HTC Advantage (Athena) Coming to the US

Two bits of good news about this UMPC/PocketPC hybrid device. One: Engadget reports we'll see it here in the US under HTC's own brand name:

Another from HTC we saw coming, but that's still a pleasant surprise: HTC's Advantage (codename Athena) will in fact be making it Stateside! Noice, but even better, HTC will be releasing the Advantage (now camera-free) under its own brand.

Read: HTC Advantage coming to US... under the HTC brand - Engadget Mobile

Two: Coolsmartphone reports that it's going to rock Windows Mobile 6.

What do you get if you add Windows Mobile 6 to the HTC Advantage X7500 ? Well, you get the... err.. HTC Advantage X7501.

Read: - Windows Mobile 6 + HTC X7500 = HTX 7501!

You know what I'm excited about: not having to report that WM6 is installed, because no more WM5 devices are coming anymore. That day is coming very, very soon, perhaps it's today?

WC Staff