HTC answers the 3.5mm jack problem, sort of

Here's a grilling an interview with a couple of HTC Europe execs from Polish smartphone site [via] It can be a little painful to watch, for both sides, but the questions asked are reasonable:

  • Where's the 3.5mm headphone jack?
  • There's hardware for an FM radio, but why no software?
  • Why aren't "older" phones getting the latest version of TouchFLO 3D?

We can live without an FM radio. This is 2009, after all. And getting custom ROMS with different software is no sweat on HTC phones. But we'll jump on board the 3.5mm headphone jack beat-down. Like it or not, that needs to be standard.

Update: Yep, looks like there are issues with the video. So, here are the answers -- highly paraphrased, of course. And, really, any answer works for any of the questions. Here goes:

  1. Want a headphone jack? Use the crazy little adapter HTC provides. Or get a Touch HD.
  2. Um, we'll look into it.
  3. HTC has many great new phones.

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  • Hey rather than make us watch the painful video why not _report_ on the answers to the questions? The title kinda makes you think that's what you're going to get when you read the article.
  • Video is not even queing up. Just sits there with infinite pausing symbol.
  • I agree with bytemybits, give us the answers.
  • Either these guys have no clue about their own hardware or they are just hiding the fact they want to release a Touch Pro 3 with a headphone jack.
  • What HTC fails to realize is that people are not asking for EVERYTHING, just that the standards for usage are met. If you are going to create a freakin' device that you are going to charge $800 retail for, and said device makes claims of being usable for multi-media applications, then for craps sakes already it should meet that STANDARDS for multi-media delivery. One of those STANDARDS if 3.5 mm jack for stereo sound. HTC is segmenting the market and there are now two ways about it. According to HTC if I want to have fun as a business man off hours, I need to own not just the Touch Pro 2, but also the HD an old device without the ability to upgrade to current version of TF 3D. Give me a freakin' break, HTC. Do you even listen to how ignorant you sound when you are spewing out the BS that you are trying to get consumer to be as ingorant about and accept as the truth of the matter???!!!! HTC you suck, and I am less inclined than ever to buy another device from you, regardless of the platform. In addition, as a technology consultant, I will not be recommending your devices to ANY of my clients either. When you start producing devices that represent a consumer centric perspective. Then, and only then, will I reconsider my position. I think that anyone in my position should be doing the same with HTC. They have clearly gotten to big for their britches and think that they are going to continue to get away with bullying the consumer around.
  • > Like it or not, [3.5mm headphone jack] needs to be standard. Isn't there a pair of htc's port earphones IN the UK package? Isn't an adapter incredibly easy and cheap to come by if you do want to use your own set? Don't get me wrong, it'd be nice. I just don't see the "need". physboy wrote:
    > According to HTC if I want to have fun as a business man off hours, I need to own not just the Touch Pro 2, but also the HD an old device without the ability to upgrade to current version of TF 3D. Or a $3 adapter and a free download from xda developers.
  • >Or a $3 adapter I have a friend that recently purchased what I would have evaluated to be a pretty crappy phone from Metro PCS. But the phone came with a 3.5mm jack and could play music. Those two attributes made her satisfied with her purchase because she could connect it to her car audio player, to her computer speakers at work, or use the earphones she already had with it. Already knowing this was a lame configuration I showed her an HTC phone with an adapter. She said she didn't want to have to keep up with the adapter and it wasn't practical since they were mutually inclusive. She liked what she had because it just works. About the Touch HD - as far as I know that isn't available to us in the United States.
  • The lack of a 3.5 is a small negative for me, and it ticks me off that they leave it out, but HTC, as far as I am concerned, is where it is at and I don't think I am alone
  • I can understand the interviewers concerns. There should be certain standards. A headphone jack, in all phones would please all users. I don't think someone WOULDN'T buy the phone because it had a 3.5mm jack. And the same goes for the FM radio. If it's there, then there are just the more customers to please. But HTC is a company, and MONEY, not happiness, is their business. And they need to market happiness, in order to gain money. I mean, damn their phones DO look sexy.
  • I really don't understand the whining about a 3.5mm jack.
    Just get the HTC E100 Remote Control and you're done. Any kind of MP3 Player is quite useless without a remote anyway...
    HTC should just advertise the E100 in a proper way or include it in the sales package.
  • Buying an adapter so that you can use your headphones is a kluge, just something else to get lost or left behind. A 3.5mm jack should be standard on all HTC phones. I like the interview - asking questions that we really want answered.
  • As a Touch Diamond owner, a lot of my heavy use of the phone has been streaming internet radio in the office and in the car along with GPS directions. I also find myself in other friends' cars who want to stream Shoutcast radio, but I realize that I have left the breakout adapter elsewhere and can't connect my phone to the stereo. HTC, please just give us the 3.5mm headphone jack already!
  • I think a dedicated camera button would be a far more useful addition than a 3.5mm jack, though I can understand the desire for it. I find it such a hassle to have to the camera app each time I take a picture. It's especially more important now that higher resolutions are offered, and many people will use HTC devices as their main everyday camera.
  • This is ridiculous that we are still even having this conversation. It was outrageous that HTC didnt put a 3.5 in the G1, and even more ludicrous that the Magic wont have one. There is no excuse for this! I have been riding the HTC train for a while now, the Dash, Wing, Touch, and now the Diamond, but I am off it now, until they put in a 3.5mm. What a joke. I cant think of how many times I've been out some where and wanted to plug in my phone to a 3.5 to listen to something but didnt have my stupid adapter handy, enough is enough. The Samsung 7500/Galaxy will kill the Magic/Mytouch3g just because of their over site in leaving out a simple little 3.5mm jack. Shame on you retards at HTC!