HTC Hero running WP7 on Smallville

This is pretty impressive to see, a HTC Hero (my previous Android device prior to WP7) has been spotted on Smallville, why is this important? It's not running Eclair (2.1) but Windows Phone 7.

As you can see in the capture above Lois Lane's contact picture with an obvious WP7 home screen in the background. This device was a powerhouse on Android, to see it on WP7 would be exciting indeed. 

Source: Engadget (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Or it could be running Android with that WP7 style launcher installed. Why they would show a branded product running a hack is beyond me though.
  • I like how it goes all the way down into the bezel. That is some grade-A editing right there.
  • It definitely is the WP7 Skin for the Android as a co-worker has it on his Droid. Notice there aren't any faces in the People Hub tile but the caller's face comes up as the incoming caller. When using a true WP7 device, if you have a photo of the incoming caller as a contact, then you would have at least one person's face on the People Hub live tile. My co-worker's Droid will show the picture of who is calling but the People Hub is not active.Plus it's laggy as all ****
  • Of course its not the first smallville episode to feature WP7, but this is really an odd mishmash choice. Maybe it reflects how totally screwed the superman story is in the last season.