Looks like the leaks are coming aplenty these days as we near October 11th...

This time it's the mythical HTC HD7 (former HD3) which is expected to be HTC's flagship Windows Phone 7 device, represented in schematic form over at WMPoweruser. It's sort of everything you thought it would be, nothing more, nothing less.

While there are still no specs to report, we can discern a couple of notable features including a 4.3" screen, double flash, possible kickstand, probably an 8MP camera and a very Sprint EVO type design, which isn't a bad thing.

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Other than that, it looks pretty run of the mill of these days for high end 4.3" keyboardless phones and it should suit Windows Phone 7 quite well.

Rumor also has it that T-Mobile will be getting this, though we're unsure if that is the U.S. as well, but we wouldn't be surprised.