This is the HTC Video Highlights app for the HTC One for Windows

Yesterday, I did a deep dive into the Duo Ultrapixel camera on the HTC One for Windows in an attempt to combat some of the negative pushback from Lumia users. One app that I did not mention in that coverage is HTC Video Highlights, as it was tangential to the camera's performance.

What is Video Highlights? For Lumia users, it is akin to Lumia Storyteller, but it does it a bit differently.

Video Highlights works the same was as Storyteller in that it uses your photo's GPS tag and date to group photos together. For example, say you go a birthday party, and you snap a bunch of photos, HTC Video Highlights then groups them into a cluster.

Video Highlights will then stitch your photos together to form a mini-movie in MP4 format. The app automatically adds visual cutscenes, music, and filters, leaving just a few choices, including which photos, filter type (if any) and music to the user. Each filter has its corresponding song, so there are ways to mix it up for a variety.

Note: Despite what I say in the video, you can add your music. The key is to hit the Search button and it opens up your music library on your phone, letting you choose any track you want. Pretty awesome.

Once you are happy with the creation, as seen through the preview function, you can share the MP4 through email, messaging, OneDrive, NFC, Bluetooth, Facebook and more. You can see a sample that I created from some recent photos in Berlin.

Overall, HTC has done a nice job with their Video Highlights app. For Lumia users, it should feel right at home, although it does not have the same map feature that Storyteller can leverage.

See the hands on video to see it in action and let me know in comments what you think! (YouTube, for whatever reason, made some of the images a bit pixelated during the transcoding).

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