The HTC Radar promo video

We've seen the promo for HTC's new Windows Phone the Titan and now we have the promo video for the HTC Radar (aka Omega). Still not sure on the silver/white color pattern but will admit it's growing on me. The twenty second video doesn't reveal much but does leave you wanting to see more.

The chin is also baffling. Reminds me of the old Android phones but so much Jay Leno styled.

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  • it looks like they housed the radios in that part of the phone instead of on the back like the titan's kind of makes sense since the screen is smaller, and i'm going to assume they couldn't have made the phone shorter...
  • Yeah, the chin is strange. It looks okay on some angles and really off on others. It does break up the capacitive button area, which is something I didn't like about the Arrive (having so much plain space with nothing to break it up), but I don't like the asymmetry on this either. It would've been fine (and, actually, really cool) if they had made it a portrait slider.Oh well, not for me, but hopefully for someone else.
  • Nice phone :)
  • I'm confused about the chin comments. It doesn't actually protrude out from the phone like the G1 did, you can see that in the side view promo shots. It does kinda look that way I guess because of the silver accent color.Side note, my fiance really likes the color scheme on this phone and will probably be her new windows phone when it comes out.
  • But is the 'chin' really a chin? It doesn't protrude, in any way, it's a continuation - just in a different color.
  • It's not a Jay Leno/Kirk Douglas protruding type chin but it just looks like a chin that extends, saggingly beyond the bottom of the phone.As some thought, we kind of expected it to slide out to reveal a keyboard.
  • Hi what do you think, is this proce can be true?