much as it did before. Though I wondered if the update to WhatsApp actually was the cause.
  • Got it about hour ago, unlocked HTC 8X in UK (on giffgaff). All seems to be working great so far, fingers crossed.
  • Just downloaded and now installing the update. Finland, unbranded.
  • Yes for HTC 8X, O2, UK.
  • Same here .. it took almost 90secs checking for update before it actually started.  Makes a big change for how long we had to wait for the last update for the 8X on O2 !!
  • Just got the update. HTC 8x on bell
  • +1
  • What would the firmware version be.
  • Unbranded HTC 8X (O2 UK).  Just updated to Update 3, I already had the Preview version installed.  Changes in version numbers over Update 3 Preview:
    Firmware: 3030.0.41201.401
    Radio software version: 1.20b.32.19.04_15.67b.32.19
    Bootloader version: 0.0.3030.0(175731)
  • Why haven't I got the update yet, I check my updates and it not there
  • Even though I got the developer preview, I got the update here as well in Canada with Rogers! Interested to see if there are any differences.
  • Difference here is you will have got the HTC firmware update. The developer preview just updated the OS.
  • Where's my update for Lumia 1020 ATT of California?
  • Read the damn title
  • Anything for US TMO 8X
  • The random restart problems came back since I have the gdr3 on my 8x
  • Mine hasn't and I updated mine to GDR3 when Microsoft release it a few weeks back
  • It occured to me recently after I installed the GDR3 (preview) but happened only once or twice the first day, never happened again since then.
  • Downloading update 3 on my HTC 8x now. Norway.
  • Do not say that Nokia and Microsoft will release GDR3 and Lumia Black together? Then we Nokia users will have to wait until next year.
  • Ok I won't say it, but it's true. However if you don't want to wait get the Developer Preview. It's the same OS version that the HTC is getting minus a firmware. Improved battery life on both my 920 and my wife's 920. Best thing is the Bluetooth improvements! No more issues with connection to the car!
  • This doesn't seem to be the actions of a company that won't be making wp8 devices unless they're going out with a bang!
  • downloading in Australia, Telstra network
  • I don't see it yet. Unlocked, Telstra branded 8X.
  • It is taking 2h already to install and still not ready! Damn these updates are taking ages to come, then ages to install.
  • Are you stuck in the wheels? If yes, your phone might got bricked.
  • no it is moving, but very slow, actually the wheels passed quickly.
  • Ok I got it finaly GDR3 + the new bunch of updates that people with preview GDR3 got too
  • No update yet on ATT US. HTC 8X.
  • Well well, who's gonna get bricked this time?
  • And my Vodafone NZ Unlocked 8x still sits here on GDR1...
  • Got the notification for the update, I'll update in the morning though.
    STC in Saudi Arabia .
  • Anyone noticed anything different from the Preview ?
  • Only thing noticed so far is that the phone can charge without being on.
  • Great news! So we know it will become available on AT&T next May! I'm so excited!
  • Dang! You beat me to it. :D
  • Telenor Serbia. Gdr3 installed. :)
  • Indiana. HTC 8x. Verizon. NO UPDATE.
  • Already have the Developer Preview on mine. I checked just in case, no update for me here. Verizon/California.
  • No dice yet for Verizon HTC 8X here in Michigan. Here's hoping for a timely delivery.
  • Well when HTC does not have any specific software to update, then it is like Microsoft making the update available. Nokia and ATF have to test the update 3 & black before they make anything available.
  • I just bought a 920 instead of the 925, was that a mistake or are we all getting the goodies? With Android you usually get 1-2 updates and then left for E-bay.
  • Everyone gets the goodies.
  • I hav preview gdr3 on my phone..can i get back to gdr2...??..lumia 820 india..gdr3 is making my phone work in a improper manner
  • Should always read fine print
  • Can do with nokia software it
  • It will be months before the Verizon 8X gets this update.
  • Don't spread evil rumors have faith
  • Nokia Lumia 920 - no update; South Africa
  • Well being that the article clearly states the update is for the HTC 8x...
  • Unlocked 8X on TELUS in Canada, downloading now!
  • Just got it. My 8X feels like a winner, in the sense that I recently got the unlocked model and got updated from portico to GDR2 to Update 3 so quickly...
  • Updating as we speak.
    Orange - Romania - 8X - 16GB
  • My phone is unlocked, got it in Romania but it seems to be from Australia. I don't know which operator, it doesn't say, but i'm still rolling GDR1 and no update yet... 
  • I only received the firmware update yesterday as I already had update 3. 8x O2 UK.
  • When the update 3 for samsung ativ s and is there a update coming for ativ s?
  • Does this mean they're changing the way updates roll out?
  • unlocked 8X on 1&1/Vodafone Germany - update is ready to download... (but no WLAN nearby)
  • Guys, just wanna know if the update 3 will be available for the 520?
  • Just installing an "HTC Update for Windows Phone" on my o2 Germany branded 8X with update 3 developer pre-release right now.
  • vodafone branded greece, doesnt get the update
  • Belgium - no carrier - update: check
  • Just noticed something: Normally when turning of the phone while connected to the charger/computer, it would completely boot to the PIN input.
    Since this last update there is only a charging symbol displayed and the phone is 'off'. After the screen goes dark, pressing the power button just the charging symbol is displayed again. If I want to completely start the phone while connected I have to long press the power button.
    COOL! Now we can have the phone charging without being it completely turned on!!!
  • I installed it and now i cant play mp4/wmv directly from webpage links :( Don't take things away!! Anyone else have this issue?
