HTC Sense for Windows Phone 7 revealed

Update: See a video of HTC Sense running live on the HTC Mozart here

A video has surfaced demonstrating HTC Sense for Windows Phone 7.

And for the time being, we'll file it under "Rumors we wouldn't mind seeing come true" because it looks really nice.  There are some indicators that make us lean towards thinking this is for real but in the same breath, those indicators can be fabricated just as easy as the video itself. 

At the bottom of the screen you can faintly read "HTC Confidential" and "For Internal Use Only". Additionally, there is a faint watermark on the video that reads, "EU Products". At first I was thinking "EU Products" was the company making the presentation. But is it a stretch to think this could be HTC's internal designation for European products?  Seeing that Europe is due to get Windows Phone 7 first, it may not be that much of a stretch if this is legit.

So is the video too good to be true or a sign of things to come?

via: Mobility Digest

Daniel Rubino

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  • That is extremely hot. But I thought Microsoft wasn't going to allow 3rd party theming?
  • They're not themes, they're tiles, i.e. applications.
  • It's a "hub", or better yet a "Super App" that OEMs/Carriers can add to the phone. Basically you start "sense" as a "app" and just run that which gives you access to all of HTCs apps directly into one location. You can stay and use that or you can jump out and use other apps or w/e, it's a sorta halfway point between no sense and just HTC apps, or full on Sense theme over the OS.
  • If that's not real, someone's gone to a heck of a lot of effort to make it look authentic.
  • Exactly what I was thinking
  • Seems like some really nice cpu/battery intensive eye candy, but doesn't really add functionality in any way.
  • There should be an option to turn off animations i'm sure.
  • Very, very cool. Can't wait! If it's Euro-only, why demo Seattle and SanFran for the weather?
  • Notice the misspelling of "parralax"? This is from a major phone manufacturer? Does anyone edit the scripts/storyboards or, heaven forbid, the final product? This is OK for a high school project (well, maybe not, actually) but is inexcusable for a major corporation.
  • Guess HTC is going to try and ruin WP7 from the inside with this absolutely APPALLING crap they call Sense. Doesnt follow the UI guidelines for Metro, adds useless animations that impede access to functions, they couldnt even be bothered to change their bloody clock! Its absolute PANTS and MS really should put their food down before everyone and their dog decide to introduce their own custom UI and take WP7 right back to where WM was, a fragmented mess. YUCK!!
  • Well the average user, like myself enjoys useless animations, and the bloody clock. True a business or power user would much prefer simplicity and pure business oriented platform, but I think Microsoft realizes if they want that they will get a blackberry lol. Not to mention not very many device manufacturers are interested in Microsoft software on their devices in the first place. It is clear the Linux based OS's are king now, they probably don't want to piss off their money maker. HTC is the only reaon Microsoft even attempts to compete in the mobile phone industry.
  • is it going to be ported to the htc hd2
  • It should, doesn't look like anything the HD2 can't handle!
  • Am I the only one who is not very interested in mobile 7? Of course I am looking forward to the apps that are in development mainly netflix, but I really like the sense as it exists on 6.5, it is really the only thing that makes WIMO tollerable for me...