HTC lines up to sponsor Tour de France team

What do you get if you combine a great outerwear manufacturer with a great smartphone manufacturer? (A really comfortable black slab?) You get Team Columbia-HTC. Owned by High-Road Sports, Team CHTC is prepped for the Tour de France, which begins on Saturday in, er, (Monaco) and ends, er, in France. We'll get a look at the team jersey on Friday.

Said HTC CEO Peter Chou:

"The HTC High Road Sports partnership is a great match of like minded organizations driven by innovation, excellence and competitiveness and we are excited about the opportunity to communicate HTC's brand value through the great sport of cycling. HTC's sponsorship of Team Columbia-HTC is one step in HTC's commitment to increasing its global brand value and recognition."

So, expect to a bunch of HTC logos zooming around on two wheels in the coming weeks.

Thanks, Luke, for the tip!

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  • Some may remember that the owner of High Road Sports, Bob Stapleton, had a little company called Voicestream that he sold to a slightly larger company called T-Mobile a while back. In addition Team Columbia used to be Team T-Mobile until the Germans pulled their sponsorship early last year. So this new HTC sponsorship dovetails well. I suspect a few tie-ins with T-Mobile's launch of their HTC phones during the TdF, although Stapleton probably won't be getting any money from T-Mobile for it.
  • It's not a given that the Tour De France will start in, er, France :) It quite often starts in other countries. Next year it starts in Holland!
  • Er, it doesn't start, in, er, France. It starts in, er, MONACO, and will be, er, interesting.
  • That's what I get for not Binging it! :)