  • (HTC 8X)
  • Yep, GDR3 updated last night. SIM free HTC 8X (bought on Amazon) with Virgin Mobile UK SIM.
  • Same, updated GDR3, SIM free HTC 8X on Virgin.
  • Any idea when gdr3 will be released to branded HTC  8x will be released. Unfortunately still working in Australia on gdr1 after last update was cancelled.
  • Do you have a data sense after this upload?
  • updating as i'm writing. Moldova
  • Portugal check! :)
  • yea, currently installing on my HTC 8X. My carrier is Turkcell (Turkey). Hope it works well.
  • When Will This update hit Nokia 920? Got the developer preview and its awsome but needs a little improvement... SIM free Nokia 920(Brought in Elgiganten-store, Denmark)
  • Nothing on my Verizon's 8X.
  • Yes, got the update, HTC 8X on T-Mobile, the Netherlands.
  • Oh the simple joy of being able to change that Windows Notification sound! Bliss!
  • Still waiting here in Massachusetts with Verizon. Can't wait to change my notification sounds!
  • Updated here in Serbia
  • Hope it wont be long till 8S will get it too.
  • Lumia 820 unlocked, waiting
  • I did update 3 on my Rogers 920 and it made my phone unusable for day to day it would turn my cellular radio completely off for day or two then come back on for couple minutes. So I had no service so I'm back to my focus until they release the update.
  • Wait till 2014
  • And fragmentation begins...
  • Do you even know what fragmentation is? Don't make asinine comments.
  • Lol butthurt or something? What an asinine question to ask. 7.8 that can't be upgraded. Nokias across the globe that is still on GDR1 and still waiting on Amber while others are on. How long before GDR3 gets out and now people waiting on Black when some haven't even gotten Amber... yeah real asanine. When 8.1 is released how long do you think its gonna take to get all window phones 8 up to speed? When will Samsung officially release GDR3 update. Lol so yes fragmentation will begin.
  • There's no problem content wise for devices with different GDRs, so to call it fragmentation is silly, but internet loves to whine. Whine if there's an update, whine if there isn't. Real world couldn't care less.
  • Lol whining. Who's whining. But ok. I'll. Let y'all tell it. Lol.
  • You should do more research regarding fragmentation, apparently you wrote 7 lines without having a clue of what you are talking about.
    @SlayerSpecial: Indeed.
  • Yeah because Nokia, Samsung, and HTC exclusives apps don't cause fragmentation. 39% WP on 7.8 doesn't cause fragmentation. 8.1 being released wont cause fragmentation. Being on three different GDR releases doesn't cause fragmentation. Window store doesn't cause fragmentation. Yeah what the hell do I this peon know... I forgot, I'm dealing with WPC posters.
  • Eagerly waiting for updates for my L720 in India.
  • What about the 8S?
  • I received an update on 8x: Saudi Arabia Mobily
  • Phew, for some reason rebooting has resolved After this can no longer play my music collection, yay!!
  • Updated turkey turkcell
  • Nothing on Verizon 8X yet...
  • Still no battery performance improvements, since update 3 (dev) it's down the drain again
    HTC update, vodafone (unlocked) the netherlands
  • I am using HTC 8x, Unlocked but branded to 3 network. Got the developer preview but cant see anything else...
    Waiting for the update on HTC firmware... wonder what it might add
  • Traded in my 8x today for the lumia 1020. :-\
  • Any Glance support on the 8X with this update?
  • Glance is only a Nokia feature. Not GDR
  • I am from India ,Vodafone carrier but no update.
  • kuch idea dost kabhi aaying in India ? news says nothing about India
  • Just got mine,I'm on o2 network in the uk is working fine. Small improvements but a lot better
  • Phone just updated to 8.0.1051.127. Anyone kno what's in the update? Firmware 3030.0.41201.502 Gonna mess around and see what I can find.
  • Oh, and Los Angeles California here.
  • Whats a wile for you lime tem minutes
  • Driving mode, can delete storage alot better now, data always on, turn on/off background cell data, can turn on/off auto screen rotation. That's all I see in the options.
  • Oh, the new multitasking has added the X to close when holding the back button.
  • The update is available for AT&T 8X in Dallas, TX.
  • 8X updated successfully in Romania!
  • This is an article about HTC8x GDR3 and you start it with Nokia 1020?
    WPCentral, this time you really convinced me: You are Nokia female dogs! 
  • I have a new option to limit background data when roaming. I can't remember seeing this on the change log but I'm happy I have it as it's very useful!
  • In Thailand. Can't update GDR3
  • When is it coming out in India.. not AT&T .. normal htc 8x ?  
  • c'mon verizon!
  • Can't Update GDR3 For (T-Mobile HTC 8X).....                                                                                               Is GDR3 For T-Mobile HTC 8X OUT YET?    
  • Hi. My phone is a AT&T HTC 8x  and I'm using it in  Brazil now. I'm trying to update but it says is up to date: firmware 3030.0.34101.502 OS. 8.0.10327.77 Last week it tryied to update and stucked in the preparation to install. Now, it's up to date. Anyone uderstand it
  • Hello guys, well, I am from Algeria and I switched recently from Android (LG Optimus G) to windows phone 8 (HTC 8X), and I luv it. The thing is that I already have windows phone update 2 on my phone, I manually searched for update 3 and my phone is telling me that there's an update ready for download. I downloaded it and followed the steps, and boom!! Nothing changed!! Still on update 2!! I tried it again two other times, and my phone couldn't update!! It's still telling me that there's an update ready for download though!! I don't know what to do guys, so would you help me please? Thanka