HTC: Rollin!

Brighthand (among others) is reporting that HTC is rocking lately, they're pulling in all sorts of money:

HTC's revenue in October was NT$13.1 million (US$404.8 million), up 22.3% over the same month in the previous year.Although that was the most the company had ever taken in during a month, this was surpassed in November. HTC's revenue then was NT$14.5 million (US$449.3 million),  a year-over-year growth of 32.7%.

Year-over-year of 20-30%... in a market where the pressure to create inexpensive, low-margin smartphone is growing... all while increasing their focus on both R&D and Brand-awareness... well, my hat is off to you, HTC.

It's a relief to see a manufacturer getting it right, especially after Motorola's recent drama and especially after Friday's gigantic downer-of-a-financial-report from Palm. Seriously, avert your eyes from Palm's stock right now. Eyes averted? Good, now you need someplace to put 'em. May we suggest looking over at HTC again, that shining beacon of Windows Mobile goodness? Engadget scored an interview with CEO Peter Chou that's pretty interesting, if a little heavy on the Android.

WC Staff
  • Deiter, don't you find the Brighthand report off??? Considering the current exchange rate between NT$ and USD is
    1.00 USD = 32.3613 TWD
    I think they have the numbers backwards.
  • Probably the main reason they are up 32% is because they were down so much from shedding their ODM business (e.g. HP, Palm, Imate devices) the same time last year. Their stock, which has been rising meteorically, positvely tanked. Fortunately they are one company which does not have a problem executing on their strategies.