HTC Nike Revealed, for Japan

The Nike rumors are true - HTC announced it for Japan's DoCoMo network. The improvements over the HTC Touch are actually really nice:

  • 9 key physical keypad
  • HSDPA data + GSM for international roaming
  • an extra 1mp camera on the front for video conferencing
  • An FM radio tuner

The rest of the Touch goodness is there: the TouchFlo interface, the home screen addition (now with photo speed dial), the nice screen that's flush with the device (sadly still 320x240, though).

The slider keyboard means you're not going to have the wicked thinness of the Touch, but it's probably worth it to get that keypad. No word if we'll ever see this in the states, but the non-keyboard HTC Vogue is still coming to Sprint as the Touch.

After the break, a couple more shots of the Nike.

Read: Akihabara News via Engadget Mobile

WC Staff