HTC HD2 on T-Mobile? Sign us up!

For the sake of all you T-Mobile fans out there, we hope and pray what looks to be an early prototype poster is on the level. TMoNews just posted the leak of all leaks, and it looks like the HTC HD2, its 4.3-inch capacitive screen and 1GHz Snapdragon processor are headed for T-Mobile.

No word on when, or just how much it's gonna cost, or when T-Mobile will get even more of its 3G network rolled out, though it's certainly making progress.

Phil Nickinson

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  • I am seriously gonna do the happy dance if this is true!
  • if this happens, i'll switch from att to t-mobile for this.
  • woah!!!
  • I would never switch to tmobile's horrible coverage in my area for this. that sucks like hell... i was really hoping att would get a worth for shit phone that wasnt the iphone that costs a newborn every month to run.
  • I've never not had T-Mobile coverage where my wife has had AT&T coverage, and I've traveled to some very rural areas.
  • I don't like T-mobiles, because it is very costly and I can't afford it. Thanks.
  • HaHaHaHaHa, nice joke for the day.
  • Hmm its that for the T-Mobile UK not US I heard that it was suppose to going to the UK not the US atm. Also the slide says 7/30/09 making that old news im calling shenanigans
  • Agreed. Everyone is getting very excited by this but odds are it is just for marketing material for the UK version.
  • Except that it says "Property of T-Mobile USA" at the bottom ...
  • Is T-Mobile UK's tagline "Stick Together"? I highly doubt it.
  • check your story title. should be HD2, not TD2, no? looks like a sweet device, but I'm not switching to TMo for any reason. unless, of course, they buy Sprint and adopt me!
  • D'oh! Here we go again. Fixed.
  • I knew it ! With this and after the big announcement coming OCT.25th T-mobile will be the carrier. This phone smokes the Iphone hands down.
  • I like how u guys have the "new" thing going on :)
  • I would love to have this phone and have said I may even switch carriers for this phone. But I guess I'll need to back-peddle to the Crow Cafe a bit here. Verizon gives me full service without problem when and where I need it here in the US. AT&T is very good in most areas but does have one area of the country, that is important to me, where their service is bad at best. T-Mobile, in more than one area, is basically nonexistant. Maybe it's time for me to learn about unlocked phones. Would an unlocked HD2 work on Verizon?
  • no way! t mobile? i was hoping sprint! wth!!! sprint is a way better carrier!
  • I just wish I could get T-Mobile's customer service with AT&T's coverage. I need the coverage more so I put up with the arrogant Monolith's crap but one day I will leave them like Jon left Kate ;-)
  • no an unlock phone would only work with carriers that use sim card for example at&t and tmobile both can used their phones back and forth because both of them are gsm carriers. so only gsm will work with gsm. as the same goes for verizon and sprint both of the are cdma and would only work with cdma! get it? unless a cdma carrier gets an hd2 than you can get unlock and have run on verizon!
  • hopefully this will be like the tp2 situation, where t-mo gets it first and others get it about a month later and charge less.
  • For one thing, it doesn't say US anywhere on here so it could be just part of the Euro launch we've been hearing about lately. For another thing, it doesn't say HD2 on it anywhere either. I really hope that means they are releasing the rumored Android version soon as well. That would be a game-changer, the WM version would be frustratingly close to perfect but would still have bollocks WM to deal with. That app Marketplace is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD, most WM apps are not finger friendly either and I think they would be very frustrating to use on a touch-device.
  • if it only comes to the US which carrier would it have to come to so i could use it in Canada and still have hspa for data?
  • One of the "project dark" rumors is a $50 unlimited everything plan from T-Mo. Wouldn't that be awesome coupled with this phone!!
  • Man this better go to t-mobile, they prices are not that high and for all that keeps saying they have bad service as i recall that was for sidekick users that had bad outages, g1, mytouch never has outages. t-mobile pick this up asap with android 2.0 and you will be rolling in bucks for sure. i need this phone so i can upgrade my phone!!!!!!!!
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