HTC HD2 commercials spotted

As if we needed any more convincing that the HTC HD2 is an outstanding Windows Phone. Just in case there are those still on the fence, HTC has released a pair of short commercials highlighting the HD2.

Now if we could only get an AT&T branding on the phone?

Follow the break to see the pair.


George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • I am sorry, but being tied to a 3rd rate action movie, that was released a while ago is not the way to go. Also, the voice over is awful, "the ridiculously large..." could that guy sound any more "white"? (for the record I am white) While I am a big fan of the song on the HTC commercials (Sinnerman), the content is not all that is could be for such a great phone. Time for a new ad agency...
  • Transformers 2 may be a 3rd rate action movie, but you'd be an idiot to think that it didn't look impressive. The Transformers movies are good for showing off visuals and nothing more, which makes them perfect for showing how great the big screen of the HD2 is and how it displays the movie.
  • "Now if we could only get an AT&T branding on the phone?" Eww! Why would you want that? AT&T would ruin the phone with bloatware and lockdowns. Now, if you mean an unbranded version with 850/1900 MHz 3G, then we are talking.
  • Telstra HD2, problem solved.
  • The carrier's that announced they would carry the HD2 did so significantly before Microsoft's WP7 announcement. Don't expect anymore carriers to pick up the device.
  • I don't know where you live and work but our company has about 18,000 employees, and buys about 12,000 handsets a year and we don't buy brand new operating systems the day, month or quarter or half they are released.
  • Seriously, you want this on AT&T?? I don't want to get off on a Dennis Miller rant here, but I don't get why people continue to pay them ridiculous rates for smartphone service. I travel all over for work and never have issues with Sprint, get fast 3G, don't have the lockdown crap that AT&T gives you, and spend the grand I save each year on stuff I can actually enjoy. I know so many people who hate the service and expense, yet balk at leaving AT&T. I've been with Verizon as well, but left back when their phone options were so terrible. Now they have great phones, but so does Sprint and I can roam on Verizon anyway for far less money. If I hear "talk and text at the same time" again I think I might puke. Such a worthless thing to feature in reality.
  • OMG THIS PHONE IS AMAZING! But HTC, it would have been nice if? you put the fact that it has mobile tv.
  • I'm curious how long you've been with sprint, they up and changed the agreement I had with them just 4 months short of my contract being over with them. I'm now with T-mobile and paying less for more service and far better customer service. And with the fabulous HD2, so I'm much happier.