HTC HD2 promo video

Now that the HTC HD2 (aka the Leo) reportedly is coming to the United States sometime next year, guess we're back on the bandwagon. So here ya go. [via]

Phil Nickinson

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  • "With sense"? This is the first time we've actually seen Windows Mobile have that tagline, isn't it? Before, HTC just said they "eventually want to bring it to WinMo." Is this the first time we've actually seen it?
  • Now this is the type of commercials MS should be backing on TV. I hope once this beast comes to the US ( Tmo please! ), MS will showcase it in mass market commercials. Much sexier interface than my recently tossed aside iPhone 3Gs.
  • That snow and lightening graphic on the homepage are way cool. Too bad none of what they showed was "technically" WinMo. What is MS supposed to do? Say, "Look at what our interface can be from a different company?"
  • That's the funny part about all this. While tech sites keep falling over themselves raving about Android, if you think about it, almost all of its functionality, customization, etc has been available on WM for years. The core feature-set and functionality of WM is still what most smartphone platforms (outside the iPhone's lock-down, siloed world) are trying to accomplish. These newer platforms like Android and WebOS simply do it 'prettier' in their native skin and their parent companies do a much much MUCH better job of marketing it that way. Yet as soon as they start to do more robust things like multitasking, etc they quickly show themselves to be not that much different/better than WM. So at the end of the day, the biggest gripe about WM is that it isn't as pretty as its younger competition. WM 6.5 actually fixes much of that, but the stigma has largely stuck (much like it has with Vista.) WM7 may fix some of that stigma, but that's why I'm still skeptical whenever I hear MS say they won't get into the hardware space. There's greater potential there to make some waves (especially if they hitch it to a strong, proven platform like the Xbox at a more 'feature phone' level) v/s relying on your OEM partners to do the heavy lifting/marketing/etc.
  • sure - why not - it's their "partner" not their competitor - it is still winmo under the covers after all.